Saturday, May 26, 2012

On This My 2nd Anniversary

at my place of work, I sit here and ponder

What in the heck am I still doing here?!!!!!

Let the job searching commence.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The last week here has been pretty great.  My parents and I flew from Salt Lake to Santo Domingo on Monday night/Tuesday morning, and Caleb followed suit on Tuesday morning.  We picked him up 12 hours after we left the airport.  Activities for this week have included:

Visiting la Cueva de las Maravillas  (stalactite/mite underground cave here).

Playing at Juan Dolio beach.

Going out to the church camp in Bonao.

Seeing the Avengers.

Going to Kari and Kayli's basketball invitationals, and back and forth at Kari's band competition.

Eating at an oceanside cafe, Adrian Tropical.

Going out to the Colonial Zone, to show Caleb the sights.

A bunch of school girls squealing with excitement when they saw Caleb, and asking for a picture with him.

Attending church in Spanish.

Watching embarrassing childhood videos of me.

Caleb leaves tomorrow morning, and I will get to stay until Thursday.  Woot!