Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Letter to All Who Park Their Cars by My Window

Dear Summer Tenants:

Please do not blast your music from your car late at night, or any time of day, really, right underneath my open window.  Contrary to popular belief (yours), your car doors are not soundproof.  Turn it down when you come into the parking lot.  There are 12 apartments, 3 mini condos, and at least 3 houses that have some sort of window or wall next to the parking lot. 

Please do not play four-square at 10:30 at night, again, right below my open window.  I realize it is summer time and the majority of people are staying up late; however, that doesn't mean we should throw all common sense and courtesy out the window.  Instead, I was feeling like throwing other stuff out the window (at you).  Also, when playing four-square at night, please refrain from screaming at the top of your lungs the entire time.

One last thing:  If your car sounds like it should be at a drag race, and also sounds like it's not going to make it to the next gas station, please do not run it at insane times of the morning and night.  Wait until a reasonable time of day to run it for 30 minutes straight(again, outside my open window).

You have personally offended me, my friends, my nonexistent dog, and my family all the way back to Adam.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Am a Budding Graphic Artist

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

I got a scrapbooking software for Christmas from my mom, and am just now having time to figure it out.  So, here is my first creation:

Don't you all wish you had a daughter who had as mad of skills with scrapbooking as I do?

This one's for you, Mom.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Let's All Be Mature, Now

Most of you may have noticed I haven't gotten on to rant and complain about my 'special' roommate very much this semester.  I can really only think of one time.  Well, it's because she got a boyfriend.  She's been quite pleasant this semester, for the most part.  As much as one could expect from her, at least.  Things have been going so well, in fact, that a week or two ago it suddenly hit me that I actually liked her.  I realized that while I wouldn't choose to live with her another year, that I could live with her for another year if I absolutely had to.  At Megan's birthday party last Monday, I was having so much fun that I realized I will probably even miss her at times - her silliness. 

You're probably wondering at the title of this post.

Tuesday brought with it a TON of orneriness, and welcomed back the real Lindsey we all knew for the last year and a half before this semester.  General lack of respect and no common courtesy for anyone in the apartment.  She hasn't been flat out rude to anyone this week, but her actions have been such that no one wants to be around her at all.  I told Megan I wanted to leave the apartment and go hide for the week until she checks out tomorrow.

She has never, not once, taken the trash out in this apartment.  Not once!  She'll tie it off and leave it at the front door.  Don't tell me we should leave it there until she takes it out herself, she couldn't care less.  She's left it there for days, and I finally took it out, at the disappointment of one of my roommates, who seems to really want to get in a fight with her.  She doesn't even take out her own bag of trash in her room - she'll walk it out to the kitchen and put it in the kitchen trash!  Talk about laziness.

This week she has been the loudest I've ever heard her - while I and anyone else has been studying for finals, she cranks the volume up on her radio so that I can barely hear myself think - yet when she was studying for her (one) final, I was talking in a normal voice out in the living room, and she stomped over to her door, huffed loudly, and slammed her own door shut.  Five seconds later, her music was blasting again.  In her mind, she probably sees nothing wrong with what she's doing; she is, after all, a princess, right, and the only one who matters in our apartment, right?   Today, the music was loud again, and Kendra has taken to turning up her own radio to drown out Lindsey's.  So I could barely hear myself thinking, double.

I think it would be hilarious if she could watch herself.  Probably pretty sad, too, because she'd realize why she doesn't have many friends.  She thinks it's everyone else's fault that people don't like her.  She's actually let us know this, so I'm not going out on a limb to say that.

I will be so happy when she is gone in approximately 24.5 hours.  Maybe I'll put a countdown clock on my sidebar.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finals Week Recap

Monday:  Differential Equations final.  Felt like I did miserably on it.  Worked a few hours.  Helped with Megan's princess birthday party.  Supervised (from afar) her 'date' with her boy after the party.  Registered for summer classes through SLCC.

Tuesday:  Got ready for work early in the morning, only to feel discouraged about the fact I have nothing else after this jobs ends (which should be at the end of this week), so I spent the morning applying for jobs left and right, and researching all possible positions.  Worked a few hours in the afternoon.  Studied all night for Probability exam in the morning.

Wednesday:  Studied all morning for Probability final, took the final, felt pretty darn good about it (hoping for a B!).  Called in to work, only to be told that "thanks, but we're done with work for now, we'll call you in the fall and your paycheck will be ready in a month."  Got a phone call for an interview for a position at KMart (hey, I'll take what I can get - cross your fingers for me!).  Took a quick nap.  Taught two piano lessons.  Came home, searched out more jobs, and spent the night studying for the Economics final in the morning.  My friend Albert showed up on my porch at 2 AM with a milk shake.  I really have some of the best friends I've ever had in my life this school year!  That got me through to 4 AM, when I couldn't study fiscal policy and aggregate demand any longer.

Thursday:  Studied all morning again, went and took my economics final.  Woohoo for 5 essays.  I just got back, and am now going to try and do laundry and clean!  Cleaning inspection is on Saturday, and as I am usually the only one who cleans at my apartment, this will be interesting.  Wish us luck!  ;)  I'll be going to my job interview in a few hours, and I really hope that goes over well too!

P.S.  I am now officially halfway done with my bachelor's degree, 2 years in.  You may now all run from your computers and feel old. Thank you.  :)