Friday, October 30, 2015

Fight Song

The father of one of my best friends passed away last week. I learned of it yesterday. He had been diagnosed with cancer weeks earlier and succumbed quickly.

I was really sad to hear about this.

I feel so sad for his wife, for his children, and for his grandchildren not getting to know one of their grandparents as they grow up.

For a time while I was in college, I was close with this family. They brought me souvenirs from their family trip to Hawaii; I went to Thanksgiving dinner at their house one year. I got to go on family boating trips; I went to family birthday dinners. My friend and her mom came to my baby shower with handmade gifts. My friend's parents came to my wedding reception (my friend was part of my wedding company). I saw him at his house with my friend and her baby (the same age as my Claire) just a couple months ago.

I feel devastated for my friend and her family.

I can't imagine losing either of my parents.

I heard this song tonight, and while it doesn't really have too much to do with this situation, it brought out the emotions again.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sign Language

We're teaching Claire sign. Kind of.

Caleb was using it all the time with her when he spoke months ago, and I never saw a response. We went to Utah for the summer and it pretty much stopped. I told people it didn't work with her. Oh well.

Then I flew back to Maryland and suddenly she was making the sign for "more", meaning "food" to her.  What the?

She consistently uses the sign for "more" now when she wants to eat.

In the last week she's also picked up on "diaper change" and "love". She may be picking up on "Mom" or "Dad", but it just comes out as pointing her finger at me, so I'm not calling that one.

Caleb's currently teaching her "thirsty". Half the time when she's freaking out I hand her a sippy cup and she calms down. That would be nice to know about, rather than taking a tantrum.

Tonight Caleb handed her some yogurt bites to eat and I got her attention. "Say 'thank you', Claire." I made the sign for thank you, which is touching your fingers to your chin/lips area and moving your hand out and down, palm stiff, or flat.

She mimicked me by smacking her face.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tender Loving Care

Last night I didn't feel like eating. I slept through Caleb making himself some leftovers and giving the little one dinner as well.

Around 7 I hinted, "You know, the only thing that really sounds good right now is a soft and gooey pizza."

No response.

Around 9:30 I mentioned that I wasn't really hungry but should probably eat something....maybe oatmeal or pizza?

"Oh hey, here's the online menu of the pizza place next door...."

My helpful and loving husband went out to the kitchen to make me some oatmeal, right as I was pulling out my phone for him to call in an order.

Thanks for the food honey, but I really wanted pizza.

*Really, he was very kind to make me anything at all and says he missed all my cues for suggesting pizza....Also, this is one of the perks of city living. The pizza place is open til 11 and is literally only about a block away.*

Signs That You Have Arrived in Life (or What I Really Really Want in My House One Day)

Yes. This is very superficial, and not entirely Sabbath appropriate.

But my house has gone downhill in the last 2 days. I contracted strep (go me!) and don't really feel like doing anything other than using my fingers to type, play Candy Crush on my phone, use the remote to the television, and un-do my bra so Claire can nurse.


But I really don't feel good.

Gone are the days of only taking care of myself. I can't even imagine having 5 kids and doing it all.

Anyway - state of disarray. The house is getting progressively worse. I'll have to get up and do something in one of my ibuprofen-spurred energy bursts soon.

Sitting/laying here, I've decided I will have "arrived" - see this for definiton - when these things are in my home:

- Walk-in closet (preferably all bedrooms, but just mine is fine)
- Walk-in pantry
- Large James Christensen painting hanging somewhere awesome
- No mice worries
- Not being able to hear my neighbors or the people outside on the street
- A baby grand piano. Oooooo yeah.
- At least 2 bathrooms

Okay, my brain is malfunctioning and I can't think of much more. I know I have it good here, can't complain too much. And I don't need any of those things to be happy.

Buuuuuut they'd be nice and probably wouldn't hurt. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mornings with Dad

Most mornings Caleb will take Claire and give her breakfast while I jump in the shower. After, he'll take his turn in the shower. It works out nicely. I can probably count on only two hands the number of times I have had to deal with a screaming baby while I took a shower because Caleb was gone. So nice.

Once Caleb heads to the shower, if Claire is not confined to my lap or the high chair, she will toddle her way over to the bathroom. This morning she stood outside the door, babbling very insistently while knocking/patting on the door, trying to communicate to Caleb that she needed to see him and could he please come out. I watched her stand there for about 5 minutes just waiting for him (and making her presence happily known). Did I mention she walked over there?! Walking is a fun new trick she's got!

She is very attached to her dad, especially in the mornings. When Caleb is home, the only times she prefers me is if she wants to nurse, or if she is ready for bed. She gets so sad when he leaves in the morning, and tries half the time to convince him to take her with him to school or work (patting his shoulder and pointing to the door with eyebrows lifted and face tilted down for emphasis). So cute.

Makes me happy.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Caring for Her Dolly

For her first birthday, this little girl received a new dolly from one of her grandmas. She hasn't shown much interest in it yet, other than to try to drink out of her sippy cup. So, it struck me as adorable when she did decide to play with her on Friday.

Friday, October 9, 2015

My Selfish Post

When I got home from my summer trip, I needed to pull out all our 12 month clothing and update the dresser.

Whoops! Somehow between all the yard sale-ing and huge lots of baby clothing I had purchased secondhand, I had something like 3 full every-season wardrobes in 12 month clothing, and probably 2 in 18-month.

My plan was to let Claire wear everything, and as time went on, just pull the items that we didn't love and sell them as a lot later, and donate whatever didn't get purchased to my church clothing store. In my church's basement/parking lot, right next to the Bishop Storehouse we have a clothing exchange, where anyone and everyone can come pick out anything they want.

A woman posted in one of the Facebook yardsale groups I'm a member of that she urgently needed 12- and 18-month clothing for her granddaughter, who she would be watching every weekend.

I figured, might as well go through everything now and let her buy these super cheap, and I'll earn a little bit of money for getting toddler size clothing later.

So I responded to her query, gathered all the clothing (around 75 items in 12 month, 30 items in 18 month), and offered a cheap price. Twenty-five cents each piece if she wanted to pick through everything, $20 if she would just take the bag from me.

The woman was thrilled, excited, "what a blessing this is!", etc.

We had everything but the address set up for a meet, and then no response. Nothing. Whatsoever.

In the meantime another woman messaged me, requesting the clothes if the first woman didn't take my offer. I gave the lady a week, then offered her the clothes.

Imagine my surprise when she said she wanted the clothes, but could I go down to $10?

I was a little disgusted, but said it was fine and could swing by her place this week on my Costco run (did I forget to mention I was offering to drive 20 minutes from my house to deliver these clothes?!).

No response. For the whole week.

Until this morning.

The woman just said she doesn't have the money to pay me for the clothes until next week. I said I could hold them one more week but then I needed to get rid of the clothing because I can't have this taking up so much space in my tiny apartment anymore.

So she said "Oh I'll just take them if you're going to donate them."

I. Kid. You. Not.

What the *&#% am I supposed to do?!

I feel terrible, because she is obviously strapped for cash if she can't even give me $10 today for a huge bundle of clothing. And I was going to donate them.

But I just feel so taken-advantage-of. And I would have to drive 20-30 minutes to her house, then the 20-30 minutes back to my house. And the money I have is not my own - it's on loan that I'll have to pay back at 12% someday!!!

Is it too mean to just tell this lady no, or should I just do the Christ-like thing and drop them off at her house and leave without even the gas money it cost me to get there?

I hate situations like this.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When the Purse Doesn't Fit

Sometimes having a shorter attention span is a good thing - just move on to a different book:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

When I announced I was quitting my job at the end of last December, one of my co-workers said,

"Won't you be so bored?! What are you going to do all day?!"

I laughed. My grandmother coworkers laughed. The questioning coworker was still perplexed.

It was a great time.

I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle on SAHM life (which I really don't), and there is so much I want to do!

Make healthy and yummy (not necessarily at the same time) dinner every night!

Keep my house clean all the time!

Finish all my sewing projects!

Scrapbook the thousands of pictures that are waiting!

Keep up with my eBay business!

Read some books!

Get out and have fun with ward friends!

And most importantly, take great care of Claire!

I feel like I can only choose 2 1/2 of these each day.

Sometimes 1.