Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Pickles

I've always liked pickles.  A lot.  I go through phases where I like dill better than bread and butter, or chips versus spears, etc, but I have always liked them.

It was my first solid food.  Grandma and grandpa decided to try it out on me while my parents were out.  Nice people.


When you're pregnant, everyone assumes you are craving pickles.

At work:

"Hey, I'm ordering Jimmy John's today, anyone want anything?"

"No, I'm good, brought a lunch."

"Okay, I'll get you a pickle though, on me."



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Which is the Most Fun?

a.  92 degrees F

b.  92 degrees F and no air conditioning at home

c.  92 degrees F, no air conditioning at home and no air conditioning in the car (got it fixed only 3 weeks ago)

d.  92 degrees F, no air conditioning at home, no air conditioning in the car, and carrying an extra person with me

e.  a pony

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emergency Preparedness

I had just finished a lovely bowl of macaroni and cheese this afternoon when I heard a loud "HONK!", screeching, and the inevitable thud of car against car.

Caleb and I both went to the window and looked out at the scene.  A young-ish girl had run a stop sign and the car who had the right of way had plowed into her.

Well, it's entirely possible that she didn't run the stop sign and couldn't see.  There are no rules about parking up to the intersections here.  It's really hard to see to cross busy streets.  Anyway.

The guy who hit her was so angry, he was pounding the steering wheel and screaming.  We kept watching, my phone in my hand, to make sure no one killed each other and one of them called the police.  They both got out of the intersection and the girl got out of her car and called the police (I assume).

Within 2 minutes, 2 patrol cars, 1 ambulance, and 1 fire truck had made it safely to the scene.  A herd of men in light blue was taking pictures of the inside and outside of the car who had had the right-of-way (nothing was harmed that I could see), as a teenager (or really old lady, I have great eyes) was put on a stretcher and wheeled off.  Probably had whiplash.  No one in that car seemed concerned about him.  The car of the girl who had had the stop sign was pretty mutilated on one side, but no one seemed to be paying attention to her (I get it, technically she caused the accident)

I'm pretty sure that driver was milking everything he could out of the other girl's insurance costs.  Classy.

On another note, isn't it great to know that if you were ever in a minor car accident you could have half of Baltimore's emergency response team at your side in minutes?  Whether you needed it or not?

I should add that 2-3 weeks ago the neighbors across the street had a house fire.  Within minutes of recognizing the burning smell wafting through our windows, there were 6 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, and probably 4-6 police cars, with the whole block shut down.  They never even had to use the fire hydrant to put it out.


I am so stinking frustrated.  Remember when I said that someone stole our bank account information?  More than 2 weeks ago.  We still don't have new cards.  I'm grateful it happened when it did, because we were flying to Utah and able to take cash out of our account then.  However, I wasn't anticipating it taking so long to get fixed.  We're running out of options people!

I had to cancel plans to go to the temple last night because I knew I couldn't put gas in my car to get home, or pay the rental fee for a pregnant-lady dress.  We were planning on doing something fun, outside of Baltimore each Saturday that Caleb had off work this summer, but we can't this week for fear of using up too much gas, and we have no food that can be transported for a lunch (all we have really are a couple Costco frozen pizzas, chips and salsa, and noodles and works for making different sauces).  Haven't been able to go grocery shopping in 3 weeks.  On Monday, we were planning on finally taking care of a cosmetic car problem from when someone drove alongside our car this winter, but if the cards don't come today we won't be able to make that happen (paying the mechanic + rental car for a week).  We were going to look at yard sales this weekend for a small dresser to put all the nice gifts of clothing we received for the baby last week, but no, that won't be happening either.

I know, wah wah, first world problems.  It's given me a miniscule glimpse into the lives of people who really have no money.  It's frustrating, though, because we DO have some money.  But I can't access it!  At all!  No ATM access, no credit card access, no debit access, nada.  Caleb set up an account at a Baltimore credit union on Thursday with his first check, but they wouldn't let him take any money out of it (said the first deposit had to remain in the account for 30 days).  Hopefully though, for the future, it will prevent something like this happening again.

I'm really hoping the new cards come in the mail today, but when I called again yesterday, they said it could take as long as next Wednesday.  We will be in real trouble then.

All because someone didn't want to pay for their own meal at McDonald's in California 2 weeks ago, and thought it would be a good idea to use my money instead.