Monday, May 30, 2011

One of Those

Do you ever have those nights?

It started out with me trying to help others, when they were having a hard time.

It ended with me still helping those people, but wanting to go cry in my closet.

It's been a fabulous week and a half.

Really, it has been.  But it's also been really rough emotionally.

All I can really do is laugh at all the situations going on everywhere in my life.

Harty-har. har.

I'm leaving for Boise on Wednesday after work, and good news (!) I found a girl in my ward who is going to share the trip with me.  Woohoo for not driving by myself again! :)

Any thoughts anyone feels like sharing?  I'm plum out.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Because I am still what I like to call 'youthful', I have been asked by some relatives what sorts of fun things I have planned for the summer.  And I would like to inform you that I do have some fun plans for the summer.


That's pretty much my only plan for the summer.  But I'm still pretty stoked.

Actually, when I was thinking about this, I got on my computer and found a document that I started a few months ago, called "Summer Bucket List" that I already started filling out for this summer.  Included in that list are:

  • Oregon
  • Boise
  • Idaho Falls
  • Oquirrh or Draper temple (baptisms)
  • Lagoon
  • Church History Museum
  • At least 4 hikes
  • Hogle Zoo
  • Bear Lake
  • Attending the temple once a month
Looking at this list, I've already finished half of it!  I went to Idaho Falls on Sunday, to the Oquirrh temple last Friday, have hiked around twice already, and now 4 hikes seems like such a tiny number.  I've already got plans to see Boise next week, and once it warms up in, say, August, I'll make it out to Bear Lake.  The only thing I don't think I'll accomplish this summer, unfortunately, is getting out to Oregon.  :(  Gas is too expensive, and I can't take that much time off work consecutively right now.

I'd like to add to this list, though:

  • Shoshone Falls
  • Finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish (I'm almost halfway through Alma!)
  • Smooth out my country dancing skills
  • Figure out the guitar
  • Learn the pedals on the organ
  • Pass 2 Actuarial exams (taking Financial Math on June 15!)
  • Earn the 'promotion' to the service desk at work
  • Make lasagna on my own (thanks Aunt Wendy)
  • Get caught up on my scrapbooking (never-ending project)
  • Visit Jackson Hole, and explore out there
That's all I can think of right now.  

What else do you want to add?  I'm open to all suggestions! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother Had A Secret

My mom secretly has tea parties still with her stuffed animals.

Just kidding.

It's the title of a book you can get at Deseret Book.

I saw it on the shelf at my library randomly, and decided to grab it last week.  It was a really quick read.

No sappy LDS romance stuff; it's a story from the author's life about growing up with her mom who had dissociative identity disorder, or DID.  Her mom had 15 alternate personalities, and it was the family secret that no one wanted to/was allowed to admit to.

I definitely recommend this book - it was not too wordy, got to the point, and I learned a lot.

This book left me wanting to go help others in need.  It made me want to go help any mom with kids, help her out with her dishes, or let her have a night off and watch her kids for her.

So for all of you with libraries with access to LDS literature, check out Mother Had a Secret, by Tiffany Fletcher.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Decide

So this evening, my Aunt Wendy, Uncle Jeff, and their three lovely at-home children were kind enough to let me come for dinner.  We made lasagna (mmm yummy), played Have You Ever, watched the old Saturday's Warrior with Uncles Jeff and Curtis, and they sent me home with 2 delicious cinnamon rolls (both were gone before I made it to my apartment).

On the way home, as I was coming over the hill from Tremonton area into Cache Valley, and while jamming out to Michael McLean, all of a sudden I heard a noise like what I imagine it would sound like if your check engine light went off.  Not that mine ever has, so I don't actually know what that sound is.

It was around 10:15 at night, so it was pretty darn dark.  Also, there was zero traffic for at least a mile.  I quickly slowed down, trying to figure out what that 'dinging' noise was.  I turned down the music, and was going really slow.  I came around a bend, and right in front of me were 2 deer, right in front of my car.

I was going slow enough to completely stop and let the deer move off the road.

I have no idea what the noise was that caused me to slow down and check everything.  I couldn't find anything.

But, I do know that because I slowed down, I didn't hit the deer, possibly damaging or totaling my car and/or injuring myself and/or the animals.

So, that's my cool story of the night.  At least, I thought it was cool.

I should probably still make sure nothing's wrong with my car though.....


It's only 2 weeks into summer, and I already started and ended my first 'fling'.  Well it started before the summer.  And I didn't really start or end it. I just participated, and it was nice.  It was a good experience.  And since I'm not all torn up, it's probably a good thing it ended.  I think he feels the same way.

Ok, I'm a little sad.  Who wouldn't be?

But after talking with said guy, I came back to my apartment where a coworker was waiting, watching a show, after work.  She didn't want to be with her roommates, and I was tired of being alone at my apartment (my roommates never come home).

After the movie was over, I got to listen to her talk about all her life problems.  Though I definitely won't go into detail, the topics varied from childhood abuse to current family crises to potentially terminal illnesses she's currently dealing with.

What I learned is I have nothing to complain about.

And my family rocks.

The End.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay, help!

I'm playing my violin at my great-grandmother's care facility on Thursday (THIS WEEK) and I'm playing for EVERYONE who wants to come there.

I'm terrified out of my mind.

My first solo stunt!  And I haven't practiced/played in years!

Grandma called me tonight while I was out with friends, to tell me that all the ladies she lives with have requested any Lawrence Welk tunes to be played.

This might have been helpful had I ever watched Lawrence Welk in my life.

Please help!

Anyone have any suggestions for quick and easy tunes to pick out that will be recognizable to all these old folks?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Non-Sharing Time

I have a story that I will not completely share here for a while.  Maybe a year.  Maybe less.  Maybe more.

Just picture the most awkward thing of your life happening (and it's your fault), then driving home with the lyrics,

"Bring back that loving feeling...Now it's gone, gone gone"

playing in the car, and silence.

Multiply the awkward/sad/stupid feeling you just had by a thousand.


I am such an idiot sometimes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

How You Know You're Comfortable with Your Neighbors

I walked past a guy's apartment this morning, on my way to the storage closet to put something away.

As I walked past the window of my friend Chase, I heard an extremely loud burp let go.

I yelled,  "Nice!"

The window opened, and Chase yelled back,  "Just for you!"


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Start

I think I've had a fabulous start to summer.

Since my last class/final finished on Friday:

1.  I have had Cafe Rio twice (both times I've been treated, can't complain there!).

2.  I got a super clean apartment.  Carpets got cleaned too!

3.  I worked a shift at Wally's.

4.  I got to see my cousin baptized.

5.  I got to see my paternal grandparents, and great-grandma as well.

6.  I got some delicious food with my family.

7.  I got to read the BoM for an extended amount of time, more than normal when I'm stressed with school.

8.  I had a wonderful time at church.

9.  I took a Sunday nap.

10.  Lemon bars!

11.  I played games until 11 at night with a bunch of people in my ward on Sunday.  I laughed more than I have in months.  Didn't hurt that I went with a cute boy either.

12.  In the first real morning of summer I worked out, showered, got my hair cut, and did laundry all before noon.  Great feeling.

13.  I got to spend time with friends and a great guy I like.

And summer break's only been in for 3 days!

I have a fabulous feeling.  :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today was...

My first sunburn of the season.

My first two finals of finals week.

My first time getting up at 3 in the morning to study.

My first time (in years) going to bed before 9 o'clock.  (Yesterday)

My first time taking someone else to Olive Garden.  (No, not a boy.  Roommate birthday dinner!)

The school year is just about done.  The summer is coming...more free time and more sunshine.

Here's hoping to a lot more firsts in the next few months!