Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here's a tribute to a guy I didn't really know at all, and suspect probably wouldn't have wanted to know. However. I really like this song.

Black or White

My sister Kaitlin clogged to this song - her dance team took it to nationals at Lagoon a few years ago and took 1st place. Woot! See if you can't stop from wanting to dance while you watch it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bathroom Saga Continues

The continuing drama of the workplace restroom. I went to the restroom yesterday, around midday, and knocked on the door as always. No response. Went to open the door. Heard some noise within....the door wasn't locked!


I quickly shut it, as I was now sure that someone must be in there from the amount of noise I was hearing (there is a stall inside the bathroom, there is just no door to the stall; so it's not exactly a direct shot at whoever is needing the bathroom privileges at the moment). After a moment, the toilet flushed, washing of hands was had, and I heard the towel machine go off.

When the woman opened the door, it was if she had no idea what had just happened. She gave me a big genuine smile and continued through the door to the storehouse. With a concerned look, I continued on into the restroom.

Fast forward to today. I went into the bathroom, minding my own business. I had already knocked, and no one was inside; neither was the door locked. However, it was my privilege to find the toilet unflushed and a huge wad of toilet paper sitting on top of the seat. Someone must have had something so urgent come up that they had to just stop what they were doing and leave. Huh.

I'm really worried. If these people can't even figure out how the proper way to use a powder room, how can they expect to get a job?!

For your enjoyment, one of my latest favorite Jon Schmidt songs here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Estate Sale

Last weekend, my uncle and great-uncle put on the estate sale for my great-grandparents' house, built in 1950 or so, I believe, by my great-grandpa. They asked me to help, so I came on Saturday. It was kind of sad, but it was also time for it to go. They got rid of a good portion of the stuff by the end of the day on Sunday (it was Friday-Sunday), and the rest is being taken to the D.I. HOPEFULLY it will go on the market soon, but that's not looking like it's going to happen. Oh well, won't go into that. Here's a few pictures from their house and that weekend.Some of their yard and pond decorations.

Nope, this face wasn't caused by stress.

It's amazing the things you find in the freezer that your great-grandma put in at least 3 years ago!
*warning: do not try at home. My face practically froze while taking that picture.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Imagine with me, if you will, the following:

You are in your office and need to walk to the ladies' room. So you do. You know that it is a one-staller, so you politely knock on the door first. No answer. So, you do as any other sane person would and open the door. Too bad it's locked. You step back and wait patiently while feeling just a tad bit confused. You hear water run and the paper towel machine go off. A woman opens the door and comes out, all the while glaring at you. She turns and walks in the opposite direction to the Storehouse.

What the flip?!

This happens to me about once or twice each day. Is it not normal to say something like "Just a moment," or "Occupied" when someone knocks on the bathroom door? Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm getting tired of waiting for the bathroom when no one responds!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cool Song/video: O America

I am definitely a fan of William Joseph, an LDS pianist. I've got the music from his first CD, and I think he just came out with his second. I found a story on his Facebook page saying that the guy who wrote "You Raise me Up" heard William Joseph's song "Sweet Remembrance of You" and loved it so much he decided to write lyrics to it. Now Celtic Woman is singing it at all of their concerts, and with the lyrics it is titled "O America". I really liked it. Enjoy!

William Joseph performing

Celtic Woman, O America

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cross THAT one off my bucket list...

Yesterday afternoon was the Sandy River Ward's high priest social. My grandma and I convinced my grandpa that he really did want to go so that we could go be social too. It was at someone's house, about 20 minutes away, in the woods. It looked like somewhere you might go camping. But then, most of Oregon looks that way. :) It had been advertised that there would be caterpillar rides. When we got there, we were quickly recruited to be on the first Caterpillar ride. It consisted of a box about 3'x5' with 2 bales of hay in it, on skids. We were attached to a caterpillar machine, called "The Cat" and as we stepped on the ladder to get in, I said to my grandma, "Well, I guess I can cross this off my bucket list now..."

There were only 6 of us all together on the ride: the driver (also the owner of the property we were at), the driver's wife, some lady named Sister Nash, whose husband was back at the patio cooking up the meat, my grandma, grandpa, and myself.

The ride was such that a quarter into it, my grandma yelled up to the front, "You couldn't pay to get this kind of a ride!!" We were being jerked around, the cat had to stop every so often, unhitch and drive around to get back on track, and at one point the trail was so steep that I had my rear almost out of the little box, holding on with my life to the side. The woman who lived there also leaned out and picked some clover and made us all eat some. It tasted really tart, and kind of like a berry. She said you can eat it, but "not too much, or you'll be sure to get diarrhea!" I had one taste to be polite. So by the time we got back down to the house (their property was quite large and mostly wooded), we had almost fallen off the mountain, had branches flying everywhere in our face, eaten clover, almost taken a tree with us, and all at no more than 1.5 miles per hour.

Only one ride was given that day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bucketload of Pictures

On Memorial Day, I convinced my grandma to go out to her parents' and my grandpa's parents' graves. Here's my grandpa's parents' headstone, with my great-grandpa's name forever spelled wrong - or is it? How do you decide that? My grandpa Fred has always spelled his name like it is above: Fredrick. In the last few years before he died, my grandma found his birth certificate and found out that his name is actually Frederick. He found out that he's been spelling his name wrong his whole life. Hmm...and can anyone tell me what religions are pictured in the 2 different symbols above their names? They are 2 different religions...but my great-grandparents had no religion at all, so my grandma and I are curious as to what my great-aunt Patty chose to be their religion. He is buried in a national cemetery, the Willamette National Cemetery, so all headstones are the same, with a religious symbol above their name is they so choose.
We found a bunch with an angel blowing a trumpet, and I asked my grandma, "Do you think that is the angel Moroni?" We found a family gathered around a headstone with the angel pictured on it, so I went up and politely asked what the angel was supposed to mean. They turned to me, and I could see them get all excited. They told me his name was the Angel Moroni, and then proceeded to give me the first discussion. My grandma and I quickly inserted that we were Mormons as well. I mean, I wouldn't have wanted to walk up and call it a Mormon symbol if it was, in fact, not an LDS religious symbol and offend them. Hmm.

Here is my Grandma's parents' graves. You can see that my great-grandpa Speer died in 1951, when my grandma was just 2. Her mom remarried around 3 or 4 times, I think, but kept her first married name when she died.

Ow-ow! There's her hot car that we drove around in on Sunday. Got a sunburn from it.

When we visited my Speer great-grandparents' grave, my grandma remembered that my grandpa's mother's sister, Mildred, was buried in the same cemetery. We were able to find it easily, as there was only one section of fancy headstones, and hers and her husband's was sure to be included there, as they liked to go over the top in everything in life.

Now I hope this isn't morbid, but we found this headstone in the cemetery as well. It is one of the most bizarre headstones I have ever seen. All it says is "Barbie", with no first name or last name (can't tell which is there). On the back were some of the names in her family, like "Big Sister, Proud Brother, etc," so it sounded like it was a little girl. But the dates put her at more than 40 years old when she went, and the front inscription says "Beloved Mother of Sabrina." Anway, we just thought that was really odd.

My 2 friends, Jess and Megan, came up for fun on my birthday! How cool?! So we went to the beach. Here they are at Haystack Rock.

Everyone remember Mrs. Majowski's houses? :)

This was outside our hotel room on the way to the sand, in Rockaway. I think this sign is hilarious....why do they need to show a picture of the dog pooping?

We also went to Tillamook and had some ice cream!

On our way up the coast we stopped in Seaside, which I had never been to. It was fun looking around there.

Here we are at the Astoria Column. We drove all the way up there to see it, only to find out that it was closed for renovations. Lots of upset people, since there were no signs anywhere or online that they were closed.

Walking down to the Traditional burial canoe.

Looking down from the Column.

There's the fun bridge we went across - the longest in the world, or at least North America - it's more than 4 miles long!

Some pretty flowers at the back porch here at the house.

Megan and I at the Vista House on the way to Multnomah Falls, looking over the Columbia River.

Here we are at Multnomah Falls!

We went to Silver Falls State Park as well, the biggest state park in Oregon, and hiked about 6 miles all together there.
It has 10 falls all together; we saw 9 of them.

Jess was being all dangerous.

But then she couldn't get back down. Haha, Jess.

We like to live on the edge.

I think this was my favorite.

I don't know if you can read this one or not, but I thought it was a cool opportunity for a photo.

The Double Falls.

These are some of the "weeds" out in the back fields, at least what is left of them that hasn't been planted.

My grandpa wanted everyone to try driving the tractor. Actually, they didn't get a choice in the matter.

Megan did NOT want to try, though, but like I said, she had no choice. Haha.

Megan got a sliver in her hand, so my grandpa immediately pulled out a knife, and she screamed.

My grandpa likes to take away your camera and take lots of pictures. So we basically keep the camera away from him, but it is inevitable that he will get it. And then it takes about 5 minutes for each picture, because pictures have to be posed. And he makes you get into trees to take pictures. So here's the best sample picture I have of that. And, yes, he put my friends through it as well. I think each of them got at least 2 or 3 pictures in plants.

They flew in on Thursday, the 28th, and left on June 2nd. We had a ton of fun! Come back soon!
I've been working; today is my day off, and it feels like the only time that I have any time is on the weekends now. Ugh. Well, at least I have a job, right?!!
I want to send out a thank-you!!! to my Grandma and Grandpa Whiting! Thanks so much for the birthday card!! I would call you to say thanks, but I don't have your phone number!! So thank you! :)