Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Special

Thinking about Halloween coming up, I have decided on the big day to treat my ward to a little holiday prelude for the organ.

Selections will include:

"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Bach,

"Themes from The Phantom of the Opera",

"Addams Family" theme music,


"Where Can I Turn for Peace?"

I look forward to the break in playing I will receive following this Sunday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Message from Megan's mom Diane:

iPhone apps are the coolest!  Diane actually said that, then the phone took it and changed it and put it in video format.  Pretty sweet stuff.

No Promises

I'm unofficially signing off of the online social world, at least until the end of November, say, Thanksgiving week. My test on November 23 is really freaking me out; I think it will be best for me to focus on that.  That's not saying I won't post on here, cuz if I think of something y'all should hear, you're going to hear it.  But don't count on anything!  I wont' be on Facebook either.

Hasta proximo mes!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Peer Pressure

I have such a desire to make and keep good friends, that sometimes I agree to things that I'm not entirely sure about.  Usually, they're harmless enough, just things I wouldn't normally do.  So positive peer pressure, right?

Today in Sunday School:

Brother Howes:  "Ok, we're having stake conference next week, and we're going to have a stake choir and a ward choir, and we need 10 people from our ward for the stake choir.  Raise your hand, we will write your name down, and by raising your hand, you are committing to be in the choir."

Friend:  Raises hand.  "You should too, Kierstin!"

"No way."

"No really!"


So I went to choir practice an hour after church got out, at 5:30, only to realize I had signed up for stake choir; so, I will be sitting up in those lovely choir seats in the tabernacle on Sunday.  One practice, and BAM I'm singing in the choir and people think I have vocal talent.

I even was invited to Sunday night spaghetti dinner by a bunch of cute guys on the way to my car to go to practice.  And I TURNED THEM DOWN.  For my friend Megan, for choir practice.  What the?!

Peer pressure, people.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Product Review

Ben & Jerry's Flourless Chocolate Cake Ice Cream:

Um, I suggest that you actually know what flourless chocolate cake tastes like before you buy this product.  I didn't.

I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday, and decided I would get a small Ben & Jerry's ice cream; it cost the same as a half gallon, but this way, I wouldn't eat the half gallon.  The flavor looked intriguing, so I decided to purchase it.

It's chocolate ice cream with these really dry pockets in it with what seems to be dry cake mix or something.

It's a very odd texture.  After a while, you get used to it, and it's good.

But why pay $3 for something you have to get used to?

I would much rather have Tillamook ice cream.

And Cafe Rio.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I got a personal e-mail back today from MyCokeRewards, specifically, Deborah.

She thanked me for e-mailing, clarified the rules, and gladly returned the points to my account (see previous posting if you don't know what I'm talking about here).

So woohoo!

In other news:

No call from blind date boy.  I'm not too worried about it.  Es la vida.  Oh, well.

I scored 4th in my class on an FCHD test this week!  Didn't even get an A, but hey - 4th is great!  :)

Yep, that's about it.

Supah exciting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Discussion on Public Bathrooms, Especially of the University Campus Variety

Hello there.

Public restrooms.

Now there's a place we all know and love and want to go to.


But, really, everyone eventually does need to use the bathroom, especially when you're up on campus for 6+ hours a day.

But who knew there were so many different features in each bathroom?  Just because a building is up to date doesn't mean the bathrooms are; conversely, just because a building is looking poorly doesn't mean the bathrooms aren't great.

Let's take a tour of a few buildings' restrooms.

Business Building:  Jon M. Hunstman school of business, the tallest building in the valley, is pretty up to date.  It has elevators, fancy schmancy seating arrangements, a nice big advising office area on the second floor, etc.  But the bathrooms are the worst!  They're old, with pink tile, and just feel uncomfortable.

Not that I'm usually comfortable in public bathrooms.

Engineering Building:  If you're a girl, this is the best place to use the bathroom.  I suggest the second or third floor (least congested with students).  Because the engineering department is not made up of very many women, no one is ever in the ladies room.  You could sit down and study in there if you wanted.  Heck you might even take a nap.

Speaking of naps...

You could take a nap in the 2nd floor central women's restroom of the TSC.  There are 2 couches in the lounge area of the bathroom, right next to some huge mirrors where you could get ready for your day if you so desired.  However, go across the hall and down the stairs, and you will find a bathroom that is so narrow you can't pass a person to get to the stalls.  Someone could die in there and probably not be found until Thanksgiving break.  Someone probably has died in there, it smells so bad.

The Family Life building is an old building with poorly designed rooms and no air conditioning.  However, their bathrooms all have automatic flushing toilets.

I think I'd rather have nicer classrooms.

Old Main has bathrooms hiding in odd places, and they're big and spacious, but dated.

It took me forever to find the bathroom in the Geology building.  All it has is a huge one-stall bathroom; be sure to knock before opening the door!

The Institute has the same kind of bathroom cleanliness you would expect at your local church building.

The Library's bathrooms are gross and not my favorite, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I can't find the bathroom in the HPER building.  I'm sure there's one in there somewhere.......but then, who can find anything in the HPER building?

I think I drink way too many fluids.

I have no idea where this is going......

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I just wanted to let you all know that I just took one of my first real steps to being a for real adult.

I just officially signed up (meaning paid a crap load of money) for the first professional exam (Probability) towards becoming an actuary within the Society of Actuaries.

I personally wonder at times if I am sane.

HELLO lots more studying!

I take the exam in November, around the week of Thanksgiving. Between now and then I've got to review my entire course from Probability last semester. Woohoo!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Parable of the Mexican Grill

Behold, a Mexican grill was brought forth, up out of the dust. And it was good.

And all that came from it was good. And the tostadas and the salads were good. And the burritos and the likewise smothered burritos were also good. And it was beheld throughout all the land that this was a good thing.

But lo, the time came when the Mexican grill was no more. And it was because the oppression of the Mexican grill people that there was no Mexican grill on the land. And because of this oppression, all the secret recipes and spices were also taken from the land.

And it came to pass that this was a dark time for all the people. No one had any Mexican grill. People just had beans.


Yet there were some who still yearned for the Mexican grill in their hearts. These were they who had found the secret places, and taught their children in the ways of the Mexican grill. Yea, even every recipe was learned among these their children.

And it came to pass there were some who sought to destroy the Mexican grill still. They learned the secret combinations of the Mexican grill people, and found their secret places. With guile they entered into the hearts of the Mexican grill peoples.

And it came to pass that the pure recipes of the Mexican grill were lost.

Wherefore, Mexican grills in sheep's clothing began to appear. And they came forth, saying,

Here, here! We have the ancient Mexican grill! and We know the recipes of the lost ones!

But beware of the false Mexican grills in sheep's clothing, for ye shall know them by their tostadas, and by their dressings. Do their dressings bring you joy? Yea, ye may think ye feel joy, but beware of the false Mexican grills.

And it came to pass, that there was one who sought out the true Mexican grill. And when he had found the pure recipes, hidden by one ancient Mexican grill person, he asked whether the true Mexican grill was Costa Vida, or was it Bajio?

And he found it to be true that neither were the ancient Mexican grill of which he had searched out from childhood.

And he reestablished the real Mexican grill. And it was called Cafe Rio, and it was good.

And all that came of it was good. And it slowly expanded through the northwestern United States. And there are some who seek for it still. But no false Mexican Grill may stop the true Cafe Rio from expanding to all states.

And I make an end.

Story of the Week

I went on a really great blind date last night. Hiked up to the Wind Caves, just the two of us, in Logan Canyon in the dark. Had a lot of fun.

I hope he calls me again.


Yes, this made Story of the Week.