Friday, April 24, 2015

Thank You!

Thanks to people here, on my family website, and on Facebook (thanks to my mom), I was able to get a new crib mattress for baby girl for FREE! No shipping, no hidden charges or catches, FREE! It is on its way to my house as I type.

Now I just need to get a crib to fit it.

One of Caleb's classmates was kind enough to give us ALL of their baby girl stuff a year ago - an entire Honda CRV full of it. A crib, bouncers, toys, pillows, bottles, EVERYTHING. It was seriously so kind and such a HUGE blessing. Unfortunately, at some point, either at my house or theirs, something nasty attached itself to the crib, and there is a horrid smell that I can't get out of the mattress or crib frame, I'm not sure which. As well, the crib was made for a daycare center, so was probably half the size of a normal crib. Either way, we would have needed to purchase a toddler bed or something similar within a year.

Lest you all think I'm buying new mattresses left and right. ;)

Thank you again!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Road Rage

I'd like to think I've seen it all here on the roads of Baltimore City.

This morning, for example, on my way to Wally World I had no less than 3 intersections where a pedestrian/s decided to cross the street against a green. Not in an oh-I-can-probably-make-it-if-I-run-fast way, but in an I-will-take-my-sweet-time-crossing-this-street-because-I-am-a-pedestrian-and-YOUMUSTBOWDOWNTOMYRIGHTOFWAYNESS way.

Last week on my way to the grocery store, I had a slow crosser at my first intersection, a car going trying to go the wrong way on a one-way street at the second intersection, and at the third intersection the car crossing in front of me decided to treat the intersection as a 4-way stop, rather than the 2-way it was designed to be. And the car behind him stopped as well after I waved him through.

Then I had someone who decided to park in the street right in front of me a few blocks after that. After that, someone was driving on the wrong side of the road, with a high cement median preventing them from correcting.

I would like to say finally, but it wasn't, on my way out of the Walmart parking lot, I saw a limo parked across two lanes of parking spots. Because, you know, if I ever rent a limo, I am definitely making sure all my peeps at Walmart see me in it.

Then, finally, on my way back, I was turning left (there are not many turn lanes here, so unfortunately you just have to stop traffic while you wait for an opening), a city bus driver decided he was going to go around me where there was clearly not enough room, so I pulled a crazy driver and blocked him. And then I turned left. With a huge smile on my face at having won one battle that morning.

Now I realize that there are many places that have drivers and traffic that are much worse. But guess what people. Utah is not one of those places. So stop saying Utah drivers are the worst. Stop it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down Time

Are you ever in need of a furry cuddly fix? Look no further! You can watch animals at the national zoo in D.C. all day and all night here.

I have had the most luck watching the pandas and trying to get baby girl to show interest.

I'm also too lazy to switch to Internet Explorer like the other videos require.

I'm currently watching an adorable koala sleep in San Diego.

You can also watch the red pandas in Knoxville. A past coworker of mine liked to start off her day with a few minutes watching the pandas play.

Did you know you can kind of sort of go to the zoo without actually going to the zoo?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some Favorites From That One Time That Kendra Visited

Coming next week: That One Time That Kari Visited

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Request

Hi all,

This is me shamelessly asking you to help me out:

If you click on this link it will take you to a website for Newton Crib Mattresses.  It's a new baby crib mattress that will be launched this month. If you sign up/enter your email address through my link, I can get credit toward purchasing a new mattress for Claire (which we currently need). If I get 20 people to sign up (just 20!) I can get a free mattress.

I'm sure that by signing up you'll be getting email updates and promos from them, which you can opt out of by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of their emails.

Anywho, I'd really love it if you'd do this for me. I'm not one for making requests like these, but I figured this one was simple and easy enough. Thank you!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Kick in the Pants

Stake conference is this weekend. I attended stake conference 6 months ago with a 4 week old, or something like that, and thought, "Why am I here?" I spent a quarter of the time sitting in a cramped mothers' room, feeling self conscious because I wasn't (still am not) completely comfortable with breastfeeding baby. Then I spent the remainder of the meeting walking around, trying to get said baby to sleep because she would just cry if I wasn't standing up and moving. I only heard the opening song, the first 2 minutes of the first talk and then the closing comments. I'm sure most people hanging out with little ones have felt this way at one point, or at most times, in church.

As stake conference approached this last month, I thought to myself, "Should I go?" I had convinced myself not to go, that I was going to have the same experience this time, except with a louder and less-likely-to-go-to-sleep baby, when I got a text from a former coworker:

Hey, can I come to church with you this week?

Guess I'm going to stake conference!

This same friend came with me to church exactly a year ago....which means she has only experienced stake conference with the Mormons. Maybe she'll want to come with me during a normal week sometime. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Look Before You Pin

What is up with pins that lead to nowhere?

I'll be honest, I've jumped on board the Pinterest train a little late in the game, so I may not be using the website properly to start out with.

I used to pin all those lovely looking meals and divine desserts, with good intentions to return to the recipe to make the food, but very little follow-through. The last month or so I've started trying to use some of those recipes to have a little more fun and diversity in the kitchen. However, it's a little confusing to click on a recipe for "Best Stir-Fry Honey Barbecue Chicken in Dr. Pepper Sauce" and be led to a website selling hats for small children. What gives?

As a side note, if anyone actually finds a recipe for that title I made up, let me know.  I'd be interested.

I've now begun testing the websites to a pin before I re-pin. And guess what? A good portion of the time, the website doesn't show what the pin advertised exactly, and sometimes it isn't even remotely related!

For example, I just saw someone's pin displaying a beautiful picture of some crafty piece of sewing work, with the caption "love the decor for burp cloths".  The photograph was advertising some pretty intricate and involved sewing, so out of curiosity I clicked on the link.  While I'm all for cute burp cloths, you're not going to see me putting 5 different layers of lace and buttons and some stitching on a BURP cloth that a baby is going to barf all over.

Luckily the website redeemed itself.  The link led to a photo upload on flickr of a tea towel someone was selling or had just made for their home.

Seriously, people, check the websites before you pin!

Also, maybe I should go clean my house and get off Pinterest.

Actually, the longer I look at the picture of the towel, maybe I SHOULD make a burp cloth with that same pattern. It's so cute!