Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Debt Payoff Blog

Hi there,

Caleb and I have done a lot of talking about debt (alotalot). We are pretty committed to paying off as much as humanly possible, and as quickly as humanly possible, realizing that life may happen and throw blocks at us anyway.

We're thinking of creating a site, or a new blog (separate entirely from this account), documenting the debt payoff, obstacles or cleared pathways that come up, etc. I don't plan on heavily advertising it, but rather having it just be there in internet-land for anyone who wishes to learn from what we do, or laugh at and criticize what we do (whatever floats your boat).

I don't really know why I'm telling you this. Kind of want to put some feelers out there about it, but even if everyone hates the idea, I think we want to do it anyway to document it.

Starting July/August 2018.

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Alysa . . . . and Reed said...

I think a blog sounds cool. I think it would be really helpful and a great place for people to find support and ideas of how they could get rid of debt as well! Great idea!!