Friday, January 25, 2013

Running Through My Head

Oh hey there.  I'm hoping to post something a little more interesting than usual, but I'll probably fail.  I've noticed my visitors have gone down here; that's probably my fault for lack of posting.

My mom flew in to spend some time at doctors' offices and hospitals.  Everyone's fine, no worries.  The time was well spent shopping and running around.  Kait and I did manage to coax her into seeing Les Miserables with us last Friday.  She didn't like it as much as we did!

It's cold here.

Caleb's been flying his helicopter everywhere.

In a less-than-flattering picture, here's me wearing the cute scarf and hat set that my mother-in-law asked one of her coworkers to make for me.  I've made it one of my New Year's goals to wear scarves and hats more often since not a year goes by that someone gives me a really cute set of gloves or a scarf or hat.  Also, not a year goes by that I fail to wear any of these cute things.  Trust me, I have them, I just forget.  Maybe if I wear them in public more often people will believe me and not pity me and feel like they have to give them to me.  However, if you wish to give me cute clothes, feel free to continue.  My stash will grow and I will not complain.  In case of apocalypse in a cold atmosphere I will be the go-to girl for sensible yet very fashionable clothing.  I just don't want to give false advertisement that I don't own some warm clothing.

Because that is just dishonest.

Caleb also had a birthday last week.  So we partied it up.

There was no shortage of women around, what a lucky guy.

He's old!  ish.

Yes that is in fact Costco fudge-y cake.

The weirdest thing was that my brother-in-law Slade also had a birthday.  On the same day as Caleb.  How coincidental!

The boys got to decide where the family went to lunner at last Saturday, and they picked Firehouse Pizza here in Logan.  They wanted to order the 36-inch pizza.  It had to be put on a separate table.  Yep.  Pizza and bacon for toppings.  What could be better?

We went over to my brother and sister-in-law's house for cake and ice cream afterward.  The dogs partied with us again.

Also, an announcement - Caleb was accepted to the University of Minnesota at Duluth!  Very excited for him!  This does not mean that this is where we will be going, however.  He also has an interview in Baltimore in two weeks, and we're hoping to hear from the University of Utah within the next week.  We will know by the end of March (hopefully) where we will be moving.

Did you know that the highest average monthly temperature in Duluth is 75 degrees?  And that their record low is at -37 F?

Orlando sounds really nice right now.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Goals in Review

Looking back on my list of goals for 2012, I was able to complete 8 of the 27.

What a fail!

Well, I guess I can't consider it too much of a failure when I consider that not on the list, but accomplished, were things like "move", "get married", "go though the temple", and "get 2 jobs and any other work you can pick up".

Among the 8 things accomplished were things such as

Retake Spanish tests-get an A in at least the first two semesters.

Get honor roll for the last semester of college.

Try a new food.

You get the picture.  I also had the same goal of reading three books off my bucket reading list for the year.  I believe I read at least five of them:  All the Pretty Horses, The Joy Luck Club, The Blind Assassin, Frankenstein, and Woman Warrior.  I'm currently reading The Plague, and am almost finished with Anna Karenina; unfortunately, I accidentally gave Kaitlin that book in a bag of things to put in her luggage to take to the Caribbean.  So, that will have to wait until I see her again.

I'm going to have to think over what new things to list up and accomplish in 2013!  I'm sure it will be a busy year.  We are anticipating moving across the country in May or June, and I hope to be able to find a better job when that happens.

To 2013!

What We've Been Up To

Picture catch up time!


The rolls are rising at my in-laws' house!

Decorating the Christmas tree!

The pie-fest:

More decorating of the tree:

My honey went to Minneapolis for a pharmacy school interview and snapped some pictures:

Mall of America in Minneapolis:

Roses were waiting for me at home after work a couple weeks ago:

Caleb's been so nice recently, he's been taking me to work in the morning.

Not only that, but he scrapes and warms up the car for me too!

At the start of the break from school we put together a new puzzle to remember Cache Valley by:

Things are pretty boring here when it's cold outside, so we decided to take a quick drive up the canyon mid-December.

Our Christmas decorations:

The rocket-tree is ready for takeoff.

Driving to my in-laws' for Christmas, through a snowstorm in the canyon:

The fun present of the year was the remote-control helicopter:

Our car hit quite a milestone between Christmas and New Years':



Also, our window (there is only one) has frozen shut.

Outside the apartment:


That latch is not going to work to try to open it!

Caleb spent 1/2 hour this morning melting all that ice with a hair dryer.  Still can't open the window, but at least the ice has been melted and soaked up.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Highly Anticipated Description of What This Girl Does in the Wee Hours of the Morn

I know you've all been waiting.  And you can probably tell that the lack of posting lately was probably because I have put so much thought and effort into this post, so it will be that much more awesome.

This is the account of what I do for a [sort of] living.

With some detail left out, so that I can continue on with this living-earning.

The alarm goes off at 4:00 AM.

Dread fills my bones.

Just kidding - it really is not too hard to get up at that hour.  I just have to be persistent in making sure I get to bed before 9, even though it often means I have to miss out on things - try Christmas Eve family partying? :(  This is the main drawback, although it is not often that I miss out on social things, being the newlywed that I am, and having most of my single friends falsely believing that I have the plague.

I clock in somewhere in the vicinity of 5 AM, and head to the front of the store, where I wait for a manager to let me and my coworker into the dungeon (also known as the accounting office).

After fighting my way through multiple locked doors, I get into a small and somewhat cramped room, where I will hide for the next 9 hours.  I believe it is also used as a refrigerator, as it is usually around 50-55 degrees in there.  We are granted a small space heater near our feet.  I wear gloves with the fingertips cut off.

I count everything and make sure that what I should have in the room is actually in the room.  If it is not, I rip my hair out and try to figure out what happened while I was gone to make the room come up short or long.  After all this is done, I sort through a small portion of bags from registers that were used the business day previous, and take out all coupons, gift cards, cash, checks, etc.

This brings me to my first point.  When people refer to themselves as "coupon clippers", you should make sure they are actually a "coupon clipper" and not a "coupon rip-wherever-they-want-and-dip-it-in-grease-and-have-lunch-on-it-and-give-the-cashier-the-whole-paper-printed-from-the-computer-instead-of-cutting-it-out-nicely-er".  Most people won't refer to themselves as the latter, but it is rare to find someone who actually clips their coupons.  People, someone has to do it.  If you are the one saving money, it is more polite if you do it yourself.  Thank you.

After this is done, I take all these sorted things and enter their quantities into the magical computer software.  Then I add up what is actually in the register and compare it to what should be in the register, and record any major discrepancies.  This is done for the next 1-2 hours, until everything in the store has been sorted and accounted for.  Then I, with my other coworker, prepare everything to be sent off and deposited.  After everything is finalized in the computer and all reports have been sent to be printed, we leave for lunch.

After my meal break, I return to the dungeon.   For the rest of the day I prepare paperwork and reports for management to look over of what happened the day before.  If there are registers that are grossly different then what they should be, I research to find out what happened, and where the stuff that is missing is.  I prepare the room so that business can continue throughout the day after I leave, and make sure that all the change is ready to be used if needed.

All rightey folks, that's it!  Well, not really, but that's all I'm going to write about it.  It seems more boring on paper than it really is.  Like today, for instance, I returned from lunch and thought I was turning off the alarm, when actually I was setting it again because a manager was in the room already.  Imagine his and my surprise when the siren-like alarm started wailing throughout the store!  Or when the paper jammed in the printer this morning while the hundred pages or so were trying to print - whoowhee! that was exciting!  Or when I spilled hot chocolate all over my table and book and lunch in the break room.  Never a dull moment when I'm around.