Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, today when I logged onto Blackboard (my school website through which I can communicate with teachers, turn in homework, get assignments, etc), there was an announcement from my chemistry class. This is my hardest class, mainly because the teacher is such a poor teacher. It is my earliest class in the day, and because I don't learn anything when I go to class, and I learn from the book better and from the TA's, I usually don't go to class just to waste my time. However, I did go to class last Friday. The first part of the announcement read:

"A student in Chem 1220 class, section 001, meeting in ESLC, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:30 am and section 909, which meets Thursday at 12:30 pm in FL 307, has been diagnosed with chickenpox, which broke out on the 17th of April. This potentially would serve to expose the class members to the chickenpox virus."

Last Friday, when I went to class, was April 17th. Sweet. The only time I actually go to class (and paid attention extremely well, I might add, and still didn't learn anything from my gibberish professor), I get exposed to the chicken pox. Good thing I've already had it. It was also teacher evaluation day (woohoo!). Glad I got to go to class this day, so that I could give an awesome evaluation.

Gotta go scratch a developing rash. Probably just something I ate......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Finals are next week; life is crazy right now!!! I'm just taking a quick break to let everyone know I'm still here! I probably won't post anything until after finals, and after finals, I have no idea where I'll be. So I pretty much can't guarantee anything until the last week of August!

Finals end May 1st, and I have to move out on May 1st as well. So - 2 finals and move out in one day? Bring. It. On. :)

I will be staying with my roommate Megan the week after finals, as my roommate Ashley is getting married on May 9th, and I decided I should go to her wedding and reception. Then I start my trek to Oregon on May 10th, and hopefully (!) I can stay with someone in the Boise area that night (yes, this is me asking, is anyone up to me and my craziness for a day?). I've got to find a job, and hopefully that will happen quickly, because it is not going to be pretty next year if I find myself without a scholarship....which is looking to be the case. Well, I'm out. I've got to go try and make sure that that is NOT the case!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deseret News post

Check out this letter to Deseret News. This is by my great-uncle's granddaughter. I think that makes her, what - my 3rd cousin? She wrote it after helping with a service project at a bishop's storehouse. Way to go! I always like it when stuff like this gets recognized. Just don't let all the comments afterward get you down....I mostly like to laugh at them, rather than let them get me riled up at all. :) Keep it up, Hannah!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

So this weekend I went to the Swenson's house in Chubbuck, Idaho. Their story is 2 posts before this one. Just thought I'd share some pictures from my weekend:
Here is Hannah, on Saturday morning, wearing her new outfit that the Easter bunny brought her.
Here's Rigby, at his soccer game on Saturday.
Danielle and Logan and I were at Rigby's soccer game.
I thought this picture turned out funny at Rigby's soccer game.

This is Camille, and her cousin, Rachel, while we were all dyeing Easter eggs on Saturday night.

This is Sara Cody, also one of the Swenson's cousins. She lives in my apartment building, and we are in the same ward together.

Easter eggs! Woot!

On Saturday night, Danielle had a school girls' choice dance. She is a student body officer, and as such, she had to stay a little after the dance to help clean up. When she was done, she discovered that her group had left her, and she was left with no car to get to the next house to party at. Haha. So she had to call her mom to ask her to come pick them up. I asked if I could tag along :). I guess I can say I've never had to have my mom drive me on a date. :)

Danielle, on the way to the cemetery to visit their brother Dillon's grave on Sunday. I had lots of fun with their family, and they invited me to come back again. Sounds like fun to me!

Institute Activity

April 13-17

Recess on the Quad

Every day from 11-1

Games Galore on the Quad

Come Enjoy the Sun!!!

Oh the cruel irony.

Friday, April 10, 2009

On my Way Out

Well, I'm heading over to Chubbuck, Idaho today (next to Pocatello)! Fun stuff! Actually, I have a crazy story behind it. Wanna hear? I knew you would; that's why you come here all the time! :)
When I lived in Austin, around 1994, some of the first friends we met were the Swensons. I remember going to church with them, having sleepovers with them, our moms were pregnant together with Kari and Caleb, we even went on a vacation all the way to Utah together (sort of). Camille is my age, and Danielle is only 2 years younger. The picture above was taken at my 6th birthday party (insert "Aww"), with Camille on the left side of the picture and Danielle on the right. Then they have Logan, who is about the same age as Kari (they once planned on marrying each other, but there hasn't been any word confirming the rumors lately), and then Hannah. Then they had Rigby (at least I think that is his name). They had another child who didn't get to live for very long here, but I am unsure on that child's name, and if they had any more after.
We moved away from Austin to Riverton 3 days before Christmas in 1999. My parents are really good at picking dates that are easy to remember when they move (i.e. Christmas, 4th of July, my 16th birthday, Valentine's day). Just helps us remember those special times. I went back down to visit by myself in 2002, and stayed a few days with them before I went on a Girl Scout trip with my old troop to Washington, D.C.
I think they came and visited us at least once somewhere in between there, but I really can't remember it all that well. So I haven't seen them since I visited in 2002, almost 7 years ago. In 2004 or so, they moved to Chubbuck, Idaho, just by Pocatello. Haven't talked to them very much since.
Fast forward 3 years to August 2007. I was just about to start my senior year of high school, and a new family had moved into my ward. There was a guy my age, Chadd (from the picture in one of my previous posts). I talked to him at school and found out he was from Pocatello. I asked him if he happened to know any Swensons, or a Camille Swenson, knowing that it was probably very highly unlikely that he would. He did. Turns out they were friends, and Dave Swenson, her dad is a Spanish teacher at their high school. Cool beans, huh? It gets cooler.
I moved up to Logan in August 2008. After going to church and school for a month or so, and after finding my friend Camille on Facebook, I noticed my roommate had added a girl from our ward as a friend on Facebook. I clicked on her name, Sara, and saw that we had Camille as a friend in common. Turns out that Camille has two cousins, one who lives in Chubbuck as well, who are in my ward and live in my apartment building. Small world....
Sara randomly texted me on Monday and told me that her Aunt Audra (Camille's mom) wanted to know if I had Easter plans, to which I answered "no". So, I am packing my bags and heading to Chubbuck, Idaho with a car full of Sara and 2 random strangers, and am going to go spend a weekend with a family who I haven't seen in 7 years. I am really excited, and completely terrified. Yay. :) Thanks for listening to my story. See ya!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mormon Hollywood

Only in Utah would I probably get this excited about seeing these 'celebrities.' Monday night, I headed over to the Kent Concert Hall across the street with some friends to go see my friend Jess perform in her percussion ensemble concert and to tape some of it for her. Little did I know I would be seeing a celebrity.

While watching the concert, I saw someone a few rows in front of me (this was a smallish concert though, and only about 5 people in all were sitting between me and the front of the stage) get up and head out to a hallway. Upon his return, I caught a glimpse at his face. Heck yes! I saw Craig Jessop, former Mormon Tabernacle Choir director, not 5 rows in front of me, returning to his seat with his wife. After a couple songs, he got up and as the head of the music department here at USU, he made a presentation of sorts for the director of the percussion ensemble, as it was this director's last concert of his career. I was stoked! Ok, maybe no one else will think this is cool that I saw him, but I thought that it was freaking awesome!

Many of you will recognize this guy as "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" from The R.M. He also is a news reporter for Fox 13 here in Utah, and goes by "Big Budah." This week at USU is Service Week, and part of this is the annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" where guys from campus put on high heels and walk a mile. It was on Wednesday, and Fox 13 came to do a segment on it and my friend Megan got to watch them shoot while she was sitting on a bench in front of the Institute building studying. When I got out of my last class I walked over to the Institute building for that class, and as I was walking, I passed not 3 feet in front of him! Woohoo! I didn't stop him or ask him to sign my shoe or anything, but I felt pretty cool seeing him that close. I have seen him once before, at some drag racing thing a few years ago with my friend Kimi and her dad.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for the next celebrity sighting. You never know who you'll see in star-studded Utah. Kirby Heybourne? David Osmond? Janeen Brady?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference was great, didn't you think?! I didn't get anything done that I had wanted to whilst watching it (i.e. scrapbooking, etc.), but that's ok. I mostly just laid in front of the TV and tried to stay awake. :)

Megan and I and Jess took a load of stuff to Megan's house on Friday, so that moving out in less than a month won't take quite as long. Megan's parents are being kind enough to let me store some of my things that I won't need over the summer at their house. So we spent the day doing that, grabbed Krispy Kreme donuts (don't worry; I did NOT let the ants get to them this time), and got to eat some edible food for dinner at Megan's house. Sweet.

That is about as exciting as my life gets here. Took a test in Calc as well on Friday, that went okay. I'm anxious to see the results. Here's hoping!!

So. I'll start trying to make my life more exciting I guess. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's no Joke...

Things are looking up! I got my test scores back today from my two tests so far this week, and I got a B in one and an A in the other (and might I add that I got the 3rd highest score...not to brag or anything..... :D ). I now have hope that I can keep my scholarship! Woot!

Megan and I had a ton of harmless pranks (and if you know me well you know that my pranks and jokes are usually very VERY lame as well) thought up last night to do today, until I came home this afternoon to a note left by one of my roommates (use your reasoning and figure out which one :P ) saying that she hates today and has been feeling crazy stressed lately and warned us that any joke and/or prank pulled in our apartment or on her will result in yelling and screaming at us, and so we shouldn't be offended by her, but we should not even think to have any fun with "fooling" today. To which I say...."Flip! Calm down!" Now I almost want to pull a prank on her just to get her to lighten up. Hmm...maybe I can think of something terribly weird about me to tell her, and when she tells me that she doesn't think I'm being funny at all, I can pretend to get offended, because I won't be joking! Hmm...maybe not. Gotta think of something though.

What kind of pranks have everyone done today? I like Heidi's ideas for the jell-o with your kids :). I personally like the clear Kool-Aid trick, I think we may have done that once or something at my house. Mmmm Kool-Aid.

And here's a "Happy Birthday!" to my uncle Brett. Hope it's a good one!