Monday, May 25, 2009

Dos and Don'ts of Donating to the D.I.

Or What I Learned while Sorting Clothes.


Donate items in good condition that you will never wear again.

Wash the items you are donating. No one wants to see your deodorant stain or the cat hair stuck all over your shirt.

Donate things that you don't necessarily need, that might benefit someone else.


Donate something your cat just rubbed itself all over. At least use a lint roller or something. Allergies, people!

Donate anything that you wouldn't let anyone you know wear because it is so worn out and stained and ripped through.

And last but definitely most important,

DO NOT donate your used underwear! Just don't! I don't care if it IS clean! Throw it away! A package of brand-new, never used underwear would be appreciated by some needy people, though, I'm sure! People are sorting through this stuff!! Come on, people!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Foto Frenzy

Well, I figured that I could post this in a lot of little posts, or just get it all over with. I decided with the "just get it over with" option. Life is busy and tiring!
These pictures start on May 1st, the last day of finals, and the day I had to pack up and move out as well!

Here are the leftover, living flowers from my mom. I put them in a smaller vase and they made this cute little arrangement.
After we packed up and got checked out of our apartments, Megan (in the white hoodie), Jess (standing next to Megan) and I decided to head up to Bear Lake since we didn't exactly have anything we had to do. It was a lot of fun!

Jess, who wears long pants approximately 4 days out of each year, couldn't stand how cold the water at Bear Lake was.

We were the only ones out on the entire lake. We saw one boat way off in the distance for a second or two, and then there was not one other single person out. It was kind of fun to do whatever we wanted. So Megan went out into the freezing cold water in her tank top and got down to her shoulders. She would be the little speck you can see in this pic. As you can see, I chose NOT to dunk myself in the water!

K, so this picture didn't work out exactly as I wanted it to, but you can kinda see where I was going with it?!

I went to the house one more time on Saturday the 2nd, I think. All the flowers were really pretty, so I took some (a lot) of pics for my mom to see.

Here are the flowers over Kosmo's grave, all blooming!

One of the fruit trees.

When I went and stayed with the Sweets in Herriman for a few days that week, I went shopping with Jenn while the kids were all at school. What do YOU think? :)

I just couldn't decide, so I decided to buy neither! haha

This is the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, set to start the open house on June 1. This is the view from Bangerter. You can see the temple clearly from their house way out at the end of the road in Herriman, as well. It is so cool to be able to see 3 temples from one spot in Salt Lake County.

On Friday the 8th, Megan and I, with our friend Caleb (who is leaving on the 24th of June for Portugal for a mission), decided to go to the zoo for one last fun thing.


I found Kami's sibling!! Look, Kami, it's your sister Maybelle!

This is about the most ginormous turtle I have ever seen!! It was in the amphibian/reptile house, in the area where they can roam around free, and there are no real cages or anything like that. S0 this turtle was probably a foot away from me most of the time.

And there's your Uncle Charlie, Kam!

We stopped at the "This is the Place Monument" across the street from the zoo.

The sunburn line I had after the whole day.

This is the skirt I made last week so that I could have some options to wear to work.

And the one I purchased (photos posted at my mother's request).

The pattern on the skirt I purchased.

So that's it. Well, not really. I've been doing a lot, and I'm very very very tired. With work at 8 o'clock, I have to leave by 7, and to realistically be able to get everything done in the morning and get ready, I have to set my alarm for 5:30. Which....doesn't make me run very well. I'm working on taking my iron (1 for 10 so pills to try to help me from being so tired, but I'm hoping that once I've been doing it for at least a week or two, it'll start feeling not quite so early. So I leave for work at 7 and get home at 6. Fun stuff. Hey - it's a job!! Hopefully the house being worked on down below on the other property will be able to get finished soon, and then that won't be as much of a worry anymore.
The office I work at is only open M-F, but since it is closed this coming Monday for Memorial Day, I am working tomorrow as well, at the D.I., 8-4:30, in the back, probably sorting clothes or something all day. Woot! So, I am off to bed so that I can get up in what feels like such a short time (!!). See y'all around! :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, here I am again. I made it to Oregon! Woot woot! I pulled in Monday afternoon, and finished unloading my stuff by dinner time. Still haven't found a place to put any of it though....hmmm.....My grandma already had an interview scheduled and set up for me on Tuesday through the Deseret Industries, and I had another one scheduled for earlier Tuesday as well. So I rummaged through my clothes and was able to find a skirt and some nylons and ran over to the Panda Express Tuesday morning for an interview. I soon found out that Panda Express in Sandy does not actually exist yet, that they were just doing interviews to start up their team before construction is finished. WAY before construction is finished. Like 2 or 3 months before construction is finished. It was a walk-in interview, I guess, as there were a couple other people over there. I was the only one who had an appointment. One homeless person came by to pick up an application, and another kid with his girlfriend was there. Both looked like they had just gotten up and came in their pajamas. He explained to the interviewer (interrupting my interview, I might add) that he didn't really care what the pay was; he just needed a job since he had a 7-month old at home and another one on the way. I then noticed his girlfriend was pregnant. I really want to work here? Money is money, I guess. I doubt they'll call me anyway though, since they know I just need the job for the summer and the job won't even be ready until at least July.

I went to the interview at the D.I. to work for Employment Services across the parking lot, and it seemed they had made up their mind before I ever walked in that I was going to have the job; they just wanted to work out the details. So I start at Employment tomorrow morning to fill out all the paperwork. It's an 8-5, Monday through Friday job, and I'll be working at a desk all day, inputting data onto spreadsheets and calling different priesthood leaders and employment centers for information, if I understand correctly. I'm interested to see where this leads. Because I will be testing out a new program for employment centers at this Portland location, I was told that it could be possible for me to have a job at the Logan employment services location when I return, since the program will be brand new for them, and I will already have knowledge of it. This is pretty dandy, I think, because this employment position is not meant to continue for longer than a couple months, as it is supposed to end in a job placement elsewhere. Sweet! However, no one, other than the managers, is supposed to know that my grandma is related to me, and everything is being done to see that there is no way I will even come into contact with her at work, and if I do, she will be "Char", which will take some getting used to.

I've got some pictures from the last couple weeks to put up; some pictures from Bear Lake taken the day finals finished and I moved out, and some pictures from the zoo of Kami's other family we adopted her from! Yay Kami! Isn't that exciting? :) I've just got to figure out how I'm going to work out this whole picture thing, since I don't have Internet access unless I am using this computer in the office, which I don't want to be loading all my pictures onto. Hmm....more to come!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great Scholarship.....darn.

I'm typing this from my roommate's bedroom. She is off at a scholarship type of meeting in downtown Salt Lake, and I only wish I could have gone! This company wants to teach others how to save their money, and the scholarship deal is that you have to sign a contract saying that you will put a certain amount of money in an account every month for one year, and each month when you put your money in, they will match that amount 3x. So if I were to sign up for putting in $15 every month, I would really have $60 dollars in my account each month. The catch? I would have had to go to this 4-hour seminar thing this morning, which is NO big deal, but I would also need to go to next Saturday's 4-hour seminar. Unfortunately, I am leaving for Portland tomorrow! Ahh! This company will match your contributions up to $62.50 on your part each month, for up to 2 years, with a total earning possible of $6,000 after 2 years (meaning you saved $1500 and they contributed $4500). If Megan's mother wasn't a scholarship specialist helping to sponsor this, I would have said this was one of those scams, but it's not! I am so bummed! Oh well, I will just need to look for some other opportunities.

I went and visited with my Grandma Kay earlier this week, while I was staying in Riverton with my mom's friend Jenn, whose family is the closest thing to being my second family. When I talked to Grandma on the phone the day before, she was so excited for me to come visit, and had told me she would be looking forward to it the next day, and would have to see what we could have for our dinner. When I saw her the next day, after talking for about 2 hours or so, she asked me what we should have for dinner. I approached this cautiously, as I wasn't sure exactly what she meant for us to have. I asked her, "Well, what would you like me to make us?" figuring that as bad and nonexistent as my cooking skills are, she might not be able to taste it anyway. She responded with "Well, I know there are lots of places out that way," pointing towards 123000 South, where a big shopping complex is located. I realized that Grandma enjoys eating out, as would anyone who is cooped up all day. Well, she didn't want to leave; she just wanted me to go pick something up. With Grandma's vision, she isn't comfortable eating, and I wasn't sure what type of food she would want. After discussing our options, I asked her the question: "Do you like salad?"
"Do you like meat in your salad?"
"Do you like Mexican food?"
"Do you think you would like a Mexican salad?"
"Oooh...that sounds soooo good!!!" was her response. So, off I went to Cafe Rio (good excuse to have Cafe Rio....helping Grandmother out)! Grandma Kay had her first experience at Cafe Rio with a pork tostada (a smaller salad there), and loved every bite of it. She now is saying next time Uncle Carvel comes to take her out to eat, that is where they will go. She said she couldn't understand why I don't eat that food every day!

And for Mom: earlier this week, on Tuesday, Jenn asked me if I would like to go get a pedicure with her. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sure, that sounds like fun; I've never had one before."
Jenn responded by giving me a disbelieving look and said, "You've NEVER had a pedicure?!"
I responded by giving HER a disbelieving look and said, "Don't you know my MOTHER?!"