Monday, September 26, 2016

Sharing Something Special

I don't know if I've shared this story with many people, but here you go:

I think about this often, and thought it might be appropriate to share so close to the General Women's Session that we had 2 days ago.

My Great-Grandma Kay passed away in March of 2013. I moved to Baltimore shortly after.

I chose to attend the General Relief Society meeting that year at the church, rather than viewing on Caleb's laptop. This was the last RS meeting, too, it might be noted.

After a small dinner and sisters chatting, we moved to the chapel to view the conference. It was just our small ward in our building, not a stake event.

I moved to sit near a woman I knew the name of, but didn't know well at all. She got up and moved after I sat down, and no one else came and sat on my row. I wasn't really feeling bad for myself or upset about the sister moving (she hadn't done it to be mean), but I just felt lonely. I was still working at Walmart at the time, and that was really hard (my new job offer came within a week or two after this). As a result I hadn't really made friends or been able to go to many church activities, visit teach, etc.

The broadcast started and I was sitting by myself in the dark chapel, feeling alone and sad. I soon had the distinct impression that my great-grandmother Edna K was sitting by my side and was holding my hand. I still get emotional just thinking about it.

A few minutes later I felt that she was no longer there, and felt confident that she had gone to be with another daughter or granddaughter.

I will never forget those few minutes. I don't believe I have ever had such a strong and doubtless impression of someone being present with me.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Wheels on the Bus

"The Wheels on the Bus" has many verses, unlimited potential for creativity.

Among Claire's requests lately for new verses are:

The Usual:

Daddies, Mommies, Kitties, Babies, Wipers, etc

The UnUsual:

Elsa, Rabbits, Rapunzel, Gran-guh (Grandma), Cars, etc.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

eBay Trolls

So aggravating. I purchased a huge lot of clothing for Claire on a local Facebook yard sale site, kept what we could use, and then listed everything that was in good condition left over on eBay for pennies. Literally - shipping costs + .25 starting price.

Then goofus lady goes in and bids every few hours, driving the price up to $15, to which I thought "Cool, I guess, but that's kind of high for a bunch of used clothes when she has to pay shipping, too."

Then doesn't pay.

Then when I send a friendly reminder to pay, tells me, "It's just too much money for me right now; I'll have to cancel the order."


You might be surprised that this has happened to me a few times before.

People are so. so. so. so. so. dumb.

But lucky for buyers, sellers can't leave negative feedback (just in case you want to go be a jerk to someone on eBay, there you go - it's the lucky non-secret of eBay).

Good night.