Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Story from that One Weekend

So here it is:

I was sitting in the Sacred Grove with my friend. Caleb was out at the car with the munchkin who had been sleeping. We had taken the tour of all the Smith family homes, had taken a walk through the grove, and were getting close to the end of our time there.

A guy walked by with his wife and 2 boys. We made eye contact.

I said hi, because I'm friendly like that.

Just your normal, erryday "hi".

He said hi back. But with kind of a hesitant/expectant look on his face.

And then walked off.

Then Kendra looked at me and said, "Did you know that guy?"


Then I said, "But I think he must be somebody people know. Like John Bytheway."

And we shrugged our shoulders and went on our way.

Then we went to the Hill Cumorah and hung out for a few hours, enjoying some nasty barbecue chicken and chatting with cast members for the pageant happening that night.

Everybody seemed to want to get a picture with the guy playing King Noah, probably because of his awesome headwear. I decided to join the trend and walked up to the base of the hill, where he was standing. Then we got a picture together. Side note, his personality was completely opposite what I expected from someone wearing such a big, in-your-face costume. He was quite reserved and seemed uncomfortable with all the attention.

Then after we turned around to head to our seats, I saw another guy getting a picture with members of the cast.

But there were other cast members lining up. To take a picture with him.

Then I noticed that it was the same guy I said hi to earlier.

I determined it must be John Bytheway after all.

And it was. I later looked him up on Facebook and he had posted a picture from the Sacred Grove that day...with the same wife and 2 boys that I had seen.

I have no idea why out of all the possibly recognizable male members of our church, I assumed it was John Bytheway.

Now I've probably mentioned his name so many times in this post it'll come up in people's Google search results.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Long-term Savings Plans

A tiny part of my faith in humanity was restored tonight when I opened my mail and found a check from my insurance, refunding something I had overpaid on.

My old insurance.

TWO insurances ago.

More than 2 years ago - specifically for the appointments when I went in for the first ultrasound for Claire, and then again a few months later when I found out that Claire would be a Claire and not a Claire (turns out the masculine version is the same, whoops - I intended on not doing that to my kids....ah well...).

Plus about 12% interest.


And thanks for the check, insurance company! Kudos to you for owning up to that! ;)

Friday, July 8, 2016


I purchased a dress from Boden last week....

...And have been getting the resulting promotional emails ever since.

I saw one today for the "Mega-Clearance/Lowest Prices of the Year/You Better Take Advantage of This or You'll Regret It Sale".

So I had to check it out.

I'm now having to pry my fingers away from my mouse to keep myself from buying all the cute little things they have for toddler girls!

Stop the madness!!!

*Don't worry, I'm not buying anything.*


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sweet Potato Brownies?!

Do we really trust stuff like this, guys?

I'm more than happy to try it out if there's a good chance it'll actually taste good.....BUTTTTTTTTTT.........I'm highly skeptical.

Once someone made me try black bean brownies (maybe I've already written about that?), insisting they were delicious and you'd never know it wasn't a regular old bad-for-you, gonna-destroy-the-world-from-all-that-gluten-and-oil-and-whatever-else-is-bad-but-really-it's-the-best-brownie-you've-ever-had brownie from Grandma's kitchen.

Let me tell you.

I knew.

She knew.

She just was pretending she didn't know.

Those were NOT brownies.

Similar was the time someone at a party brought "paleo lemon bars", and everyone had to lie through their teeth mutually about how delicious it was, for the sake of "health" and "skinny".

It was also disgusting. And crunchy.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Mina Svenska Familj

The last 6-12 months I've begun to felt a pull to research and figure out my maternal grandfather's Swedish line. His grandmother emigrated from Sweden in the early 20th century. We have lots of info, and I'm sure more is readily available for the taking, but we don't have much beyond the parents of my grandparents who emigrated.

I have copies of some handwritten records from a cousin of my great-grandmother's, from a trip to Sweden she took in 1990. I've translated some of it (luckily it's not hard to figure out what "birth", "marriage", etc are in Swedish...), forgot about it, keep thinking about it, and just haven't taken the time to finish it. My intent is to get an English translation that's clear and concise, then upload that to FamilySearch and attach it to the correct people, create people in the database as needed, etc.

I keep finding and pinning Scandinavian recipes, determined to give them a go. I've "liked" certain Scandinavian Facebook pages, and I'm a member of an extended family member group of descendants of my great-great-grandparents, Hilda and August Erickson/Eriksson.

I even find myself planning potential trips to Finland and Sweden, to see the sites, and maybe, just maybe, find some information.

So, I don't really know where this is going.

Family history is awesome!!

If you have any tips, advice, good vibes, feel free to throw it my way!

If you happen to know any good books or sites to learn more about my Swedish/Finnish roots, please enlighten me. :)