Monday, December 28, 2015


In case you were wondering how things are going here, this.

One happened just a few blocks away from me on Saturday around noon.

This was a crazy year.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

To Keep or Not to Keep

I'm approaching a point where I have to decide what to do with some of the baby things I have.

I've already been saving all the clothing; NB - 9 mos are at my mom's house.

I just purchased a convertible car seat, and am unsure if I should hang onto the infant car seat. And then, if I sell the infant car seat, should I sell the stroller that comes with it? And purchase a different stroller?

My main problem is that I have no shed, no garage, no spare bedroom. There is NO place to store these toys and car seats, etc. It will just be stacked on top of an already growing pile of buckets and things in the only free corner of Claire's room (her room is probably 8'x8' or something similar). The armoire/closet is so overloaded in her bedroom that it is bowing in the middle.

I could hang onto the car seat and extra stuff, but realities are that we likely have to make at least 3 more moves in the next 2 1/2 years or so. And another baby may not happen for quite a while. Almost 100% likely to happen before the car seat would "expire", but still....

I realize there are far worse problems to have, but - UGH.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Tonight, as I was putting our trash out at the road, a young man, probably around my age, came walking down the street singing obscene lyrics to a popular song, and it felt, right at me.

Not unusual. At me, yes, unusual - at the top of their lungs and not caring who hears, not unusual.

I finished putting the trash out and walked in and closed the door, right as the man came past my house and subsequent garbage.

As he came across it, he let out some more profanities, gagging and acting as if it was the smelliest garbage he had ever smelled in his life.

I hope it was.

Thanks Claire!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We Went on a Little Christmas Adventure

Last Monday we piled into our little car and drove over to D.C. to the free parking for the Jefferson Memorial. We got our gear together and walked 2.5 miles over to the International Spy Museum, for which I had previously purchased discounted Groupon tickets (woot!).

It was a really fun museum! Caleb got to crawl around in the air vents, we got alternate spy identities, and got to explore the 50 years of James Bond exhibit. Well worth the time. Still an expensive place to visit. Ah, well.

After we were done there, we walked through a mini Christmas craft fair, and then walked a mile over to the Capitol. We got there as it was starting to get dark, walked up the lawn to stand right in front of the Capitol tree, and right as we got to the tree, the lights came on! It was pretty magical, especially with less than 10-15 people there with us.

After spending a few minutes there, we turned around and walked 1.5 miles over to the White House to see the national Christmas tree. Unfortunately, right as we got to the pedestrian gate to get onto the south lawn, police came and shut down the area, citing a previously scheduled event. Too bad I didn't check their schedule before coming down. I had just assumed that since it was a national Christmas tree and there aren't that many days in December, it would be available for public viewing every night. Oh well. We were able to see a distant little gathering of lights and a huge menorah out front as well. It would have been cool to get up close. But not til next year! Not going out there again this month.

Then we turned toward our parking lot and walked 1.5 miles to the car.

We did a lot of walking, in case you hadn't noticed. And my feet hurt. And my muscles stopped working.

LEST you think we were pansies and gave up after this, we DID NOT!

We drove our tired fannies in rush hour traffic up to the temple, where we walked around to the lights and nativity scene there. We got there during one of the performances in the theater, so we had much of the place to ourselves. Lots of fun for Claire to run around.

Then we went to Cafe Rio and THEN we went home.

The end.

Monday, December 14, 2015


When you watch your western friends awake on Facebook with snow complaints, storm worries, etc, and it's already 60+ degrees at your house:

THIS is why we chose Baltimore over Duluth....


It's just taken 3 winters to come to fruition.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Medicine Woman

No matter how hard I try to keep it away from her, Claire has this obsession with tracking down and finding any container of medicine - liquid or pill, does not matter. We don't have too many places that have space to keep the container up high away from her. Most days the box goes on top of my bed when I get up, and back to the night stand when I go to bed or if she gets on my bed to play.

If my purse/diaper bag is left on the floor, she will go through the whole thing until she has ripped apart my wallet and then is satisfied once she has my mini Tylenol bottle in her hands.

She never attempts to open these things (and of course they're taken out of her hands as soon as she is found out), but she just wants to hold them and walk around. And she can open things. She likes to take down soap containers in the bath and open them....lovely...

Can anyone explain this desire of hers? I'm at a loss for the reasoning. It's somewhat entertaining, but mostly just a wild ride around as I try to figure out how medicine is magically appearing in new places and I try to keep it all in the same spot and away from her cute little fingers.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Love This Group

Ever heard of the Maccabeats? They are a Jewish male a capella group.

I ran into their music on Youtube after the film version of Les Miserables came out. They have a really good version of that score turned into the story of Passover.

I actually have some Jewish friends now since we've moved to Baltimore. I enjoy seeing things pop up in my Facebook newsfeed surrounding their religious holidays.

This song was on my Youtube front page today - it's catchy!!

Side note - there is a lot of uplifting Jewish music out there on Youtube. I really love this video parody of Let It Go for Passover:

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time Is Here

So I'm pretty sure that I am all finished with Christmas "shopping" and deciding, except for 3 projects that might take the rest of my life to finish. But they need to be done by, like, Friday, so I can ship them out in time for Christmas.

I also need to pick out which car seat to ask Santa for for Claire. Sensible gifts while she's little, right?

She'll thank me later.

Wish me luck!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Because you know you wanted to see this.