Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'll PM You

I'm on a roll lately, if you couldn't tell.

What the heck is up with all the people on Facebook marketing something or other but can't/won't give explicit details about it?

If you have to use a thousand emojis to describe your product, have no actual pictures of the product, or the before and after pics have clear and HUGE lighting differences, that's a red flag.

Also a red flag?

If you end the post with "Comment below if interested/for more details".

Then, when someone comments, "I'll pm you."

How about you just put up an explicit price list?

The latest one is a (Facebook) friend who's putting in a life-changing toothpaste order in the morning.

I might actually be interested....but the whole fact that no brand/company is ever mentioned, and no prices or details are made public is ridiculous. Why should 35 people all have to ask the exact same question? Just tell me publicly that it's 25 freaking dollars for a 2 ounce tube and save everyone some time (I actually have no idea how much it costs....not wasting my time).

So yeah. Just FYI, I pass on all these things if there are any of the previously listed red flags. Annnnd....sometimes (a lot of times) I hide these people because they start blowing up my news feed with their business goals rather than their personal achievements and family life. Create a separate business page (kudos to you who have)!

And if you do any of these things, realize that a lot of people feel this way. If you're still making a good profit and have plenty of customer volume and are cool with the fact that you annoy the crap out of a bunch of your Facebook "friends", carry on.

Also, if you do these things, I don't hate you. It's just really annoying.



Red Writing Hood said...

Oh my goodness, I'm seeing this more and more. It is kind of ridiculous. 😜

Kikigirl said...

And on the Facebook yard sale pages!!! Someone posts 10 pictures of different items, then says "PM for prices." What the heck kind of yard sale do you go to where people want to secretly converse about how much that purse is going for?