Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Grand Tour

I realize you all have been dying to see my apartment as well. No one in my blogging world here has actually seen it, other than my Utah State friends. So, prepare yourself for something awesome.

First we see the front room/living room/family room/everything room. You can see it comes complete with lovely brown blinds, invisible curtains, healthy plant, matching furniture, and a musical instrument. Someone in a past year had a terrible accident on the stool, unfortunately. Moving on.

When we turn around, we can see the kitchen. We are very gifted interior decorators, as evidenced by the furry spiders taped to the back side of the kitchen cupboards.

Long view of the kitchen. Note the healthy food choices, such as Cheerios, Zero Powerade, etc. Ignore the unhealthy ones like Lays Potato Chips.

Looking up the hallway from Kendra's room; there are 4 bedrooms, and the opening on the left side of the picture leads out to the kitchen and the living room.

A rare glimpse into Megan's bedroom.

Our bathroom, which is directly across the hall from my bedroom. You can see the separate toilet room door through the mirror. Note the elegant shower head sticking out above the shower door, which is encrusted with mold, the stains of which cannot be scrubbed off.

First glance into my bedroom. I was going to wait until I had it clean again, but then I thought, well, that wouldn't really be me then, would it? It is much cleaner right now, however. Maybe an after picture will follow.

My desk.

View from standing on top of my bed, looking back at my closet.

My lovely decorations on 70s wood paneling.

To my sisters: no complaining that you have to share a room with any other sister will be allowed.

The other day, I was telling my mom about how the position my bed was in was awkward or something like that, and she suggested moving it. I said, "Where?" She replied, "Oh, just to the other wall." "What other wall?" Well, Mom, I think you see my point now.

No complaining, I really love my apartment. :) Can't wait until next year! As long as psycho roommate plans on moving out, the rest of us fully plan on staying here as long as we're in school here. Fun apartment complex and block!

College Life

Many of you, at times throughout your day, may ponder the question: What goes on at Kierstin's apartment, exactly? Well, wonder no more.

We study:
Wait...that's facebook.

We clean.

Kendra was in the kitchen watching me on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, and said, "Kierstin, don't we have a mop?"


"Well, why did we buy a mop?"

"I really don't know."

That was the end of the conversation. Now you just got a glimpse into some of our daily communications too. ;)

We eat food.

We wear cute, modest pjs. This makes us really happy, especially when Bryce comes over at 11:30 PM to ask Kierstin for help on his calculus homework.

I also feel the need to point out that while these appear to be leopard print pajamas, they are, in fact, gingerbread men printed on the pants. We can only hope that Bryce realized this as well.

But most importantly, we read our scriptures.

You should all feel enlightened after having a peek into our exciting lives.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


No, I'm not talking about my spin class. Although I did attend that today as well.

I'm talking about playing the violin! Good grief! I am playing in the pit for an opera that one of my friends from Riverton high wrote, and we had our first rehearsal last week. Now, remember, I haven't played violin, other than by myself for a couple minutes here and there, for over 2 years.

So after last week's rehearsal, I had what looked to be a hickey on my collarbone, from holding up the violin. I had forgotten about that. And then - my left arm has been sore all week! From stretching my fingers to play the notes, holding them tightly to the fingerboard, holding them in an awkward position, and trying to use them to vibrato (quite successfully, I might add ;) ).

Then on Friday night Jess asked me if I wanted to go to the practice rooms on campus on Saturday morning to sightread some music - her on the marimba, and me on the violin. We made quite the combination. Look for us in your town next month - Marimba and Violin: the Unlikely Duet. While messing around then, I realized how sore my arm was.

Fast forward to today, where we had another rehearsal for the opera. Holy Hannah! My arm was so much more sore today, and then from using my right arm to bow for 2 1/2 hours, my shoulder and back started to ache. Then add on a headache with a neck ache from clenching my jaw while holding up my violin and just from the cacophony of all the music being played in general.

So let's review: spin class for 45 minutes, sweat falling off my face, come home and shower - fine.

Play the violin for 2 1/2 hours - hurt like crazy and have an awesome headache.

Lesson: obviously I'm having more pain with the violin, so it MUST be more gain. I think I'll skip out on gym class and just start playing music. Eh?

By the way, the opera is called "The Wolf and the Seven Kids." The composer is my friend Shane M., he is a musical genius. This is his first opera, and he is graduating from USU with a bachelor of arts with an opera major next semester, if all goes as planned. He will also be serving a mission after next semester (again, if things run smoothly). He is also 18 years old. So if you just happen to be in Logan the last week of January 2010, feel free to stop by and watch his opera be performed. He just might become famous, and how cool will it be to be able to say you watched/participated in his first opera?

Gotta run!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

I have a story to share.

Today, in USU 1300, "U.S. Institutions," Professor Lewis announced that his colleague, the head of the History department had an announcement and everyone needed to listen. The head of the history department was at the front of the room and very shortly told everyone to take a seat as quickly as possible. Megan and I usually sit at the back so as to get a seat and to be able to leave the classroom quickly to get to our next classes on the other end of campus. I turned, curious as to why this man was being so serious.

"It has been brought to my attention that there has been some cheating going on within this classroom on tests."

Now he had everyone's attention; I rarely hear about cheating, and when I do, it is always taken care of outside the classroom, if it is even 'taken care of.'

"If you haven't already received it, in your mail today you should receive a letter from the school. In this letter is some more of the information I will be telling you today. After your last test, a student came to my office and let me know that there had been some cheating. He gave me a name, and it has now become clear that there is a class conspiracy going on. I have a list of 52 students from this class who are a part of this. They know who they are, as they should have already received the letter in the mail."

My eyebrows raised about 3 inches when he said the number 52. I only ever hear about 1 or 2 students cheating, not a class cooperating together to cheat! I was suddenly thankful for my C test score, as I couldn't possibly be suspected of cheating.

"Because this is so widespread, we are taking legal action, and in the document we have sent out to you is a date and time when you will have to come to a review. You will tell us what you were doing during this exam, if you know anyone who was cheating, and the names of anyone who was cheating. You will also sign an affidavit, then take an oath that you did not participate in any of this cheating. You will have to come to this review; if you don't there will be legal consequences.

"If you are found to be a part of the cheating conspiracy, you will receive an F for this class. You will be expelled from this institution. You will have a permanent mark on your academic record, and your names will all be published in newspapers across the state. We want to make clear that we do not tolerate this crime, and it is a crime; it is the highest crime on an academic level. You may get legal representation if you wish; in fact, I would recommend it. Questions?"

At this point our professor, Dr. Lewis, cut in. "Do you really think it's necessary to do this? I mean, you said it's 50 of the class, not the entire class! This is really unnecessary to do during class time, involving everyone. They don't all need to go up to this review; this is ridiculous!"

The department head said, "Dr. Lewis, this needs to stop. You are also under review; the way you run this classroom is half the reason for this discussion."

At this point, my eyebrows got all furrowed, and I was thinking, "What in the world is going on here? This is so unprofessional!" He then opened it up for questions:

"How many students are in this class?"

"Ah, let me look at this, it says there are 127 students in this class, and I have the names on this list of 47 who were part of the conspiracy."

"What if we can't make the time scheduled for us?"

"Uh, you will."

"Why is Dr. Lewis a part of this? If there is cheating going on, how exactly is he involved in this and why is it being brought up right now? What is going on here?"

"Miss, the tone you are taking is entirely inappropriate here. That is not a topic which will be discussed today. Anymore questions? Ok, I apologize for what is happening here, and hope that it will not happen again."

Dr. Lewis walked up to the front and center of the classroom again, "Ladies and gentlemen, I realize that what is happening is extremely uncomfortable, as most of you are not involved with this at all. I hope that we can continue with class for the remainder of our time in a normal fashion. Today, we will be discussing what happened during the 2nd Red Scare, and how many people were targeted unfairly for being associated with anything communist, or even if they weren't associated with anything communistic at all."

Insert groan from the entire class. Then applause. I didn't really applaud, I just sort of sat there and was thinking, "What the heck?! This guy is crazy." That was the best that I have been gotten in quite a while.

My Laugh of the Week

Thought this clip was hilarious. Lo siento mis Dominicanitas, Uds. no pueden ver. :( There are also 2 other Penelope clips that you can find on Hulu from the show's page. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So USU basically won another football game today. This year we have increased our # of games won by 200%. Amazing, huh? We usually only win 1 game a season; last year we won one as well, I believe. So this season, so far we have won 3 games! Woohoo!! Looks like hiring the new coach was a good move. Next week: BSU. I would throw some trash talk out there or something, but we already won 3 games this season, so I'm not going to push our luck. :)

I also went to a bridal shower today; my first one for a friend, without my mom. The bride lives downstairs and one door down; I've had a couple classes with her up here and went to high school with her for one year. I rode down to Clearfield with her 3 roommates, and made some good friends. I have now been given official 'permission' to knock and walk into their apartment. Probably going to take them up on that soon here. I also now have 2 Spanish speaking buddies: Monique from downstairs and Travis from next door. Going to join their conversations to try and practice my Spanish some more before I go down to the DOmonicana again!. At the shower, I gave what was probably the lamest gift: a Christmas tablecloth. Oh, well, that's ok. :) I'm glad I went; only 10 people (including myself) showed up for the shower. It was a little odd and awkward, but we had fun anyway. The classic toilet paper wedding dress was quite intricate what with Monique and I making the skirt. We almost made a huge butt bow, but later decided against it.

Here's to a new week - hope everyone's goes well!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fort Hood Shooting

Last week, as many of you know, there was a shooting at Fort Hood, killing several men and women. One of the men killed, Aaron Nemelka, was from West Jordan, UT. A girl in one of my previous wards, Kristin, was dating him, and they may have been planning to get married.

I haven't been great friends with Kristin, ever, but I know that prayers would be appreciated for both her and Aaron's family. Today was the viewing, and tomorrow is his funeral. Flags have been lowered to half staff all over. I can't go to Kristin and try to help; I know she has already been bombarded with people trying to talk to her. But I know we can pray for her and Aaron's family.

Thanks to all those serving in the military; let's honor this soldier's service.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Did It!

Ok, this will be the most 'bragadocious' post (as my uncle calls it) I have ever done, I believe.

Yesterday (Monday) ended a 6 week weight loss program I took on. I wanted to post just what sort of stuff I lost. Maybe some of the numbers aren't needed, but hey - I figure if my aunts post their birth stories, I can at least post how many inches I lost.

Weight lost: 19.0 lbs

Inches off:

Chest: 2.75

Waistline: 2.5

Abs: 5.75

Hips: 2.0

Thighs: 1.75

To celebrate our accomplishments and for sticking out the entire 6 weeks, today my roommate and I went out for Chinese. And Carl's Jr. Yes, I realize it kind of defeats the purpose of it all. But, tomorrow we're starting another shorter round 2 of this program, and also participating in my family's The Biggest Loser, which I will undoubtedly win. Bring it on!!!

You may all now tell me I look fabulous. :) Because I feel fabulous.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4th

Today. Whew! Ups and downs, it feels like today has been as long as a week.

At midnight I was just getting home from studying at Jeremy's apt. 3 doors down for our Stat 3000 test today. I also stayed over there for a while to just study and get away from our apt. here. Fun stuff, I tell you, fun stuff. I went to bed around 1:30.

Wake up 7:30, go back to sleep until 8:00. Get up at 8, wander around, study, get ready, and leave for classes at 8:10. Hike up the Hill of Doom. Get through calculus, study for stats, get my history test back (got one point better than the last test, a 77....really? What more can I do?), go to linear algebra, get my test back (32 points. 32. Really. 32. With the 10 point 'bonus' (since the professor told us there's no way anyone could have figured out the last problem), it was a 42. I'm going to put everything I have into the final - the professor says if there is clear and awesome improvement, he doesn't care about the grades.), go to Stat and take a test that took every second to finish.

Walk back from classes, see that I have a message from the mechanic I dropped my car off with the day before to call him back. Get home, call the mechanic, get told that nothing is wrong with my car, but that he can show me some things to help the car pass inspection if I get there in the next half hour (he lives 20 minutes from my apt.), sprint to my next door neighbor's to ask Richard if he could drive me out there to pick up my car.

Get in the car and Richard drives me out to Wellsville; luckily his own car did not break down; I seriously feared his car might not make it all the way there. Boyd (the mechanic) comes out to show me where the parts under the hood need to be cleaned, all the while speaking to Richard. I think this is a guy thing - it's my car, I'm the one who talked to him on the phone, I'm the one who dropped it off and arranged everything, and yet he only talked to Richard about the car even though he had no idea who he even was.....pretended I wasn't there half the time....sigh...p.s. Richard is only a neighbor/friend. K?

Get back in my car and drive back to Logan. Grab some paper towels and start to head down to my car. Stopped by another neighbor, Bryce, as he asks me what I'm doing. I say, "I have no idea; I'm just trying to fix and clean some stuff with my car." He follows me down and attempts to be all macho and pop open the hood, but I had to step in and open it, as he couldn't quite figure it out. He then examined everything and laughed at some stuff and then would say something like "Whoa you have a >insert really fancy word
After finishing with my car, Bryce invites me to go get 15-cent wings at a local restaurant with a group of friends. So I go grab my car again and meet them over there. My first time eating at a bar. Hmmm....except everyone had a water and a plate full of wings. Pretty good wings. When I go to pay, he is kind enough to cover myself and another neighbor he had invited. Nice. 'Course, they were 15 cents..... :)

Run to piano lessons and teach some kids some music for an hour. When I walk into their piano area, I look down and see a pigeon in a box staring at me. I'm surprised I didn't jump or gasp or anything. The pigeon was just sitting in the box, chilling there. The girl who I teach walks by and says "Oh he has a swollen eye, so we're taking care of him." She also then proceeded to let me know that she hadn't been able to trick-or-treat for very long this year because she and her entire family came down with the swine flu the day after our last lesson and were just now getting over it. Lovely.

Run back from piano lessons, and see how disgusting my entire apartment is. It really is sick. Megan and I try to clean, but Megan is working all the time, and when she's not working, she's doing homework, and when she's not doing that, she's asleep. So I'm basically the only one right now who cleans here. I gotta be honest, it had been a few weeks since the bathroom was cleaned, maybe a month. It was DISGUSTING. My sink that Megan and I share was pretty clean, but the other sink was growing a yellow ring around it; needless to say, things were looking pretty bad. So I clean in our apartment from 7:30 until about 9:30. Clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, clean out the vacuum, set up the vacuum, vacuum, clean out the vacuum again, vacuum, clean it out one more time.
In the meantime, I make chocolate chip mint brownies. As soon as I finish them, I text Bryce to let him know to come over, I run to take the trash out, I stop at the Jess's apartment and grab Jeremy and the 3 LBGs (for future reference, this stands for Little Blonde Girls) to come get some brownies, call out to my 2 roommates who were at home, and run to the apartment next door to give Richard some brownies for taking me to Wellsville. Richard isn't home, so his roommate Travis comes over instead. The brownies are half-devoured, and when Jeremy and the LBGs come over, they tell me that I am going country swing-dancing.
K. roommate Kendra has invited me to go country swing-dancing almost every week since this semester started and I have turned her down every time. Mostly because it lasts until 1 in the morning every Monday and Wednesday night. Different person asks me to go, I think you get the idea why I went this time. :) So I go country swing-dancing. SO fun. Jeremy taught me a bunch of the basic moves and a couple guys asked me to dance and then someone tried to do this fancy thing where I swing out and then come back in and flip around and jump and land on their knee and then all of a sudden they throw you back out on the floor. Yeah, pretty fancy. One of the LBGs 'does NOT like Jeremy,' but doesn't realize the effect she has on boys, and doesn't realize that she is leading him on with the way she acts. Now, I'm dancing there having a really fun time with him, and she comes over and he stops dancing right at the end of that song and spends half the night with her. Does it ever stop? Or do guys really always pay attention to the little blonde girls that don't actually reciprocate any of the same feelings? I also saw a guy there who I'm trying to avoid. Nice guy, but I just really don't like him. Sad stuff.

I leave country dancing with the group at about 12:15, and come home to register for classes. The only problem with registering, is that if I fail Linear Algebra, I can't take any of the math classes I have scheduled for next semester. Well, it turns out that that isn't so big of a problem anyway. The one class, MATH 2280 (Differential Equations, the complement to linear algebra, MATH 2270) is already completely full. Only 40 slots for the entire class. Then I register for the rest of my classes. I try to register for English, only to find out that because I haven't taken some computer tests, I can't register for that class. I knew that I have to take and pass the tests, I just hadn't been informed that it had to be done before you could even register for the class. So right now I have 9 credits, where I'm supposed to have 15. I don't really know what to do about it. And now I am typing here at almost 2:00 in the morning, thinking this has really been one of the longest days ever. I just noticed that I'm kind of hungry, and realized that other than a small taste of a brownie and a couple wings, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. Probably not a good idea.

Negative things: C+ on History test, Double F on linear algebra test, Statistics test, nasty apartment, possibly exposed to the swine flu, almost got broken down on the freeway on the way to Sardine Canyon, saw a stalker at the dance, got the guy I was trying to have fun with stolen away, couldn't register for classes, and Hill of Doom.

Positive things: Studying at Jeremy's, getting stats test over with, getting my car back, having a job teaching piano lessons to get a couple extra bucks, getting to go have wings, not paying for my wings, having really great neighbors who just come and talk to me or are willing to spend an hour helping me out to get my car back, having Jess who was willing to skip class for me so I could get to piano if I didn't have my car back, now I have a clean apartment, making mint chocolate chip brownies, getting to spend a lot of time dancing with Jeremy, getting to know some of the basics of country dancing, having fun with friends.

So this is probably one of the longest posts I've made. Congratulations if you made it to the end, and thanks for letting me ramble!