Sunday, August 21, 2016

Head Cold

Claire woke up with a runny nose this morning. Nothing awful, but enough to say "Hey, let's not go to nursery and share with everyone."

We all went to sacrament, which is where I made the decision not to take her to nursery. The plan was for Caleb to take her home after the meeting, since I had to teach a lesson later.

Then, right as he was about to leave, Caleb got called in to help with an audit, first time.

And I was left with a screaming almost-2-year-old for the next hour and the one following that, while I taught YW.

She was done screaming by the time I was teaching, and was a generally pleasant person.

She really,


wanted to go to nursery.

She was making herself almost sick outside with how much she was screaming and sobbing and tantruming.

Because she couldn't go to nursery.

I mean, you can't threaten that we'll never come back to church. Or even that she has to miss church next week.  LOL!


There are worse problems to have.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Funny Girl

In the middle of the night last night, Claire woke up with blood curdling screams.

I convinced Caleb to get up and grab her on the condition that I would be the one to soothe her.


Her main complaint in her half-asleep and raging mad state?



Caleb sang "I Am a Child of God", which calmed her enough for me to explain that it was really just too dark outside to go play with bubbles right now, and the next best course of action was to go back to sleep and wait until it got bright again. She nodded her head in agreement, said "Ok" through little stifled sobs, and held her arms out for Caleb to take her back to bed.

Fast forward to right after church ended. We had successfully gotten the munchkin to the car, but when it came time to get out of the car, she screamed, threw a tantrum, and collapsed into a screaming and sobbing puddle at the foot of the front door when it was closed, trapping her inside.


Parenting win? Idk anymore.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Travelogue Part 8

On our 2nd and final day at Disney World, we woke up, went to Epcot, and went straight to the character meet and greet that Kari had gotten us Fast Passes to. Kari was a Fast Pass master for the whole trip. We only waited in maybe 3 lines without a Fast Pass the whole trip.

Claire was SOOOOO excited seeing Mickey, Minnie, and "Goosie!". But her excitement turned into pure terror when she got within 3 feet of them. As soon as we started walking away from a character she got excited again, waving and blowing kisses.

My plan had been to print these pictures with characters and put them up around her room, but since she's not super happy in any of them, I don't know if that's going to happen anymore. LOL!

While at Epcot, we met all the classic characters, I went on the new Soarin' Around the World by myself, we went on the Finding Nemo ride and saw the aquarium, had lunch in France, and went on The Three Caballeros boat ride in Mexico twice, and left with Claire asking for a third. There was no line there. And it was nice and cool inside.

Right around 5 o'clock we high-tailed it over to Animal Kingdom.

We got in line to meet Russell and Dug, and the character's escort(?) told us the line was closed. Which I was totally fine with, not going to argue. Then Claire got friendly and pointed at Dug and explained in gibberish to the nice lady about how excited she was to see the "doggie".

To which the girl died of cuteness and sent us into the line anyway.

I felt kind of bad since everyone else really did get turned away.

Oh well!

Then we watched and danced in a Carnival parade.

Tried to leave after a few minutes but Claire was having none of that and we went back.

After this, we went on the Safari, then grabbed dinner, and went to the new Jungle Book water show that they have now that the park is open late! It was awesome.

After that, we eventually ended up at this dinosaur ride, similar to the Dumbo ride. We rode it twice, as there were no lines.

Parting shot after riding the dinosaur ride twice and enjoying a Mickey ice cream bar all to herself (okay, half, I ate the first half, okay):

Claire fell asleep in her stroller after this, and Kari and I went on the Safari again. We took Claire, don't worry. The park closed while we were on the safari, and Claire stayed asleep all the way to the hotel.

The next morning we got some sleep, packed up, checked out and perused the resort gift shop for a few minutes while waiting for the bus back to the airport.

Thus ended our Disney vacation.

And thus ends this Summer Travelogue series.

I hope you've enjoyed it at least half as much as I enjoyed living it!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Travelogue Part 7

About 2 months ago, I called up Kari at Disney World. The conversation went something like this:

"Hey Kari."


"So. Are you getting any more free tickets before your job is over in August?"


"K check on that."

"K. I will."


"Yeah. I'll probably get 3 tickets in the middle of July."

So I booked a flight.

And a Disney resort hotel room.

Because guess what peeps, Claire flies free for one more month, and Kari's discount on the hotel brought it to $75 a night.

And free entrance to the park.

I. could. not. say. no.

I had it all planned out, my flight landed on Tuesday, July 26 at noon. I would get to the hotel and then go straight to the parks, meet Kari at Animal Kingdom, and have a blast.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a blast, but after driving out to Baltimore the night before and spending the night on a kind friend's couch holding Claire who refused to sleep in the pack n play, I woke up to an overnight text saying my flight had been cancelled. Apparently everyone else saw the 2:45 AM text immediately and booked all the flights for most of the day.

I'm quite confident it was cancelled because the flight wasn't totally full. I wasn't able to get into Orlando until 9:15 that night.

Dinner reservations cancelled, whole day at the parks wasted, no pool time, etc.

I'm really aggravated at Southwest just thinking about it.

Can't do much about it.


We got up and went to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. It was so bloody hot, but thankfully I'm somewhat accustomed to humidity now, so perspective helped.

We rode a few rides and then had lunch at the Beast's castle.

It was beautiful inside! And Claire loved the food and actually ate everything, which was a miracle. Because it's a bummer to spend $6 on a meal for her and for her to not eat anything.

We tried the Grey Stuff.

Claire approved. I thought it was decent. Maybe I would have been happier if the $5 had gone toward a cupcake at least double that size. LOL!

Claire loved the parades she was awake for.

It was SOOOOOO hot during this parade. We had just re-applied sunscreen. I burned the bottoms of my feet. Because the ground was so hot. Seriously.

She genuinely loved the parades. It was just so hot that it was hard to look excited about anything other than a cold drink. My favorite part of that parade was when Merida waved back at Claire (who was waving to her), and pointed out her red hair, that it matched hers, but was a lot shorter. Claire was stunned when she realized Merida had seen her and was waving.

We went on the Jungle Cruise and then she fell asleep in line at the Pirates ride.

Closer to dinner time we got to meet Ariel. Claire was so excited to meet a princess! And she started talking to her in gibberish, then realized that she was actually talking and then got shy and stopped. Only time she talked to any of the characters.

Here she is showing Ariel her Cinderella shirt:

Then Kari got to be a guard in the play with Belle in Beast's castle.

It was so hot that no one was hungry for dinner, ever. Claire survived off of applesauce and a lime slushie that a worker gave to her as a "magical moment", mainly because she was so dang cute and happy to be there!

In the evening after the fireworks, we got to meet some princesses:

Claire was smiling here because Rapunzel was jumping up and down to get her to smile. And Kari's just smiling like that because Tiana is her favorite princess and this is just generally her favorite place in the universe, I think.

The next 2 are some of my favorite pics from the trip; they actually show how excited she really was to be here.

Then, as in March, she fell asleep right before the electrical parade started and slept through the whole thing.

She kept sleeping, Kari and I shared a huge hot dog topped with BBQ chicken and cole slaw (who doesn't love eating dinner at 11:30!!), and she kept sleeping. We could have stayed in the park until 1AM since we were resort guests, but as Claire just kept sleeping and we had ridden most rides already, we decided to leave at midnight. I know. Such party poopers!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Travelogue Part 6

I am still learning about my camera, and due to how bright everything was here, I did not capture great images. Ah, well. Got a few nice selfies on the phone.

On Sunday, July 17, we left Rochester/Palmyra and drove over to Niagara Falls, about 90 minutes away. So busy. But we found parking and walked over, got our tickets to Maid of the Mist, and had a fabulous few hours there. Claire was not terrified of the water, and we were stuck in the middle of the boat, so I was not terrified of losing her either.

A couple from my phone:

Thus ends the photographic record I have of our time with Kendra. Come back!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Travelogue Part 5


You've been warned.

We drove up to Rochester, New York on Friday night, July 15, right after Caleb got done with school/work. 

Saturday morning, we started our day at the Peter Whitmer home. It sits on a property that now houses a chapel and visitors center as well as the log cabin.

After this quick trip, we wended our way over to Palmyra, and stopped at the Hill Cumorah first, so that we could hike the hill before all the pageant festivities in the evening.

After hanging out here for a bit, we grabbed lunch at a gas station, as did everyone else. I heard more than one comment of "There are a LOT of Mormons here!" throughout the day.

We went into town, visited the grave of Alvin Smith, visited the printing press shop where the Book of Mormon was first published, and then headed toward the Smith Family Farm and the Sacred Grove. A quick stop at the Palmyra temple before (literally around the corner).

Fun fact: That's a bathroom. On the way into the grove.

That evening we attended the Hill Cumorah pageant. I didn't take out my camera at all for the event. It was a lot of fun, and I recommend going if you get the chance!