Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Consumer Rights! Yeah! (Hi YAH!)

All right, I'll admit something. I use My Coke Rewards. Yes. Well, I figure if I'm going to drink pop, and you can get rewards from it as well, might as well, right? All my roommates and some friends know I use it as well, and always give me their bottle caps on Coke products. From everyone over the last year or so, I had racked up quite a few points, almost 900 (with 3 points per bottle cap, that is quite a bit). Now, I have a huge stash of bottle caps sitting in my desk, waiting for their codes to be put in. Probably around another 100 points. They've been sitting in my desk for probably 95 days, to be exact.

I logged on tonight to check the point balance and purchase a song to download, using a few of my points. I couldn't purchase anything, due to my point balance being zero!!! WHAT?!

I checked, and on September 23, the log said all my points expired due to account inactivity. Meaning I hadn't used my points or put in more points in 90 days.

A little put out, I e-mailed the customer care people of Coke and let them know how I felt about the whole thing. I also requested that they return my earned points to me.

I'm taking an FCHD class this semester, "The Consumer and the Market." We keep talking about rip-offs and fraud, and how basically if you have any problem with a seller, you should fight until you get your way.

My professor would be proud.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Best Weekend Ever! {for Megan}

Friday was a day full of anxiety for Megan, my roommate. The guy she'd been waiting for came home.

I was with her when she 'sent off' her missionary friend she'd been dating for a small amount of time, and was there when she got to talk to him for the first time on Saturday night. We went down to Syracuse late Saturday night after work, to go to his homecoming this afternoon. On the way home, Megan was a little anxious, and went a tad bit too fast, about a mile from her house. Right as she recognized this, a police officer also recognized it. So, we pulled over (congratulations to Megan for providing my first getting pulled over experience in 12+ years), handed over the paperwork, answered questions ("You headed home?" "Actually, just going to visit some family and friends, I live in Logan, going to USU" "Oh, how did they do at tonight's game?" "Um, I don't know; I usually have to work." "Ok, I'll be right back.")

Mentioning you are a student and work undesirable hours and need to visit family late at night apparently scores brownie points, because she was let off with a "Well enjoy your stay, and just slow down a little bit, k?" Best night ever. For her.

We went to Clayton's homecoming today, and she was practically hyperventilating the whole time. I did my best to calm her down, but some of it you just can't prevent. :) She met with all of his family again, and got to talk to him face to face, before we had to race off to get back to work again for her tonight. Best day ever. For her. Megan, in all her anxiety, forgot to introduce me to anyone, so I just stood there smiling while everyone in the family pretended I wasn't there. Except Clayton. He said hi. Probably because he knows I might not be so kind to him when he dates Megan over the next few months if he's not kind to me. :)


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Case of the Dateless Girl

I don't get it. Why not date? Why isn't it cool anymore?

Anyway. Tonight the guys next door hosted an apartment complex barbecue. Bring your own meat, and a salad or dessert to share. So, I decided to make a salad, how yummy. I think it's funny that everyone told me how good it was, when it's so easy to make!

And why is it that it is a lot easier to guarantee a male person's attention when good food is involved? I make a lot more male friends making food for them than any other method. I think I even got a literal pat on the back tonight, thanking me.

So it's Friday night and I, for some weird reason, am not working. I also don't have a date darn it! I am 'hanging out' with a bunch of people from the complex, though, later, to watch Prince of Persia. All guys. What gives?! Maybe before I go I will ask one of them on a date and pretend we're on a date instead of in a big group of friends.

Maybe not.

I did get a text from a girl in my math class, asking me if I wanted to get the usual group together and do homework. Are you kidding? No stinkin way on a Friday night! That is how big of nerds we are, and how sad the dating scene is, that we all actually had the night off with no plans, and only on principle, decided not to study on a Friday night.

What are YOU doing with your Friday night?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advice from Kambrielle

I got some mail today; Kami and Kari wrote me notes!  Kami came up with her own little message, all on her own I am told:


Well then.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Thousand Words

More homework?!

This is mine and Megan's reaction (taken some night last week):

Yeah, I don't think so.

P.S.  Do you love the background?  Those are my new curtains I just made a couple weeks ago!  Well I think they turned out okay.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Easiest Math Problem in the Universe

An excerpt from my textbook, "Applied Mathematics":

3.  The growth rate of an organism is often measured using carbon biomass as the "currency."  The von Bertalanffly growth model is

m' = ax^2 - bx^3,

where m is its biomass, x is some characteristic length of the organism, a is its biomass assimilation rate, and b is its biomass use rate.  Thus, it assimilates nutrients proportional to its area, and it uses nutrients proportional to its volume.  Assume m = px^3 and rewrite the model in terms of the length x.  Determine the dimensions of the constants a, b, and p.  Select time and length scales p/b and a/b, respectively, and reduce the problem to dimensionless form.  If x(0) = 0, find the length x at time t.  Does this seem like a reasonable model?

Answer:  No way Josue.  This does NOT seem like a reasonable model.  Way too confusing.

*next problem*
I think I'm going to do really well in this class!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Ride, Dude!

Tillamook ice cream is now available at WinCo in Salt Lake area!

I may not need to move to Oregon after all!

Life just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week Numero Dos


Okay, just kidding, I won't put you all through another dose of last week's post.  Another long, sleep deprived week, minus the fun of country dancing and birthday partying and Winger's eating.

I got sick darn it all!  Not really sick like you're going to die, just normal sick.  I had a painful spot in my eye for a couple days, and it was swollen, and kept growing.  When I woke up with my eye almost halfway swollen shut, I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  Said doctor said, "WHY DIDN'T YOU COME IN WHEN YOUR EYE STARTED HURTING?!"  I said, "Um, because I didn't really think there was anything wrong!" 

I got a stye in my eye!  Actually, I hear this is pretty common, but for some reason the doc wrote me out a prescription for some antibiotics, and as a result, I don't have to deal with any stye popping in my eyeball and being gross and painful all over.  Nast-ay.  Plus I found out (assuming this doctor was truthfully speaking to me) that a stye is staph germs in your eye.  Cool beans right?  So the antibiotic makes sure that the staph germies die.  And that, my friends, is my defense in why I got an antibiotic for a sore eye.  I'm not some wimpy woo.  Then I got a cool cold and lovely cough, which was so bad I stopped breathing in the middle of Sunday school and had to practically shove some girl out of the way as I ran out the door to start hacking in the middle of the hallway.  A very attractive quality, by the way.

Anyone want to do some accounting homework and studying for me?

Hey thanks.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Downward Slope!!

That's right people, I am on the downward slope, on the way to graduation! Junior year at USU is sure to be a blast. Here's everything from the first week of the semester, complete with first-day-of-school pictures:


First day of classes!  I got up bright and early, at 6 AM, got ready, took Megan to class, then ran to the car place to get my oil changed before my own classes.  I went to Institute, ECON 2010, ACCT 2010, and CS 1400.
 Then I had a one hour break between classes, and went with Megan and Kendra to donate blood in the Aggie vs. Utes Blood Battle, where it is a competition to see which school can get the most units donated over the course of the first week of classes.  The line was too long, though, so I just waited with Megan and Kendra while they donated.

I ran to my last class of the day, MATH 4310, and then ran back home with just enough time to change and make it to work, until 11 that night.

Tuesday:  (I knew you guys wanted a play-by-play of my entire week)  I got up and went to my class, at 9, called "The Consumer and the Market", and spent the next 45 minutes trying to understand what in the world this lady from South Korea was trying to say to me, and miraculously was let out early.  I ran to the student center, only to realize I still wouldn't have quite enough time to donate blood between classes, then walked to my second class of the day, MATH 5410, quite exciting.

I got home, grabbed some lunch, and went to work until 9:30 that night.  Came home, worked on a bit of homework, and made it to bed by 2.  I think.  It gets a little sketchy around there.

Wednesday:  Same as Monday, minus the whole wake up at 6 thing, getting the oil changed, and the donating of blood.  After classes, I ran to piano lessons; when I got home, Megan had already made the cake for Kendra's birthday, and we headed out to Winger's to celebrate the occasion.  Our last roommate had to work, and so was unable to come.  Awesome food.

When we arrived home, we expected our roommate to be home, so we could do Kendra's birthday cake and ice cream, but as she was not home yet, we decided to go to country swing dance night.  After dancing the night away, we got home around 12:30, and of course, our roommate had gone to bed.  So we sang a quiet rendition of "Happy Birthday," and then Albert showed up a half hour later for cake and ice cream as well.

Thursday:  Same as Tuesday.  After classes, I waited in line a couple minutes at the student center, and managed to donate blood.  Woohoo!

I had a few hours after class before work, so I spent some time tidying up my room.  Unsuccessfully.  Worked until 10 pm, then spent a few hours on homework again.  Managed to get to bed before 4, doing homework.  Don't worry guys, I didn't have class 'til 10:30.  So it's all good.

Friday:  Got up with enough time to get to class and check my school e-mail.  Class was canceled for my CS class, due to the professor having a grandbaby born.  So after a couple hours of classes, I was left with a couple hours of break.  So I ran home, and Megan and I colored a coworker's hair.  I got back up to class with 15 minutes to spare, and finished off with classes for the week.

Got home, ran to work (actually, drove), and stayed late til 1.  Some guy called in an order for about 280 helium balloons.  So I stayed an hour late helping some girls get them all blown up. The sweetest part of the whole day was on my meal break from work, with Megan at home, when a guy a few doors down came and asked us is we wanted to play night games.  We couldn't, of course, but it was so nice to be asked and included in something.

Saturday:  Attempted to go on a walk in the morning, just to realize I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tired for that.  Slept a while longer.  Tried to tidy up my room some more before work at 3.  Went to work, worked without any hitch.  It should be noted that the guy who called in the order for the balloons decided he only wanted half of them.  And Walmart, being Walmart, didn't make him pay for the balloons in advance.  So Walmart paid for 5 extra hours of work from 3 cashiers who stayed late, for nothing, and lost money on the helium and balloons lost.  Went home after work, and hung out with a couple friends.

Sunday:  Woke up at a semi-decent hour, showered and got ready with so much time to spare before church.  I managed to play the organ on the spot, and enjoyed all my meetings.  Went to church minus any of my roommates, but sat with my new good friend Alissa from next door.  She's such a sweet girl, just transferred up here from Snow!

After church, Alissa got herself a bowl of cereal to break her fast, and came over and ate cereal with me.  We made some sandwiches to go with it, and then made brownies for later.  I managed to almost finish sewing my curtains for my bedroom.  We watched Nacho Libre, then headed off to ward prayer, where I re-introduced myself to a guy who's lived right underneath me for more than a year.  Felt bad for him to have to realize he had never tried to meet me.

After ward prayer and taking a couple other girls home and meeting and chatting with a girl from China who was just baptized 3 weeks ago, and moved to the USA 5 weeks ago, Alissa and I went back to my apt to have brownies and ice cream with the boys next door.  Had fun chatting with them for a couple hours.  Around midnight, got a text from a girl asking me to find someone to give her a blessing.  So, in the late hours of the night, I went walking around my apt. complex, looking for lights on in guys' apartments.  We were blessed to find a few guys willing to drop what they were doing (hanging out with friends, the night before a holiday) and go with Megan and me to a coworker's house.

And that, my friends, brings me to this blog post.  Thanks for sticking with me to the end.