Friday, March 11, 2016

Someone's Tired

Apparently having a cold all week and staying up on the couch hacking up a lung and snuggling with Mom until 3:15 in the morning will make it hard to resist a nap in the warm sun.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Headache Solutions?

So I finally got to a chiropractor today.

I've been suffering from headaches and migraines since I was 9 years old, from what I can remember.

Lately they've been way more tension-related. Everything else just as frequent, but add tension on top of everything.

Caleb's been telling me since before we got married that something looked wrong with my back. I just shrugged him off because...well...sometimes he can act like a hypochondriac with all of the subjects involved in his school studies. One week he's dying of a rare disease and the next week he's sure he's experiencing heart failure. My answer is always, "Well, you better go see a doctor then huh!" I love him.

Lately I have had few breaks from headaches. I can handle headaches, even though they still suck, but the problem is that I never know when one will turn into a migraine. With yesterday being the exception, I have had a headache almost 100% of the last 7-10 days. I think one or two days were migraines.

So I went to the chiropractor this morning. I went to this same practice while I was pregnant but had to stop going after 2 or 3 visits because money $$$$$. They couldn't do any x-rays at the time, of course, and the chiropractor didn't say anything interesting was going on, "let's just keep doing weekly adjustments to keep the baby in the right place and you feeling good."

That doctor was not working today and I got scheduled for a different one. I had requested to be able to come in regardless of doctor since I am leaving on Saturday for a week to Disney World.

Did I mention I'm going to Disney World? Oh? Ok, sorry to mention it again.

I'm going to Disney World in 2 days.



The guy asks me some questions, then feels my skull and immediately asked if I had had any trauma to the head.


Long story shorter, he thinks that when I had my head slammed in a car door at 2 it caused a skull injury that never got looked at, was exacerbated by growth spurts or puberty around age 9, and scoliosis came with it. How did no one catch a spine curvature before this point in my life?! I saw it on the x-ray. It's there. And my skull looks like that of an old person apparently and has a spur at the base above my neck, and I have arthritis in my neck.

The place operates as a sports rehab/therapy place as well, with several signed posters from the Ravens players, so I got electrotherapy (which was awesome) and some exercises to do, as well as an adjustment.

Even though I feel super sore right now, it was thrilling to have some validation of my pain and see its cause in an x-ray, not just theories and experiments from a doctor.

I know there's a chance this may not be the cause of my migraines, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?! And then I could follow these instructions and have less pain?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Doctor Doctor

Can I just say I'm tired of being told a fever is not a fever until it's 100.4 or higher. A fever is technically anything over 98.6, and not significant until 100.4!


Example: A few months ago I called Claire's doctor, gave the nurse the symptoms, said her fever was very slight at 99.5, and was told "Well that's not really a fever but bring her in for the other symptoms". Then when we were being seen, the nurse practitioner said "Well she does have a slight fever at 99.8, and yada yada yada here's the prescription for pink eye".

I get that you don't bring your kid in for a slight fever. But every time I've called and explained the symptoms and included her temperature I get shot down as if I'm having a panic attack. I'm not! I'm just giving facts! It's not like I keep repeatedly bringing up her body temperature and asking them excitedly if that's a fever. I don't even think my kid is that sick!

Same thing happened today. Same symptoms for pink eye or ear infection that she's had before, and I gave the nurse the temperature reading, just over 99. Because she asked. Then was told "Well that's not actually a fever."

Here's the other thing that I dislike - no matter when I call during my child's illness I am told to "wait a few more days". If I call on day 1, it's "wait 3 more days then call us back". Day 3: "wait 3 more days then call us back". Day 7: "wait 3 more days then call us back."

You get the picture.

So I've taken to just calling at the beginning of an illness even if I wouldn't bring her in for it. So that when/if I call back 3 days later because she's still acting like she has an ear infection or pink eye, they'll let me come in. And I'm sure that's not what they want. But I feel like they've almost created the problem. Or the people who are super hyper about a runny nose have created the situation. Either way, it's dumb!

Also, I do have friends and acquaintances who do call and go in to the doctor for every little thing. So I feel pretty comfortable saying that I am not that person...I do tend to wait until I call for Claire (and myself). Or rather, most of the time I just let her body deal with the sickness. So it's frustrating that when I do call I'm treated like an imbecile.

I haven't had problems with any doctors or nurse practitioners at this office but I get so tired of how I'm treated at the check-out counter and over the phone (and that can be said of most any office, honestly).

Monday, March 7, 2016

Zoo Trip

Claire loved the National Zoo today.

Except for the parts when I made her look at the animals.  Then she was absolutely terrified.

Ok, just the entire ape house and the huge viewing glass where the sea lions came up to your face and did tricks. But still. Little pansy.