Friday, June 16, 2017

In Case You Want Nightmares Tonight

I generally sleep without pajamas in the summer and while pregnant, because it's way too dang hot otherwise.

So this morning, after using the bathroom and getting Claire set up with her morning dose of Curious George and Daniel Tiger, I went back to my room and slipped on my robe hanging in my closet. Laid back down on my bed on my side/stomach to say something to the husband who was attempting to keep the day from starting.

Then I felt something move on my back.

Ever the paranoid person, I first tried to discount it as the fabric moving on my skin.

So I stayed very still, and felt the movement travel across my back, slowly, between my shoulder blades.

I calmly told Caleb it felt like there was a bug on my back.

He, not understanding I meant underneath the robe, placed his hand directly on my back where the bug was, and said, "Nope, there's nothing."

Feeling more movement, I (still calmly) said, "Nope, definitely something."

I attempted to move closer so he could get the bug more easily, but when I went to move, one of the muscles surrounding the baby seized up (as has happens very frequently this pregnancy, ugh) and I yelled out in pain and fell back down on the bed.

Caleb then was frantic, I heard some yelling, then saw what looked like a house centipede jumping on my bed and crawling around.

Image result for house centipede

The thing of my nightmares.

It jumped off the bed and was in my book basket.

I asked Caleb what it was, and much to my relief was told it was a gigantic wolf spider (or something that resembled it in stature and quickness).

Image result for wolf spider

5 minutes of stalking later, Caleb was the house hero and had killed the spider.

The robe is in the laundry, and I may never wear anything again without checking the whole item of clothing up and down, inside and out.

You're welcome.


Brobie said...

EW EW EW!! that is so gross. Nightmares for sure for me!

Red Writing Hood said...

Ick ick ick!!! Hooray for Caleb the hero!!