Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lessons from the Roommate(s)

My roommates are just so kind! They have been helping me learn how to do some really important things!

1. I can now focus and tune things out so much better! Thanks to one of my roommates who blasts her iPod on speaker while she and I are both in the bathroom getting ready, while I have my own earphones in my ear and on the lowest setting, I have learned to tune out her music so that I can kind of hear my own!

2. I have learned to resist temptations a lot better! I just love that she helps me resist temptation! I started a plan for some weight loss yesterday with another roommate, and all of our roommates have known about it for more than a week. Yesterday morning, one of our roommates chose to put out some cookies and granola bars that she hasn't eaten in a month that she decided yesterday morning, of course, that she doesn't want anymore, and said with a huge smile on her face "You guys can have any if you want - it's a free-for-all!"

I just have the best roommate! I should make her a thank-you note or something. :)

(Don't you wish you could come take my place here? - Too bad!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lawrence Welk Show

Love this clip from SNL. I don't ever watch it (don't even have regular TV anyway) but when everyone on the block loves this clip, it eventually makes its way over to you. Hope you can watch it over in the DR!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pipe through the Car

Um. I'm just glad my friends are both ok. Here's the story. They are both my friends; his sister, who lives in Arkansas and just got married as well, texted me about 5 minutes ago with a picture to let me know what happened. Yuck. They're both fine, by the way. He's just going to have a lovely scar, I'm sure!

Too Young?

Hi all.

This post is about dating.

I am sick of it.

Actually, I'm sick of the lack of dating. And I'm only 19! It has been more than 5 months since I was last asked out. And the guy acted semi-creepy the whole time. Anyway, my friend(s) - yes this includes you, Katie - want me to go to the homecoming dance with them this Thursday. The announcement insists that you don't need a date, and it is a casual dance. When has it ever been required that you have a date to go to a dance? Not very often. Yet, you know that there will be very few people there without a date, and very few people who won't be dressed up. That's just the tradition of Homecoming. Dress nice, get a date.

I don't want to go. My friends insist it'll be fun! I know it probably will be. It just irritates me that I have to go to a date dance by myself in the first place. It is on the principle that it is a date dance that I do not want to go.

I just counted them up, and I have been asked out 8 times since I turned 16. And 1 of them was by a stalker, to the prom, and I had to turn him down, because, really, who thinks it's safe to go on a date where lots of cash is probably involved, a stalker is involved, and his scary friends are also involved? Another date stood me up. Another time, I was a last resort date. The guy was very verbal about the fact that he couldn't find a date, then some guy leans over and whispers quite loudly "Hey, ask Kierstin - no one ever asks her out." High school just has so many fond memories for me.

So, let's be honest. Including the last resort date, I have been on 6 dates in my life where the guy asked me. I've dated though; I've asked guys out multiple times, and I'm not afraid to do it either. I'm just tired of it. If someone wants to date me, is it wrong of me to expect the guy to ask me out? I don't really want to end up with someone who wasn't willing to put forth the effort to ask me out. Yeah, I see the hypocrisy in what I just said, that I'm not willing to ask him out. But, I'm pretty sure that most of it is the guy's responsibility? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway. I am frustrated with the whole dating scene, and I think I'm way too young to be irritated in this way! What do you think?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks to all those who Went!

Thanks to everyone who went and participated! I was unable to go, but it looks like there were a ton of people! Great job everyone! - Race honors Riverton student

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Couldn't help noticing the difference in conversations in my roommates' rooms this evening. Actually, I couldn't help hearing the conversations alone. I would not define it as eavesdropping when your roommate's yelling is her normal voice.

*Roommate who shall not be named*: "This RETARD in class, oh my gosh, he was so dumb, and I'm just like, why the *expletive* are you here?!"

*Roommate who wasn't yelling, I just heard a few words here and there because of the thinness of the walls*: "Hey Mom, since I'm coming home for a little bit this weekend, would you like me to stop at the cheese factory for some root beer milk for you or anything? Is there anything you need from there that I can get you?"

*Roommate who shall not be named*: "And then I see these IDIOTS in my class every day and they are just so stupid! So I just turned and glared at them like 5 times during class. I'm like why do most of these stupid people even bother coming to college? They all act like RETARDS!"

*Roommate who spoke much more softly*: >muffled words, spoken kindly and softly<

All this as I'm sitting there eating my super creative meal of toast and eggs. Then *Roommate who speaks kindly* walked out of her room and gave me a nice smile and walked towards the bathroom.

*Roommate who shall not be named*: "I KNOW!!! FLIP!! He's so STUPID!"

I then walked into my room and opened up my blog, because it was just too funny to me. Laugh, or else get really irritated.

This *Roommate who shall not be named* regularly tells us to turn down the TV or to 'keep it down out there please'. She is seriously the loudest person I have met in this life. These sort of conversations are overheard daily...she talks to her parents for about 2 hours every night. It might also be noted that she is majoring in elementary education, with a minor in Special Education. For some reason, I just can't picture her working with mentally challenged children for longer than 5 minutes. Huh, can't figure out why...

Maybe I'll invest in earplugs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found the songs :)

Right after the first prayer and right after Sister Dalton closes.

Elaine S. Dalton | | September 13, 2009 | BYU Broadcasting

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

CES Fireside 9/13

Tonight I got the chance to go to the monthly CES broadcast from BYU at the Marriott Center. This month Sister Elaine S. Dalton was speaking, and she spoke on virtue, and eliminating the distractions in our lives. I swear she said "return to virtue" at least 30 times in her talk.

Last year, about this same time, I went to an IWA Saturday morning fireside, and Sister Susan W. Tanner was speaking. I don't remember what her talk was about (probably should've taken notes), but I do remember that I had come quite early with 2 of my roommates, and since we couldn't find our IWA group of girls, we just decided to go sit in the gym and wait. While we were sitting there, semi-close to the front, Sister Tanner came up and talked to us, shook our hands, asked us how we were doing. It was really cool.

Tonight, I was in the Logan Institute Choir that was invited up to sing for the broadcast. We sang "Marvel at the Miracle" and "Come, Come Ye Saints". The author of the first song (don't know his name), as well as Janice Kapp Perry, who wrote the music, were there that night to hear their song performed. The man who wrote the lyrics is in his 3rd bout of cancer, and came up and spoke to the choir a few moments before the broadcast started, talking about how this song really meant a lot to him, and he felt it was 'his' song.

Sister Dalton also came up and spoke with the choir before anyone else came into the Marriott Center, and our choir director had all the women stand up and recite the Young Women Theme. She laughed when all of us stumbled on the "and Virtue" part, and told us that it 'showed our age'. I guess I am old now....She talked to us all about how grateful she was that we had come up, and it was a really neat experience to have her speak to all of us.

For the actual performance, we had around 870 members in our choir singing, and we were told that this was the largest choir to ever perform in the Marriott Center for a CES Broadcast, and probably ever. So, it was a cool experience, and I hope we get invited back again next year!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks for the flowers!

Thanks for the flowers Mom! Here's what they looked like! :)

9/11 Disappearing?

Yesterday, I spoke about normal 9/11 stuff with a couple other friends, mostly just roommates, as I walked to class or saw them after classes. I noticed while I was in class though, that not one single teacher (of my 5 classes in a row) even mentioned the fact that it was September 11th, a day to remember. I didn't hear about or find a single place where they were having a moment of silence to show respect. I looked on MSN's website, and saw just a couple small links to small news stories, no cover stories on the day at all. Have you ever been to Google's website on a holiday or important day? They always dress up their logo to match the day. One day it was the birthday of the man who created Curious George, so they put little monkeys all over their logo. Yesterday? Nothing. Now, I don't have TV hooked up here, so I don't know if there were very many news stories about remembering 9/11 or paying tribute to the survivors and those who were killed. I'm assuming not.

The one news story I saw about 9/11 showed a picture of the Obamas looking on, standing with their hands over their hearts, and it was showing them visiting the memorials, I think.

What's happening? It's only been 8 years. This is not something to be forgotten. I was onlly 11 years old when it happened, but I can still remember most of that day, where I was when I found out, etc. It left a mark on me, as it did anyone who knows it happened, I'm sure. It change the world; we're still dealing with the consequences of that day; things have certainly not been resolved, and I doubt they will be for quite a while. Heck, it's been 68 years this year since the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, and every year I hear at least one person mention Pearl Harbor. The direction of history changed when Pearl Harbor was bombed. The US entered the war. I would definitely say the direction of history changed when the USA was attacked by terrorists.

What was your experience with people remembering yesterday? Did you have a similar one, or was mine unique? I hope that my experience was not like most others.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spin Class

I really enjoy my spinning class that I'm taking through USU this semester. It's a 1-credit class; if you show up every day and work, you get a P, if you miss too many classes, you get an F. Pretty simple.

What I like about our spin instructor is he's just a normal guy - not a professor or anything; he's a police officer, actually, and does bike races on the side. It's really refreshing that he's LDS as well. I don't have to worry about him swearing or making inappropriate comments, which is what happens with a good portion of my other professors in class. Not really with any math professors....they generally are so obssessed with the beauty of the math that they can't even concentrate on the students....anyway......When the girls in the back start talking, he screams to the back "It's not Relief Society time!!!!!" His favorite phrases are "Speed up!" and "Add some!!!!" (resistance).

After the first class, my roommate Megan and I thought we were going to die. I haven't taken a gym class since my sophomore year of high school, and haven't really worked out at all since then either. We were sore everywhere! Neither one of us wanted to go to the next class that Thursday, but in the end decided to stick it out and at least try to go through with the class. I haven't hurt since then. I mean, it's been hard and tough during the workout, but I'm not sore hardly at all, and I work just as hard and sweat just as much as anyone else in the class (except the boys. The boys are REALLY sweaty. It grosses me out.).

Our instructor loves to make sure that we are treating the spinning class as though we are on a real bike. He has rules for holding onto the handles; we can't do anything unless we use our left hand to do it - our right hand always has to be touching the handlebars. He also likes to simulate what a real race course might be. He'll look out at us (there are about 20-25 in the class) and smile, and say "Hey guys!!! I think there's a hill coming up! You better add some!! This hill will probably last about 10 minutes!" Or, he'll say something like "Oh crap! We've got sand coming up! Add a TON!!!! NOW! And - man this sucks! - we ran into mud! Add all the resistance to the bike!!!" By this time you're lucky to keep the pedals moving at all, and then he tells you, "Darn it all, we stopped - our bikes got stuck!!!!" So you stop, thinking you're about to get a rest, when he says "Well we better get these bikes moving again!!!" And then a groan goes through the class.

Whenever someone walks by our room, since it has glass windows around it, especially when the aerobics classes walk by, with all the girls looking all cutesy, he smiles and makes us all scream and hoot and holler and make it look like we're all sweating a ton. He'll blast the music, and then yell "Who loves this class?!!! Who likes spinning?!!!" And then we all shout and everyone walking by is horrified. Every class ends with the song "Lose Yourself", by Eminem. Helps make us push those last 5 minutes all we can. Side note - tried to find a clean version of this song, hope it is ok.

So, I really like this class, and may consider taking it another semester. Our instructor says if we take it again, by the end of next semester, we may be ready for small races. Tomorrow, he is going to go do a 206-mile race, and says he sure hopes he'll be ready for class on Tuesday again - crazy. I don't know that I would take it that far, but I do really like this class.

Take a spinning class!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

La Dominicana, Aug 2009

A little snippet of things from the Dominican Republic. I didn't get many great pictures, since most of these were taken while the car was moving and the windows were rolled up. Hopefully I'll get some better ones when I go for Christmas!

A Pedestrian crossing sign. Pretty scary.

Kambrielle, with her Merengue drink.

A guy hanging out of the gwagwa, the city bus, who calls people in from the street, and a street vendor seeing if anyone on the bus wants to buy what he has.

El Museo del Jamon ~ The Museum of Ham
Inside Columbus' house - Kayli

Looking out from Columbus' house.
Peeling a mango - they're huge!
The coastline/highway.
Kari was upset that the caves were closed for the day.
Driving to the resort.

Una frutera
Overlooking the resort from our room.

Punta Cana, and the resort Barcelo

Kami and Mom went on the catamaran first at the resort. Kami got scared so they came back halfway through. When Kari and I went out, it took us out probably at least a quarter of a mile out into the ocean.
Kami loved the flowers and liked making necklaces out of them.

It's gonna rain!

Banana trees!
Just your basic carniceria ~ meat market.

Coconuts - street vendors
Here's their apartment - they live on the 9th floor, out of 26 (?).
At La Sirena, Kari and Kayli holding avacados.
In the colonial zone, or Haitian market
At the Aquarium Nacional, these were some of the turtles.
Here's an iguana, just chillin at the aquarium, not part of any exhibit.
Banana tree outside the aquarium.
Walls, etc, from Columbus' time.
The Skim Ice guy! He goes around selling popsicles similar to Otter Pops, but with real fruit flavors, in the street. 5 pesos each!
A fan palm tree - so many different types of palms. This one's my favorite.
Emma Munive, Kayli, and Mom in the Munive's kitchen, where Emma made some flautas for my last night there.

Viva la Dominicana!

Hasta proximo tiempo,


Monday, September 7, 2009


Ok, this one may be sort of a weird post, maybe a downer. But I don't want it to sound negative. I'm really just thinking about it.

Last night, while talking with my friends, the topic went to our summer jobs, and I said how my summer had been a bit odd, not having any friends my age. I mean, I didn't meet a single person that I ever saw again this summer who was within 10 years of myself. Another friend cut in after I said I didn't have many peers this summer and told everyone "I didn't have any friends at all this summer either; it sucked!"

My question is, why do we always have to one-up whatever anyone says or make them feel like what they did was really not that big of a deal? I am not offended or anything by what she said, I'm really just curious as to why we do this? And I do it too! I wanted to respond to her comment and qualify my own; I wanted to tell her that while she may not have spent time with any of her friends, she did in fact, most likely have friends where she spent her summer, because she grew up most of her life there, while I didn't even have a foundation to start on for meeting people. I didn't, though, and that's what got me started thinking about this.

So why do we do this? I may say "Man I am tired this morning; I only got 5 hours of sleep!" Then someone else might say "You think you're tired?! I only got 3 hours of sleep and I had to go to the gym this morning!!" Who cares? Yes, that person is most likely going to be more tired than I am, but does that mean that I am not tired as well? This is what I don't understand. And, like I said, I know that I do it too. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't do it.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free Song Download!

Amazon is doing a free song download since they got a million followers on their Twitter account. I don't know when it ends, so if you want to do it, do it quick! I grabbed On the Radio, by Regina Spektor. I heard about it on Guess it pays to waste time on the Internet sometimes. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tempting Chocolate

Eventually I'll get a post up of my pics from the Dominican Republic - but if you can't wait, they were posted on my facebook profile 5 days or so ago. I just have time for a quickie.

So I have been trying to avoid the snack aisle in WalMart so far this school year - I figure since I'm starting out with a (what should have been) empty pantry, it will be good if I just don't buy treats, so I have not as much to tempt. I say 'should have been empty' because I got a TON of food from our storage in North Salt Lake - as in a full pantry (2 shelves woohoo...), 5 stacking buckets in my room full of cans, food in my desk, and 2 more cases of cans in a corner in the living room. As in 3+ cases of chili. I am NEVER going to get a date. :)


I broke down and bought a box of Wheat Thins yesterday, and.....Pepperidge Farm Geneva cookies.

These are my favorite! They are already gone today....which is probably why I shouldn't buy snacks! Yummy cookie with sweet dark chocolate, and pecan pieces on top...mmm....

Why couldn't cookies and ice cream and sweets taste like vegetables and vice versa?!!