Saturday, September 29, 2012

Facebook Posting and Other Junk

I like Facebook.  Meaning I like to look at other people's (usually my own friends') Facebook profiles.

I can't ever come up with anything good to post on Facebook myself!  3/4 of the time, it is something complaining.  Let's be honest, no one wants to read any of my complaining posts.

Though I have no problem complaining on here.

Like tonight, for instance.  Since I started my current job almost 2 1/2 years ago, I have not once been able to go to the Relief Society broadcast.  I know that I can read it or even listen to it or watch it later, but there is just something about watching it as it is broadcast, with a bunch of other ladies.

I don't have the energy to fight with my coworkers to try to get an earlier shift.  While I may be willing to trade with them when they're in a tight spot, I've never successfully had anyone try to trade to with me when my schedule conflicted.  So, for the 3rd time, I will not watch the broadcast.  Oh, neither will any of my coworkers, because right now I'm the only religiously-active female.

Now for another fun story:  every once in a while, something exciting will happen at work.  Like, someone will point out to me a customer who just happens to be the cousin of a grand-niece of an apostle.  Or a customer will pile her groceries too tightly on the belt, and a bottle of soda will fall off, resulting in cola-drenched customers over half the front end.

Stuff like that.

Yesterday a guy from the FBI came and wanted to talk to me and my supervisor.  He showed me his badge and everything.

He ended up just wanting to see what I knew about a once-employee who was getting some security clearance during his military training.  It was still pretty cool, though.

Other news of the week:  The husband passed his PCAT on Wednesday with an 82 percentile ranking!  This translates to a much more competitive resume as he applies to pharmacy schools this year!

I also officially registered to take another actuarial exam, Exam P/1, which is all about probability.  Woohoo!  Here come 300 study hours!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to be a Statistician

I pulled these from a statistic jokes web page.  For your enjoyment:

1.  Estimating parameters is easier than dealing with real life.

2.  Statisticians are significant.

3.  I always wanted to learn the entire Greek alphabet.

4.  The probability that a statistician major will get a job is >.9999*

5.  If I flunk out I can always transfer to engineering.

6.  We can legally comment on someone's posterior distribution.

7.  You never have to be right - only close.

8.  We're normal and everyone else is skewed.

9.  The regression line looks better than the unemployment line.

10.  No one knows what the heck we do, so we are always right.

Well there you have it!

*as long as you reside outside of Cache Valley, or any other small, tiny town.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ramblings After a Long Break

I'm sitting here at my aunt and uncle's house to stay with their kiddos for the next few days.  I'm slightly weirded out by the fact that it's only 9:40 and they have all been in bed since about 8:45.

I'm just not used to that.

Hmmmm.  Well I know I haven't updated the blog here for more than a month, but most of you probably keep up with me on Facebook, so I don't really need to "catch anybody up".

I went to stake conference this afternoon with the husband.  Everything was fine and dandy until about 30 seconds in when the first speaker was announced, the first counselor in the stake presidency.  The name was recognized, the face was recognized.  The man is my doctor.

Maybe this wouldn't feel uncomfortable for any other women out there, but it feels quite uncomfortable for me.  Luckily I haven't been that sick lately, but this guy knows (unless he doesn't remember) details about me that I wouldn't always share with my closest friends!

Anyway.  I guess it is highly unlikely that this man will ever even meet with me in a religious setting, since Caleb and I don't plan on living in this same apartment past May.  And I don't plan on meeting with this doctor more than one or two more times before May.

Did I tell you I finally went in to see if something can be done for my migraines?  Yep, I did.  My doctor prescribed me with my first migraine medication ever.  After 13 years, I finally have something stronger than Excedrin to help.

Which brings me to a story.  The doctor told me this medication sometimes makes people feel buzzed, or a little extra jittery.  While in the doctor's office, I developed a headache.  I had to work later in the day though, and knew he had called in the prescription.  So I decided to hold off on treating it (no Coke, no Excedrin) until I went in to work and could pick up the prescription, and then really see how it acted against my headache/migraine.

Well, as you can imagine, by the time I reached work the headache had gotten progressively worse.  I had to wait until my first break (2 hours in) to go to the pharmacy, and by this time I was getting to the "I'm going to die soon" stage.  It was a Friday night, so the line was long, and I waited in line my full 20 minutes.  Once I got to the cashier, I was told that the prescription had never been called in and, "sorry, but you'll have to call your doctor and ask him to call it in again."

Doctor's office was already closed for the weekend.  My despair was very apparent, and I tried to hold back the tears.  I took 2 extra minutes on my break as I ran(probably more like tried to walk in a straight line) and purchased a Diet Coke and grabbed some extra strength generic Excedrin.

It was an exciting night.  No worries, though, I got the prescription on Monday.  After 2 hours of severe muscle stress, it wipes away the headache and makes you think, "Did I really even have a migraine?  I must be insane, I feel great!!"

In other news, I looked up Alex Boye's music again the other night.  His music is so great, and I love his confidence in the message he wants to give.

Also his fashion style.