Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today was my last day of work at the DI! For those who don't know (probably all, surprisingly, with the way I complain), the DI had a HUGE miscommunication with budget from headquarters, and all of us in business partnerships were pulled back to work at DI. This happened 2 weeks ago, and I have worked at the DI since, while working at the employment center on Tuesday and Thursday. It is NOT the easiest thing to do, working in a warehouse one day, with a quota to fill and all about quantity, and then the next day to be relaxing, working in a slow paced office, where everything is about meeting people and networking, and is more about quality and talking about things than quantity and getting a ton done. Whew! But it was fun!

A couple Saturdays ago, I went outside and realized that we had a ton of flowers all in bloom, just around the house. So, I grabbed the camera and decided to practice:

As I was leaving after taking pictures to go to the post office, I came across this little guy.

I told him, "You better get out, you know. Grandpa's not going to be very happy."
I'm worried that I'm talking to the animals, too.
The cat obviously listened to me very well.

Two Sundays ago, we drove up to Mt. Hood, through Government Camp, and up to the lodge. I looked around the lodge, since I hadn't been there since I was 8, and that was fun - we looked at the pool, the lodge, and walked up to the 'glacier', as my grandma calls it. We walked up to the snow. Woot! With temperatures in the 100s, 110s this week (record breaking! and sweat breaking!), I can now appreciate the fact that I have snow just an hour away from my house here at any given day of the year. Year-round skiing and boarding, in fact.

When I got up this morning, I saw that the lilies were all in bloom, and it looked perfect with the sun still rising. The only problem? Why was I getting up while the sun was still rising?! Guess that's I ran outside right after my shower (hallelujah, it wasn't 90 outside yet; the a/c has been broken all week, which is really convenient, especially since it has been 100 or more every day this week!) and took some pics of the flowers.

Well, I have the day off tomorrow and am going to spend it cleaning my car in and out, packing, checking everything, cleaning as much of the house as possible, and I'm going to try to say goodbye to my relatives here. I am headed out on Saturday morning, and staying at my Aunty's house in Boise. It's going to be a party I hear! ;) I'll be driving to Utah on Monday morning, and hope to see the new Harry Potter movie with my friend - anyone have any good reviews on it out there? Y entonces, voy a volar en la manana de martes a la Republica Dominicana! Ay ay ay! Just practicing my Spanish there. I'll probably end up accidentally swearing at people while I'm there or something.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Name Dropping

Michael Ballam.

Apparently he's some famous dude. I know nothing about it.

He's also my professor for my general 'Creative Arts' class in August.

My mom reminded me of where I've seen him. He owns the Utah Festival Opera, and has a really annoying commercial to promote it. It is shown mostly on the PBS stations, I think, and he goes around and knocks on people's doors and then sings opera to them. Played once or twice, this wouldn't be so annoying. But when my sisters and I knew the exact time it would be on after Little House on the Prairie every day - wait....I mean, just when my sisters were watching Little House on the Prairie and I was doing something different

Anyway. My mom and Sister Jacobsen (in the employment center) immediately knew who I was talking about and were appalled to find out that I didn't know who he was. Sister Pauline guessed who he was before I even said his name. I said, "I guess I have a really cool professor for my arts class." She goes "Oh, Michael Ballam?" Huh? Does she read minds now? I'll have to keep my eye on her......

Hope he is as interesting as everyone who already seems to know everything about him tells me he is.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great New Dessert!


One serving of rhubarb crisp

One helping of Peppermint ice cream


Put ice cream on top of crisp in a bowl. Enjoy!

PS: Don't let Grandpa in the kitchen by himself.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quite Possibly the Cutest Kids.

The Mudaliar (pronounced Mood-lee-ar) family lives in our ward in a rental house up the street. P. works with my grandma at DI as one of the production supervisors. He is from Fiji, and their mom M. is from Hawaii. They just bought their first house with my grandpa helping them as their realtor. They are so excited about everything and have been telling us about how they've been looking for new furniture now, and they call about once a day to ask "Bob, where is our house?" since they have a month to close. They came over to our house here this past week to look at trees that they might want once they can move into their house. They have 3 kids, A., B., and C., who adore us and want to give us hugs whenever they see us at church. They are fun, and remind me of my sisters and I at that age: polite and calm and quiet and getting along all the time.

I don't know why you're laughing.

Well, however you remember me and my sisters when I was 7, these kids are the exact same way.

This is B., 4, holding "Callie", with chocolate smudged on her lip from the cookies my grandma made sure to make before they came over.

Here's A., 7, waiting 'patiently' for her turn with the cats.

Here's C. He is in love with my grandpa. They usually sit in the pew in front of us in church, and the first thing C. does is turn around, stick his arms out, and say "Bob, Bob, Bob!!" A couple weeks ago, my grandpa had to go take care of Sunday school business out in the hall, and handed C. back to his mom. C. resisted the whole way, and stuck his lip out so far after he left, and was trying so hard to hold back the tears.

When they heard that it was time to leave, B. promptly began to sob. Another cookie for both of the girls calmed them down. C. kept holding his arms out for "Bob", and began to cry as well the second he was put into his car seat. "BOB!"

The lavender is all in bloom!
Names have been shortened to protect the innocent. Notice Bob's name was not changed. MUAHAHAHA! Plus I think it's really hip and trendy when full names aren't posted. Actually it was just me being a dork and not thinking before putting someone else's full names up and then deciding against it and coming back and changing it. Yep.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aimless Thoughts

I've been keeping pretty busy. Well, not too busy. What drives me crazy is that I'm busy, but doing what? Sitting staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. Every other day or so, or every few hours, it's all I can do to keep looking and that screen. My eyes start doing weird things, or since I'm changing tabs within the Internet all the time and looking all over the page and then pulling up spreadsheets and whatnot, I start to get really nauseous. Yes, Mom, I wear my glasses around half the time. :) I didn't think I could get nauseated doing that. Hmm. I don't mind the work, but I just need a break every once in a while. And then to be told that I'm supposed to be job searching on the computer in every spare minute of my life so that I can be employed in Logan before I leave Portland, makes me want to hurl even more. Ick!

No plans for July 4th, but our ward here has a yearly bike parade/flag raising/breakfast that a bunch of people go to in the morning. I've been to it at least once or twice here, and am hoping I can go this year. No one knows who I am without my grandparents next to me (a member of the bishopric came up to me and introduced himself to me for the 3rd time on Sunday since I was saving a seat by myself on a pew), so I don't really have a desire to go on my own. My grandpa here doesn't like getting up very early, and doesn't want to go anyway. Hopefully I can talk my grandma into being naughty and leaving my grandpa here for an hour or so.

There is a woman in the ward here, probably about my mom's age, and she has befriended me. The weird part about it is that it doesn't feel that weird. She invited me over to have some cake one night when I was at the church waiting for a temple recommend interview, only to have no one in the bishopric show up. It was Costco fudgy cake, so of course I said YES! It ended up not working out, but she asked me if I wanted to do lunch one day, or maybe go to the zoo with her and her kids one Saturday. It would be fun; she seemed serious in the suggestion, but it probably won't happen since I only have about a month left here. She actually used to live in Texas, and was in my family's stake with us at the same time. She didn't know us, but my mom went to a class she was teaching while we were there.

Well, I better go continue my endless routine of sleep, drive, work, drive, sleep, drive, work, drive. It's really quite refreshing to do the same thing every. day. Shouldn't complain - at least I have a job!!

Gotta work on finding the Logan job. Anyone know anyone who might be able to help me find an administrative assistant or data entry job? DI is asking me to only look for this sort of a job, so I'm going to comply with that for as long as possible. Thanks!!!!