Friday, October 28, 2016

Neutral Ground?

What's up with newspapers endorsing candidates?

I don't really care who they endorse - why are they doing it at all?

I know that most if not all are biased in some direction, but theoretically they shouldn't be. Right? Am I missing something here? Aren't they just supposed to report facts? Report things that happened? As they actually happened, without favoring one person over another?

I'm sure I wasn't paying enough attention in past elections, but I don't remember this happening before or being advertised so broadly. Now it appears that left and right, different newspapers are throwing their weight behind a candidate, or in some cases, in opposition to a candidate.

If a candidate is so obviously prepared and qualified to be president, or so obviously unprepared and unqualified to be president, their fair, thorough and accurate reporting should be evidence enough.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thoughts People

Would anyone be interested if I sold Mary Kay?

Just thinking about it.

Since I'd get half off....

Have you sold or do you sell or do you purchase from Mary Kay?

And I would never ever EVER be the pushy person asking people to buy stuff.

Not cool.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Redheads Unite!

On Saturday I met someone named "Karysten".


She did have red hair (pretty sure), and was taller than me.

It was maybe what would have happened if my younger sister and I combined our red hair force and then combined people too I suppose.

You never know what'll happen at a Walmart on a Saturday.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Throwing My Hands Up

I love desserts.


Ice cream.


But I don't usually make them myself. I'm the kind of gal who's always got ice cream in the freezer.

It really hits me hard when I hear people talking about how they've been craving ice cream all week and maybe they'll get some at the store this week because it's been a long time.

First I'm all

Then I'm all

Image result for shocked meme

But anyhow.

That's not what I came to talk about.

I love trying new recipes. But when I think about the amount of work that goes into baking some recipes and then think about the fact that I have ice cream in the freezer....yeeeah. I don't make many desserts due to the ease with which ice cream can be acquired.

Again, anyway.

Do you ever look at a dessert and think to yourself:

Self, this is too much.

Nope. Too much is going on with this dessert.

This needs to stop.

I'm not talking about pumpkin German chocolate cake or trifles, because, yeah. There's a lot going on with those desserts. And they're freaking delicious.

I'm talking about this:

I honestly feel a little bad about this, because I use a lot of recipes from this woman.

Peanut butter cookies.

With icing (okay, this can happen).

And a second layer of a different flavor of frosting on top of that.


Other examples of desserts gone too far:


choco lasagna2

Nope nope.

So, there's really only one question that remains...

That looks like a really bad idea.

Is it just me?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who Do I Side With?

I took that test that flies around every so often.

I've taken it before, maybe 6 months ago, and got better results - not that I remember what they were.

Just took it again, and am more confused than ever!

None of my numbers were above 50%.

None of them.

According to the super-accurate test, I sided with McMullin, Stein, Johnson, and Clinton in the 40-46% range (in that order, descending). And Trump at 26%.

Pretty surprising to me.

However, I didn't answer most of the questions with a solid "yes" or "no". I mostly chose the alternative stances. I'm sure that affects the score. And each of the candidates had a different strong point with me (i.e. one candidate I favored for environmental issues, a completely different candidate for foreign policy, etc). None of them ranked highest for me in multiple categories.

November 28th can't come soon enough. ;)

Monday, October 10, 2016

I Watched the Debate Last Night

Yes, it was Sunday. Yes, they were awful.

Now let's talk.

I have quite the array of friends on Facebook. I think I have friends supporting almost every candidate possible, and most are very outspoken about their support, whichever way it flows.

I'm not one to spout off on my political opinions; I don't think I can really change people's opinions by arguing with them. I'd rather live by example in all aspects of life (not that I'm winning there either, that's just my preference).

Watching all the memes and articles and personal opinions flying at each other like poop and knives and whatever gross and vile thing you can think of is really discouraging.

Last night while watching the debate and hearing over and over "Yeah, what I did was bad, but what you did was way worse", all I could think of was "This country really mistreated Mitt Romney."

Not that I didn't feel that way when it was happening 4 years ago, it just keeps hitting me really hard the last few weeks or so. It really boggles my mind how people are excusing these 2 main candidates' behavior left and right, but threw Romney to the lions' den over how much money he made, mixing words and saying "binders full of women", and his unfortunate comment regarding the "47 percent".

It is really baffling and overwhelmingly sad to me.

Monday, October 3, 2016

That Moment When.... qualify for a product test....

....and that product is ice cream....

....and they're going to pay for your ice cream (obviously)....

....and pay for your friend to have ice cream with you....

....and give you extra money on top of it all....

....just so that you can give them your opinion.....

....on ice cream.


I don't think so.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kayli Came for a Visit

Kayli came, and we had a blast! We went to a lot of the same places I've been 30 times now, and unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. Still awesome places, I just forget to take pics because they don't feel that out of the ordinary anymore.

I give you:

Day 1

On Sunday, after sacrament meeting, we drove to D.C. We knew that the Museum of African American History was opening the following weekend and there would be a large festival, so we kept our D.C. festivities to the beginning of the week to avoid crowds.

It was also Claire's birthday.

We went to the American Indian Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and that was it for that day.

Here we see a sleeping Claire.

Day 2

We took it easy. We went to a Mennonite-owned bakery for donuts just before lunchtime, and explored Antietam National Battlefield (20 minutes from my house) for a couple hours.

Day 3

Back to D.C.!

We managed to go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, had lunch in the Natural History Museum, went to the American History Museum, then walked all the monuments (Washington, WWII, Lincoln, Korean War, MLK Jr., FDR, Jefferson - we didn't make it over to the Vietnam even though it was steps away).

Day 4

We took it easy again. We drove to Gettysburg after lunch (around 35 miles away, mostly through back roads) and spent a few hours at the visitors center and driving around.

Day 5

We took Claire to a ward friend's house for the day (angel woman). Then Kayli and I got on the road toward Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, about a 80-90 minute drive away. Thanks to my ever-so-gracious and giving great-uncle, we had tickets to go on a treetop ziplining tour. We even got to purchase the picture CD at the end, and Kayli got a souvenir T-shirt.

It. Was. Awesome.

And so different than what I usually do around these here parts (historical touring, because there is so much of it).

Day 6

We took it really easy - I got a major headache, and we went to the local Pennsylvania Dutch Market for lunch. I was really grateful Friday was the only day I got a headache during the entire trip!

Day 7

We woke up ridiculously early to take Kayli to Reagan airport (one I had never been to before). I'm actually glad she picked that one, because in a few weeks I have to pick Caleb up from a school trip at the same airport by myself, and now I'm more comfortable with the drive-around!

Thanks for visiting Kayli! I'd say come for another visit, but she's submitted her mission papers and will be unavailable! 

Caring Claire

When you wake up with a headache/migraine symptoms for the 3rd day in a row. I say migraine symptoms because I frequently have all the migraine symptoms without the overpowering inability to do anything but wish for death alone in my bedroom. I can often do what's necessary to get by: shower, make a basic PB&J, change the shows on Netflix for munchkin, etc. I've gone to work, and even managed to get through teaching a church lesson. Sometimes it's hard for me to think clearly or remember words, but I can do it. I recently have read a lot from migraine-sufferers who say people who are able to complain on Facebook or in person about their current migraine obviously don't have one (because they wouldn't be able to be on FB or up and talking). I don't really know what to say to that. I've felt that resentment before, but I've also worked through migraines. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have graduated college or paid my own rent (mostly, thanks Mom for that one summer in college...). But I've also had the kind of migraines where I can't do anything or think at all.


Not really a terrible migraine this morning, but I had gotten up with Claire and had the morning news on, laying on the couch. I tried to get up to go to the shower and couldn't, and ended up on the other side of the couch, face down while it felt like someone stabbed the side of my face.

Claire came up to me (several times), said, "You okay?" I told her I was hurting and asked if she could bring me a blanket. Which she did! And she put it on me. She colored next to me, played with toys, and switched off between generally screaming in my face, asking if I was ok, and requesting snuggles while I passed in and out of a weird sleep.

I got up an hour later, ate some food, downed a Diet Coke with pain relievers, took a shower, and it's subsided to simple headache level.

Fun times.

In other related news, I went to the regular doctor for the first time in 4 years this week. Part of being on Medicaid, at least this MCO, requires that you go for a well visit each year. This same MCO gives zero benefit to go to the chiropractor, so I haven't been since I moved from Baltimore, and it has been a sad time with regards to headaches/migraines. So there I was, sitting there and telling the doctor my history and experience with migraines, prescriptions, chiropractors, etc. While he was not unkind, he didn't give any credence to my chiropractic experience, even told me the scoliosis clearly wasn't something to be concerned about because most schools don't even test for that anymore (most schools are not responsible for testing for MOST medical conditions, but I didn't point that out). I wasn't really surprised, but was pretty bummed out. He gave me a new prescription to try, a low dose of an older antidepressant. Becoming a prescription experiment again is exactly what I didn't want, but at least it's something right? Also got a referral to a neurologist, so I'll be going there in 4 weeks and we'll see what they say. Hopefully it's clear either way that it either is or is not neurologically caused, and then a resolution can happen. I'm personally hoping for a clear no, and suggestion to go to physical therapy or an orthopedist, but I realize it may not be so clear, or may not even remotely be the correct answer.