Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Reminder

I really love the Christmas season, and while I do love having all the extra business that Walmart gets over the holiday season, I get tired of all the commercialism and how much STUFF people buy.  I get tired of the attitude some people have of "I deserve to have this item for as cheap and near-to-free as possible."  I get tired of people being dishonest with me to save a dollar, or of people asking me to overlook policies that govern my position as a cashier at Walmart.  I get tired of parents asking me to hide gifts from their children, and treating me poorly if their child sees it anyway, or acting as if it is my duty to insure that it is properly hidden and that it is completely covered by at least 10 bags.  I get tired of people being rude to me when a price isn't what they want it to be.  If you don't like the product, don't like the price, or don't like the service, then please don't purchase it.  But don't be rude to me at the same time.

As you can see, I've been starting to get really tired of customers lately.  Not everyone, of course, but enough to grind on my nerves.

Yesterday, I got a reminder that there are still good, decent people out there, and of the true meaning of Christmas and of service.

I was ringing up a customers' order, and going to scan big items on the bottom of their cart.  This couple mostly just had huge packs of soda in the bottom of the cart, and they were lifting them up for me to scan.  The people behind them, who didn't understand much English and just had a few groceries, stepped in to help pick things up for them and have me scan them.  I thanked them, and as I was finishing up their order, the couple asked me to ring up the two 20-oz drinks these two women had just picked out of the cooler as well, that they would pay for them.

I agreed, and scanned them in at the end, with their order.  The women, not speaking English, didn't really understand what was going on.  Then the couple told me just to scan all their groceries, that they would get their food for them.  I scanned everything, probably just around $30 all together, and they paid for the bill.

As the receipt was printing out, one of the Hispanic women stepped up to hand me a $20 bill, with a slightly confused expression on her face.  The woman who had paid for their groceries shook her head and said, "No, we would like to get these for you." a couple of times, and still the woman did not understand.  Finally, she just said, "Merry Christmas!"  Then, the woman, understanding and near tears, said with a thick accent, "Oh, thank you!  Thank you!"  She went over and gave this other woman a hug, and kissed her on the cheek in the Hispanic fashion.  Then she took her groceries and left with her sister.

I was near tears as well, but since I was at Walmart, the place that never shuts down, I just had to keep going with the insane lines, and no one else had even seen what had taken place.

I think if every single person helped someone out this Christmas, even just with something little, we could see a difference in the world.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Newly Gained Knowledge

Or, What I Learned This Semester:

  1. Add a teaspoon of bleach to sewage, and you still have sewage.
  2. Add a teaspoon of sewage to a gallon of bleach, and you will have sewage.
  3. Things get awkward when your professor cannot properly pronounce the word "six", and she chooses to use that integer at least 20 times each class.
  4. All credibility a professor may have is lost when I use the brand-spanking-new textbook to do homework, get the problem wrong, get told that the correct answer is completely opposite of my answer, and find out that the professor has said, "Oh, well I don't think that what the book says is right; I don't agree with it, so I changed it."
  5. Sometimes, 6=1, 6+5=4, and 10*8=3.
  6. You should invest in Amazon.
  7. Celery is actually good! (Don't pass out, Mom)
  8. If you want to meet up with a long-lost friend, sign up for Introductory Financial Accounting.
  9. How to make a roast.
  10. How to candy almonds.
  11. Computer science makes really dumb math rules, yet thinks that it is much cooler of a science because of it.
  12. Hot pot is good.
  13. You know a professor really loves Aggie Ice Cream when he uses it in 90% of his economic concept problems.
  14. There may be no such thing as a stupid question, but it seems ALL the severely challenged, normal-appearing people showed up for my ECON class.
  15. All nighters ARE possible, though not pleasant.
  16. Boys are still dumb.
  17. Cafe Rio's still the best.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun in the......Snow

Haven't posted here in a while.  Last weekend after all the snow dropped, we had about 2 1/2 feet of powdery snow on the ground.  On Sunday, after ward prayer, some apartments friends and I ran up the HILL and went sledding for a half hour or so.  After, we all built a huge snow pile underneath the drop-off from my parking lot into a field of grass.  A lot of people jumped off into the pile of powder, and after, everyone came over to my place for hot chocolate.  A fun night for sure!!!  And I was actually able to enjoy it because I (thought I) had no homework or test to study for!!!

Pictures are poor quality, but it was night time, and I, for one, do not claim professionality.

Also, my newest roommate went on a cleaning spree this past weekend.  The last month or so, our apartment has been kind of crazy.  I usually have my laptop and textbooks out in the living room all the time, as do my other two roommates.  Dishes can be found in the sink if the dishwasher needs unloading; sometimes groceries are still in their Walmart sacks on the counter for a couple days.  However; we three are all ok with each other doing this, because we have all understood the mutual insanity everyone at our apartment has in our lives.

There has never been a problem; I have always felt a little bad for our other roommate, but not too badly, because she has never expressed desire to be anywhere in our apartment but her bedroom (even when our apartment was less crazy and more tidy).  So imagine my surprise when on Friday the entire apartment was tidied up.  The ENTIRE apartment.  I found my laptop sitting with some textbooks on top, unplugged and with the cord wrapped around it.  Anything that had been on the counter had been taken off and placed in piles.  Anything with a cord had been unplugged and wrapped around its home.  

My keyboard, which had been tucked away in a corner for the Christmas tree to be able to be put up, had been taken down from the corner, and placed on the floor between the couch and the wall....on top of a heating vent...........Anything leftover was placed in our self-made 'closet', stuffed in there, so that I can no longer access any of my food storage, which was what it was intended for.  During my lunch break at work, I came home and as I left to go back to work, left my drink on the counter.  When I came home, it had been placed inside the fridge, open cup and all.

I wouldn't have minded had she just done her share (which has never happened before this day) and did the dishes and swept or something.  Now I feel like I can't leave a single thing out on the ground for more than 5 minutes or she'll grab it and put it 'away'.  I don't like feeling like I'm stepping on toes in my own apartment!!

Just had to get that out of my system.  If you have good suggestions for how to handle this, keeping in mind that this roommate is extremely shy and quiet and unsocial already, please share!!!  :)

-Tired of Roommates for the Time Being