Monday, April 28, 2014


The world's most coveted institution of higher medical education is in this city's boundaries, yet I would feel uneasy sending my child to any school here.

People save for years and spend days/weeks getting to visit our nation's capitol, just 45 minutes away, and there are people right in my neighborhood who have lived here their whole lives and never seen it.

Our old landlord stopped by last week to deliver some mail that had not been forwarded, and commented "Man, you guys really moved to a rougher neighborhood, didn't you? Don't you feel unsafe?" Yet my health is so much safer here than before.

A bunch of people got food poisoning earlier this month at the Food Safety Convention at the convention center downtown.

My upstairs neighbor religiously does her chanting multiple times a day, but when it's finally over we're either treated to deafening bass music or domestic unrest.

It seems that every time I get motivated to clean or sew or finish projects, I get a crippling migraine.

I always have great ideas for blog posts during the day at work and while I'm driving home, but when I open up my laptop I can't remember a thing.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Springtime Temple Trip

Blossoms are all the craze here.

Really.  There's a festival to celebrate and everything.  Traffic becomes more terrible than usual, as everyone from within 10 hours rushes to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

We decided to skirt around all that (this year) and go see the temple instead today.

Turns out there are no cherry blossom trees planted there.

Oh well.

It was pretty anyway.

And I know it looks like a cherry blossom tree.  But it wasn't.  And there weren't that many of them.  There.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Day in Three Sentences

1. My insurance is getting switched for a lesser more expensive plan due to the ACA with 3 weeks notice.

2.  A young boy thought it would be fun to hit my car with a steel bat when I dropped his neighbor off after the young women activity.

3.  I had a popsicle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick, Input Please!

Tonight at our young women activity, I am in charge of giving a mini-lesson.  We have a lot of young women (all but 2 sisters) who never come to church.  They are more than willing to come to the activities on Wednesday (free rides, free food sometimes, and a place to hang out), but will not show up for church on Sunday for anything.

Last week we got all the girls to collaborate on why they won't come to church.  I'm supposed to take this list, and each week give a small lesson on overcoming that challenge to help them come to church.  I'm not really an optimistic person anymore given my experiences in young women the last three months, but I've still got to try and give a go at it.

This week I'm going to talk about staying up too late.  If they go to bed earlier on Saturday night, they can't have the excuse of being too tired to come to church.  These girls mostly come from homes where their parents couldn't care less about how late they stay up.  There are no rules enforced in most homes; their parents do not come to church either.  These girls are having conversations on their phones until all hours of the night, or out partying with friends.  I can imagine both of these activities are filled with immoral and inappropriate conduct as well.  I mean, I hope they're not, but I've been around all these girls long enough to have somewhat of an idea of how they conduct themselves.

Do you guys have any ideas?  I've got some floating around in my head, but wanted to open up the floor.  I'll take any help I can get.  It needs to be gospel centered, but realistic to the goal of trying to help them go to bed earlier.  Most of these girls couldn't tell you who Nephi is, don't have a clue what articles of faith or prophets are, and probably don't know why we are even asking them to come to church.  So we need to get a good mix of real-life advice and gospel principles that they won't hear elsewhere (since they're not coming to church).

Thank you very much.