Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Piano Lessons in Your Home!

I have never done this up until this school year, and was kind of scared to do it.  I've taught piano lessons since I was 13, and decided to start up again this last school year, since it both gives me a little more cash, and I enjoy it a lot (most of the time). 

Problem:  I do not own a piano.  I have a keyboard, but it and my apartment are not really ideal for lessons. 

Solution:  KSL classifieds, advertising piano lessons in your home, for what I think is a pretty low price, but high enough that I still make money to hopefully buy some groceries.

The highest point I got this school year was 10 students (the first one quit just last week; I'm pleasantly surprised everyone else has stuck with it to this point).  Even though teaching outside of my own house was a major adjustment, I've decided it might be better, because there are quite a few pros for the student (though not necessarily for me):

1.  Parents don't have to drive their kids to piano (although I do have to spend time and gas getting there, so it takes me longer to have the same amount of students).

2.  Parents don't have to sit in their car or find things to do with their time while they wait for the child to finish at piano.

3.  I think my students are better because they're at home.  This association is not quite as clear, but it hit me on the way home from lessons today.  Most of the time, at least one parent is home while I am teaching lessons (sometimes it's an older sibling, but usually someone responsible for the kid).  This person hears how their child is playing during lessons, and can also hear what I am teaching.  So, this is actually a bonus - if the parents listen close enough, they could be having their own lesson at the same time as their kid (this, of course, would be very dishonest, though - I wonder how many other people I've taught this way... ;) ) 

So if the parents are listening to their kids play, I think they are more likely to listen to their kids practice during the week, and more likely to help their children out during practice.  Now, I'm not saying that parents don't already do this who drop their kids off at piano lessons at the teacher's house.  I'm just saying that for those parents who don't already do this, this might be an easier way for them to see what's going on.

4.  Students stick with lessons longer because of all of these factors combined.  The parents are less likely to get tired of lessons, and the kids will get better, which will mean less frustration for them during practice and lessons.  I've noticed this year that hardly ever do I have to reassign the same songs for my students.  I don't know if this is because I just got a good batch of students, if I'm teaching better, or if I'm just less picky now.  It could be a combination of the three.

What are your thoughts?  I know most of you out there have taken at least for a little bit or had your kids in lessons for at least a little while.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Earlier today my apartment was calm and peaceful.  Out of the blue, Lindsey smirked and started laughing.  I looked up from the kitchen and said, "What?"  She glanced at me, glanced back at what she was reading, and then started laughing again.

She said, "I was rereading through my journal, and I have in here (about a year-year and a half ago) "Today around 12:30 I went to the movie theater with Megan, Jess, and Kierstin.  We saw Bride Wars; it was a really great movie.  Plus Kierstin dumped her popcorn all over the girl in front of her.  I laughed for hours."

Lindsey busts up laughing again.  (Ok, I did too.)

I had actually managed to forget about this moment in my life until she brought it back up again.  The single most embarrassing moment of my life, and of course it happened in slow motion.  We were sitting up at the top of the theater, and all of a sudden the popcorn, which had been sitting on my knee, started going forward.  In my attempts to pull it back, I ended up just juggling it back and forth between my hands, never quite being able to grasp it with my palms, moving it forward more and more until it overturned and landed all over the girl sitting directly in front of me.  Of course, this wasn't even a full theater and it just happened that someone sat directly in front of me.  Luckily the girl laughed (or was trying not to cry; I know I was).  All my friends laughed at me the entire movie (and after), and all the lucky girl's friend laughed at me the entire movie (and probably after).  Most of the time, I don't get embarrassed by things - I usually laugh it off.  But this, this moment will never cease to embarrass me, I don't think. 


Anyone got one of these sorts of embarrassing stories to share?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Debt Road Trip

I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to this stuff, but I don't think my ECON professor would show us something that was unfounded in its data.  I thought this was educational, while entertaining.  I love the part where he tries to make a joke.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Suggestions, Please

I have a month and a half before I turn twenty.  46 more days of being a teenager.  Sorry, Mom.

I want to know what I should before then.  I would like some suggestions of fun but realistic things I should try before I should probably act like a grown up. 

I've donated blood, traveled to another country, been to 44 of the 50 states, donated my hair, dyed someone else's hair, etc.  Haven't been kissed, no boyfriend (these weren't goals, just examples of things most people CAN say they had before 20).  Just stuff like that.

Bungee jumping?  The catapult at Lagoon?  Rock climbing?  Water skiing?  (Might be a little cold for that one...)

So, any suggestions?  What crazy things should I do, that I'll have to beat in the next decade?

Friday, April 16, 2010


These past couple of weeks (well let's be honest, this entire semester too) have been crazy.  Some of the things I've been doing:

All my roommates and I and my friend Bryce donated blood together last week.  It was my first time, so it felt like a monumental thing.  It meant that I am anemia free!

I donated 9 inches of my hair last Thursday to the Pantene Foundation, which makes wigs for women who have cancer.  I love it!

I also dyed my roommate Megan's hair for her - my first time dying hair, and I think it turned out rather lovely!  Of course I let everyone know who walks past her that I was the one who did it.  :)

I have been working at my new job(!), at Creative Communications.  It's a poetry contest company, and I am a typist there.  Basically I sit and type up all the accepted submissions sent in from students in the USA and Canada K-12.  I'm signed up to work 18 hours a week, from 8AM-10AM and from 3PM-5PM every day but Wednesday.  Wednesday afternoons I teach piano to my 10(!) students.  I am extremely grateful for this job, and am searching for another one for the summer. 

I have been finishing up my classes.  I just took 3 tests in the last week, and had 2 time consuming projects for my ECON class as well.  Now there are 2 more weeks of classes, and then finals week!  Ah!  I can't believe I'm almost halfway to my Bachelor's!  Crazy!

My first cousin Courtney got engaged this week, she's going to BYU-I - I didn't even know she was dating another guy!  I also know that some other stuff is going on in our extended Whiting family, but I don't exactly know what - the website has been dead for days, and I don't really understand what is going on.  I guess that's what happens when you live in Logan away from everybody...?

I haven't done laundry in 3 weeks, and I think if I wait one or two more days, the hamper will explode.  I've got a final project to turn in on Monday for my arts class, a performance to attend next Tuesday for the class as well, the apartment to clean, sleep to catch up on, and notes and textbooks to study.

It's a good thing no guys ask me on dates - if they did I wouldn't have time to go out with them anyway!

Also, on a side note, Megan is in love with Justin Bieber.  "3 years isn't that bad!  Especially in the eternal perspective...."  The fact that he's 16 and sounds like a girl doesn't bother her at all.  Kendra pointed out, "Justin Bieber - hey he could sing a duet with himself!"


It's been a while since I've had time to post here - just thought I'd let everyone know I'm alive!  I'll try to post an update on everything tonight, after work (work!), but we'll see if I have time or if I'm conscious.  :)  Keep on keeping on everybody, and love you all!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Night (#2)

I went to a dance performance for an arts class I am taking.  I went with expectations; I hoped sincerely that this would be a good, clean performance, entertaining even.  I even asked my roommate Kendra to come along since she had had to witness a terrible performance with me a week ago and because we both were interested.

I went to a ballroom dance performance.

I stayed for the whole thing.

I went home and felt like I needed to do the cha-cha or something.

But I didn't.  I had homework to do!  I worked on differential equations until one in the morning while Kendra watched Princess and the Frog.  I got stuck on the last problem, finding the determinant of a 4x4 matrix, because that was going to take me an hour to find.

I tried to figure it out.  I fell asleep.

Kendra fell asleep watching the movie.

It was a good movie but a long week, obviously.

The End.