Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Miss

This little girl is just about as cute as it gets, I've decided.


I'm loving the psycho whites of her eyes while she's sleeping combined with uncontrolled grins and coos.  I love it when her eyes are open and she's just checking out her space.  I love it when she is more content to be held while she sleeps (though I don't love that at night).  She loves to hear singing, her dad's voice, and when her hair gets washed after an annoying bath.

I can't wait to see what/who she looks like as she gets older, and yet I don't want her to grow even one more inch.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Star Spangled Spectacular

Lots happening this weekend.  The 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner's penning is tomorrow, September 14.  Baltimore has lots of old ships (mostly replicas) in the harbor this weekend for free tours, Fort McHenry has lots of events going on, the Blue Angels are performing today and tomorrow, and there will of course be fireworks tonight and tomorrow.

With the NFL Ravens game on Thursday night, an Orioles game last night, and all the festivities this weekend, Baltimore is expecting about a million visitors this weekend.

Also, President Obama came to Baltimore yesterday to see everything.  Luckily for everybody trying to get home from work and go to the baseball game, they closed down half the major freeways for the motorcade.  That was a fun commute home last night.

I am super bummed that I am not going to go hang out with all the festivities today.  Caleb is working all day, and I am too nervous that something might happen and I might need to get to the hospital or even just to a bathroom, and will be stuck in all the crowds and not be able to get out.  It would be fun to find a way to view the air show or the fireworks tonight though.

Either way, I think it is so cool that we get to be here where all this history occurred.

Also, this guy's enthusiasm is awesome.  I couldn't find the whole interview that I saw on TV with Ranger Vince, but trust me, this guy just can't seem to handle this weekend:


(Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed the video.)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Conversation

Today I followed my doctor's instructions and went in after having a headache that wouldn't go away.  If you know me, you know that that is perfectly normal.  But for other people it's not, and better safe than sorry so I went in to the labor and delivery unit to get checked out to rule out preeclampsia and other fun stuff.

{everything is fine}

The whole time I was there I only heard about 1 other patient, and saw none.  REALLY busy up there.

The last person who came in after all the other fun tests had already been done was The Midwife.

"Ok, so you've got a headache.  And it looks like you have a history of headaches?  What do you do to manage those when you're not pregnant?"

"Well, nothing really.  Sometimes Excedrin.  I've had them most of my life."

"Ok, so how long has this been a problem?  Who have you been seeing for them?"

"Since I was 9.  And I haven't been seeing anyone for them.  I got a prescription for Imitrex once 2 years ago, but it doesn't work for me and that doctor decided nothing else was necessary at that time."

"Ok, so what do you do since then to manage them?"

"So, nothing."

"And are you seeing someone for managing them?"

"No.  I don't do anything about them."

"And what are you doing to manage them?"

At this point I'm thinking...um, can I switch hospitals?

I arrived at the hospital at 12:30 and hadn't eaten lunch.  I had left work early and gone straight there.  I hadn't realized how extensive their evaluation would be, and by the time the midwife was in there it was after 3 PM.

My favorite part was that after all the tests and her thorough 'analysis' of my situation, she decided that I was having a headache because I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and because my iron count was slightly low (which is normal for me).  Since I knew that I was fine and baby was fine, I just nodded my head and agreed as she told me about the importance of eating regularly, thinking all the while, please don't be here when I actually have to give birth....

Fun, fun times.

For those of you who get regular headaches and migraines like myself, don't you love it when people who've never had a headache in their life try to tell you what's causing yours?