Saturday, February 26, 2011


I don't like going a long time without blogging, but I don't know what to write about!

In searching for blog posting ideas, a common idea I came across was posting about a personal experience.  Well I don't know what to do with that!

So I started thinking - one of my institute teachers is a friend on Facebook, and he leads tours through Church history sites and through Israel every summer.  That got me thinking, about how I'd like to go on his trip to Israel next year, say for a graduation thing or something.  Yeah, I can dream, right?

So my personal experience I will share is when my family went to the Church history sites.  It was the summer of 2007, almost 4 years ago, and it was a 17 day road trip.  In a Suburban.  17 days.  Suburban. 17. Suburban.  7 People.  17 days.  Suburban.  Hotels.  Sandwiches.  17 days.  Suburban.

Well you get the idea.

All of these pictures are from my camera, I think.  Which was my camera from before I graduated, which is not as nice as the one I have now.  Just saying.

We drove across the country.

We saw road signs and visited places.

We visited other church's temples.  But they're not sure what to do with it.

We walked around a lot.

We were silly.

We saw other temples as we drove down the freeway.  Don't know where this is at.  Louisville?

We saw other cool stuff.

We went to our nation's capital.

We were angry.

Pretty pictures were taken.

We even took some black and white photos at classic spots.

Then we drove some more, up to Vermont.

And we saw the birthplace of Joseph Smith.

And Hill Cumorah.

And the Kirtland Temple.  We stayed longer, but my camera died.

We went to Nauvoo too.

We were hard working pioneers.

We were silly and had fun.

We were happy.

We were mad.

We had our noses squished up against windows.

We played jump rope in the parking lot of the visitors' center at Nauvoo.

And clearly, my camera must have died because I don't have any more pictures.  But I took a TON of pictures that I won't post on here any more of.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your short journey through our LONG trip across America, almost 4 years ago, so it's possible things don't really look like that anymore, what with construction and other things you can't help like that.

Good night.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Ok, actually, I forgot my camera on my desk when I left on Sunday, so there are no pictures.


I worked.


I worked again.


Okay here's the juicy stuff.

I played the organ.

I drove to Sandy.

I saw my great-Grandma.  Who doesn't actually look like this picture.

Then I went to my aunt and uncle's house, had a fabulous dinner and dessert.

Then we played Ticket To Ride.  I whooped them.  I whooped them good.

In the morning I had an interview for Girl Scout camp.  No decisions made yet.

When I got back, my aunt and uncle took me out to lunch, and then we went to my favorite place in the whole world:  Costco.  Don't ask.

Then I went on a date with my friend, down to Provo, for an open mic night.  We had dinner at his house with his family, then drove down.  It was fun, not something I normally do.  NO KARAOKE.  Just in case you were thinking that's what 'open mic' is.  It's just a place where anyone who wants to sing and play music can show up and do just that.

Then I drove home.

The end.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something Must Be in the Water

I don't know where all my newfound confidence has come from lately.  I went on a date last week, and invited the guy over for dinner the next day.  No phone call all week, one short chat on Facebook though.  I think I really like this guy, but I don't get what's going on.  I also had him for dinner tonight, and went to a fireside tonight with him in a big group.  I think it's his turn to ask me to do something if he wants to.

I found another next door neighbor up on campus this week who had asked me out for the exact same night last week (seriously, my mom suggested maybe I'm wearing bacon perfume now or something), and asked him if he wanted to do something this weekend instead.  We went out for a Jamba Juice for about an hour yesterday before I had to work is all, but it was fun.

A guy from high school recently returned from a mission and came to my place of work twice last week asking for my phone number.  I called him today and invited him to dinner.  He couldn't come, of course, as he was out of town.

I also called up my 'childhood' friend today and will be doing something with him next Monday, after I spend some time with my aunt and uncle in Sandy!  Woohoo!

So, something must be in the water, because I have NO idea what is going on up here in Logan.

I went to the annual Joseph Smith lecture/fireside tonight.  Elder Ballard came and spoke; it was in the USU Spectrum.  It was really great; I loved it, and the choir was amazing.  He spoke less of Joseph Smith tonight, and more of his family history, that the Smiths had 'believing blood.'  Did you know that Elder Ballard is the great-great grandson of Hyrum Smith?

Anyway, fabulous Sunday.  :)


My mom and dad sent me beautiful flowers!


Megan and me in the early hours of the morning after she got off work, doing more wedding talk.

Less than 3 weeks until my best friend gets married in the Logan temple!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just In Case You Were Wondering....

For those who were agonizing over that puzzler previously posted, I found an answer!

I went to class and asked for help from some classmates; they had just gone over half the homework in the study session the night before (I was at work)!  One nice guy showed me all the formulas, showed the methods of how to get there, etc.

I wrote down a couple key points, but didn't work the problem through.

BAD mistake.  For some reason, functions are being overloaded in my calculator and other nonsense, but I can't get it to compute it.

Just know that it IS attainable to walk that whole road, but you probably wouldn't live to see that day.  In fact, the whole universe would probably be gone and dead and shriveled up and you still wouldn't have reached it.

Now you all can sleep tonight.

P.S.  This professor is driving me crazy.  He spent 10 minutes today talking on the benefits of having real-life light sabers (gardening capabilities, law enforcement, etc.).  He then challenged us to make him one, but to quickly turn it over to him, as he is 'a trained Jedi'.

Is he for real?  I'm paying almost $3000 to go to school here!

A New Question

Somebody please help me!

I'm working on homework for a calculus analysis class.  Here is one problem I am having a very difficult time with even seeing how it is possible:

You begin walking on a rubber road which can be infinitely stretched and starts out being one mile in length.  After each step you take, the road stretches uniformly so that it is one mile longer than it was before (you keep your relative position on the road).  Assume there are 2000 steps to a mile and that you are walking at the pace of two steps per second.  Show that you will reach the end of this masochistic road and approximate the time in years it will take you to do it.

Am I the only one who immediately sees that there is no possible end to this road?  I know that I have to formulate some sort of Taylor series, but really, just looking at it, I don't see how that is even theoretically possible.  For every step you take, the road increases 1999 more steps.  It's always going to be ahead of you, no matter what.

I'm asking advice because sometimes I get so wrapped up in a problem that I forget that it's simple.  So simple it's hard, you know?

So, at first glance, can anyone see an easy way to the end of the theoretical road?

P.S.  Yes, the professor makes up his own homework problems, and of course, there is no textbook for this class.  It's genius, really.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have an odd question that I don't know the answer to.

In my spin class, there are a lot of girls who wear the work-out tank tops.  I am envious.  They look a lot more comfortable than my hanging-all-over-me T-shirt that keeps flying all over me when I'm hovering over the bike and I have to pull it back down all the time.

I know plenty of LDS girls who wear them when working out, but I've never known if this is a 'modest' thing to do.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Tips

Here are some tips for being a customer at your local grocery store.  Some are more obvious than others; however, all are frequent problems.  By following these guidelines, you, your cashier, children, and others in your line are more likely to have a pleasant shopping experience.

1.  20 items or less really means 20 items or less.  In fact, you may choose to interpret it as 15 or even 10 items or less and people would still be happy.  If you have 20 transactions of 5 items each, I'm sorry; this does not count as 20 items or less.  Even if you're in a big group of people.  You may have all your things in one cart, but you just increased my line, figuratively, by 10 people.  Also, more than one WIC check counts as more than 20 items.

2.  It is not appropriate to walk up to me at the 20 items or less checkout and say, "I think I have more than 20 items.  Can I still come?"  As an employee, I am rarely going to tell you no.  But trust me, the appropriate answer is no.  Please don't come through a 20 items or less checkout lane with more than 20 items unless the cashier tells you to come over to his/her line.  Which does happen occasionally, and when it happens, it's okay.

3.  While your children are really cute, please don't let them spin the bagging carousel.  They can get hurt really easily, and then I feel bad.  Also, if lines are long, then I can't bag your items as quickly, and people get annoyed.  And then I get feeling overwhelmed.

4.  Don't swear at the register around me.  It's just not polite.

5.  Don't flirt with me if you're a guy and have a wedding ring on.  That's awkward.

6.  Bring your ID with you if you plan on buying cold medicine, cough syrup, rated R movies, cigarettes, 5 hour energy, or alcohol.  It's the law.

7.  Don't try to return your old, year and a half old TV in a brand new box and claim you bought it this morning.  Then I have to get the manager and the asset protection guys and get you out of the store.

8.  Don't steal duster/cleaner, go in the bathroom, and then inhale it until you pass out.  Then we have to call the police, and the paramedics come.  It makes for an exciting night, but not something anyone really wanted.

9.  Don't challenge my integrity.  Do not tell me to stop scanning items until you finish putting all your items up on the belt so that you can watch me to make sure I don't add things on.  Then, after I actually wait for you (I don't know why I give in), you don't even watch.  You talk on your phone, or stare off at nothing.  Believe it or not, this happens around once a week.  It just makes me really angry.

10.  If you have a lot of groceries, or kids that are old enough to help with the groceries, once all your items are on the belt, please don't just stand and watch me.  Take your bags off the carousel.  I am doing 3 jobs when I have to scan, bag, and put them in your cart.  I am capable of doing it, to be sure, but the 5 people in line behind you don't like having to wait much longer than they have to.  Also, after you realize I am putting all your stuff in your cart and asking you questions about where you'd like it and where I can place certain items, please take this as your cue to help me, not to just keep watching me.

11.  Please, when returning clothing you don't like, or think is weird, don't tell me to 'stick my hand in the pocket to feel the weird thing'.  Trust me, I am NOT going to put my hand in clothing that you are returning, even after you insist a few more times, for my own safety.  And I will tell you that.  This is creepy.

12.  Be honest with price matches.

13.  You are not going to get a thing of $25 makeup for $2.  Unless you have legitimate coupons or price matches.  Don't expect me to believe that the price tag is that low.  I even went and checked.  It's not that low.

14.  Calling me pet names is weird.  I don't know you.

15.  I don't know everything about the store, or everything about every item.  You're more than welcome to ask, and I might have the answer, just please don't expect me to absolutely know the answer right off the back about when the next shipment of canned generic asparagus will get it.  I really don't know; there are more than a million different items in stock.

16.  I already work here; please don't make it worse.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tonight, with Kendra, I threw a bridal shower for my roommate Megan.  It was a lot of fun, and we had a really good turnout at our apartment.  Megan's future sisters-in-law even made the trip up from West Point, an hour and a half away from here.

Towards the end of the bridal shower, a sister-in-law said something really hurtful to me.  She looked me in the eye, and without having anything to do with the present conversation, said, "You're like the mom of the apartment, huh.  You totally are!"  She said it with a provoking tone, looking me in the eye to see how I reacted, and I just tried to laugh and smiled and said, "Yeah, people say that sometimes."  I tried to keep smiling and laughing about it, but kept leaning more towards crying.  She then apologized, and I hated that she knew she had gotten to me.  I hate girl emotions and that girls are so catty and that we can affect each other this way.  Don't worry; I didn't embarrass myself by crying or saying anything rude.

But I'm so tired of people saying that to me.  I need to change.  I need to not be seen as the apartment mom.  Everyone always says it to me in a condescending tone.  I try not to be bossy, and I really hope I'm not, but everyone always still says I'm the apartment mom.  I feel like I'm always the one to go to for food, for cooking ingredients, to get things cleaned, for homework help, for cooking on a Sunday, for getting anything taken care of.  Is this ruining my chances of dating?  Am I being seen as the 'mom', instead of one of the girls here?

I don't know how to change this about me without changing who I am, and without changing my standards.

How do I do this?