Saturday, April 30, 2016

Haiku, Untitled

Vegan bean brownies

I tried so hard to love you

but let's face it, no

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Exercising My Rights!

Even though they forgot to bring the stickers, I voted today.

Seriously. Who forgets the stickers?

I walked down to the end of my block, into the elementary school, and sat at a lunch table by myself to fill out the ballot. There were less than 3 other people voting. I was gone less than 15 minutes from my house. It wasn't shorter mainly because I was still deciding who to vote for in some other categories......

Others in my state and city trying to vote before work were not so lucky - some polling places opened 2 hours late and only had 2 working ballot stations once they did open. No joke.

Then some people who had unmet expectations about working for one of the mayoral candidates on voting day broke car windows in protest before being told they could work and everyone would be paid.

Serious probs.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Your Vote Is Important

Okay so I'm chopping my hair off tomorrow.

Ultimately I'll just ask the stylist to do what she thinks would look awesom-est but which do you think:



Actually I think those are all pretty much the same thing so I suppose you know what I'll look like tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

There's a Light at the End of This Tunnel

This afternoon, after getting Claire down for a late post-church nap, I headed out to do some visiting teaching.

I opened the front door, and before I even was able to put my foot out the door an older woman passing by asked me for a quarter.

I apologized, said no, and wished her luck.

After being cursed out and called names I cannot repeat as she walked down the street, I said, "Well that isn't very kind!"

She turned back and looked at me with an angry but surprised look and glared me down.

Then I realized my car was in the same direction that she was walking. So, for 1/4 of the block I walked behind her with her turning to glare at me and me looking at her with slightly raised eyebrows every couple of steps.

Then I got in my car and cried all the way to my friend's house.

I really dislike this city.

I have tried and I keep trying to see the positive and like this place.

And you know, for the most part I do like this place.

But I don't like a lot of these people.

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Any time I answer (politely and) honestly about how I feel about living here, I'm usually met with surprise. Sometimes within a few hours those same friends who asked me will post on Facebook about how much they love this place and living here. Which really makes me feel even worse about myself.

Facebook. That's a whole other topic. Anyway.

When I was in Utah a few weeks ago, I saw one of my mom's neighbors at the neighborhood gas station while I was (and she was) getting a big refill drink for pennies (one of the many perks of living there). I said hi, and she introduced me to the random man she had just met while mutually filling up on Mountain Dew. He found out I was from Baltimore and said "Man, that sounds so much nicer than here!!!"

I said, "Really? SERIOUSLY?!"

He answered with, "Yeah, anywhere's gotta be better than this place."

After explaining that my closest major (not hole-in-the-wall) pharmacy was burned down last year in the riots, he conceded that perhaps at least Boston could be worse than Baltimore. Which was somewhat laughable because the neighbor I was talking with had spent several years of the last decade living there. And she actually agreed with him.

So I guess it's all about perspective.

I don't know where this is really going, but there.  I've really been trying to love living here, but I don't love living here. But I do love a lot of people that I've met, and have met a lot of people on the streets (peddlers included) who are kind and giving and polite. But there are a few (many) people who have really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Short Walk Through Temple Square

These were taken just a few days before this past General Conference.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


This afternoon, after the Auntie Anne's cashier told me my kid looked much more like a boy than a girl, I gave her my library card to pay for the snack.

I wish I could say it was on purpose, but I just really am losing my mind right now as it turns out.