Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of March!

....which means we can start to expect Spring weather now that it'll be April!!!....right??....maybe???....please???!!! I am so tired of the snow!!! Oh well. I have not been wearing my coat to classes or anything (not that it's honestly been very bad during the day here this week); I feel like if I wear it I am letting the snow know that it's won, that it's ok to snow. I am going to dress like it is slightly colder than Spring. :)

My friends Megan and Jess decided on Sunday night that they weren't going to let the snow get them down, and went out and made snow angels in their shorts (note: Megan's shorts are not for public...they're just her pajamas :D ):

It also helps to listen to the Snowman Song, "In the Sun they Melted," on the left while viewing these pictures to put you in the proper mood.

Here comes April!!! Anyone got any good April Fool's stuff to do?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring in Syracuse

I had to go to North Salt Lake yesterday to get my tires from our store of stuff and get them switched with my snow tires. So my friend Jess from upstairs came with me, and we spent the whole day after classes in Davis County. After I got the tires taken care of and put back in the warehouse, we headed over to Syracuse/Layton area. I was able to stop at my house for a few hours, and took some pictures of the flowers popping up for my mom:

And the oh-so-tacky dead tree in the trashcan. :) Don't worry, I asked Billiekaye if she would take the trashcan back to the garage after it's taken. Thanks Billiekaye!

Chadd was driving by and I got to talk to him for a few minutes! Chadd is one of my friends from our ward in Syracuse who is getting ready to put in his mission papers for June.

The girls will be happy to know that the flowers planted over Kosmo's grave are growing!

I dug up one of the trees with the help of Billiekaye's shovel (thanks again!) and am taking care of it in my apartment until I drive to Sandy, Oregon to return it to my grandparents.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did YOU Know I have a Famous Roommate?

Because I sure didn't. If you have heard me talking about my roommates, then you know that I have some very interesting ones. I could write a book. At the beginning of the year, I had 4 roommates; two are legally blind (one of which is albino as well), one is from Syracuse and we met in Seminary a year ago, and the other is from Texas who is just very interesting as well. You'd kind of have to meet her for me to be able to explain properly. Anyway. One of my roommates who is blind but not albino dropped out over Christmas break and moved out without a word to any of us. Then a few weeks into the spring semester, my roommate from Texas (who is ironically engaged to someone who is also from Syracuse, like my roommate and I) dropped out of school due to financial aid being withdrawn, but she still lives in our apartment.

Megan (my actual roommate) and I got to know our roommate who is albino, Cathy, a lot better. She is a really great and fun person to be around!!! She always calls out to us whenever she comes home and wants to say hi. She is very studious as well without it dominating her life. Almost 99% of the time when she is going out, if I ask where she is off to, she is either off to a school game, off to practice goalball, or off to a movie. She is actually on a competition team for goalball, and has gone to Michigan this year and lots of other places other years to compete in national competitions. She listens to her scream-o rock music a lot, and just when I go to close my door because it is so annoying, she turns it off and starts playing her harmonica. She is probably one of the coolest and most random people you will meet, other than myself. She is a great person; perhaps the only thing I would change is I would introduce her to the gospel; she claims to be atheist now. That's ok, I'll just be her friend rather than pushing her. She has a twin brother who is also albino. I assumed this was not that big of a deal. Then I saw someone reading the Utah State University Statesman this morning, and I saw this article staring at me. She and her brother are the only albino twins in the entire world. I thought that was pretty darn cool. I will have to tell stories of my other roommates who are VERY interesting another time. I just think it's interesting how different all my roommates are and yet we all get along great and have a great time together.

Just thought I'd share that little random tidbit in my day. Have a good one!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I figure I should get on here and post something; it's been a week for Pete's sake! I'm not sure at all what to talk about...so here goes...

I woke up this morning feeling extremely odd. I can't even explain it; I wasn't exactly sick, I wasn't extremely tired, I just can't explain why I couldn't get up out of bed. But after I made the decision after missing one and a half classes to not go to classes today (I didn't have tests or assignments due, at least), I didn't wake up until noon....which I guess means that I really needed to sleep something off or something, because even I cannot sleep that late. Hmm.

Now I am freezing my patootie off in my apartment!!! Stinking snow!!! I've been working on homework until I took a break to get on here and post, and I am wearing sweats, a long-sleeve shirt, socks, and slippers. And I'm still freezing! And my apartment is always extra toasty, which is why I wonder why I feel so cold.

Next random: Kaitlin or whoever from my family who gets on and reads this, I sent something in the mail to y'all on Tuesday of last week, so if it got to Salt Lake by Friday, you should have something in the mail today, I believe, however you get mail.

I have decided after that last week or so (and months before as well) of thinking that I am most definitely finished with IWA. I will finish out the semester, but after that, I am done with this activity. I hope they don't try to harass me into coming next semester either, because they do such a good job at convincing you that you are doing the wrong thing spiritually if you are not coming to IWA. Ugh....I'll just leave that topic alone at that, because it can only lead to more frustration.

I went to the Draper temple dedication broadcasted to my stake center (also the institute building). That was pretty neat.

I'm trying to finish marking up a copy of the Book of Mormon to send to one of my first friends, from Texas, who I still converse with occasionally. I have just felt really good about it for about six months now.

For IWA this past week we started 72-hour kits. I put all the stuff they gave me (2 granola bars, 2 water bottles, a flashlight, a piece of candy, first-aid kit) and an extra T-shirt together in a small bag, and put it in my car. I also have a germ-infested quilt in the trunk of my car, so I guess I could use that too if there's a big emergency and I have to sleep in my car or something. So I now have my own personal 5-hour kit + dirty blanket. What more could you want. That would probably get me to Boise or IF. Then I guess I could mooch off some other people. :P

Who likes the music on the side here? Requests? Any that you don't particularly like?

I guess that's about as random as I'm going to get on here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wonderful House

Looking for a great house? Need some space? Well here ya go!! :) Just kidding, but I found my house in Syracuse on Utahhomes.com, and this is our house's page. I would suggest clicking on the 'virtual tour/view tour' link. The lady describing our house makes it sound like heaven. Hmm...after listening to that description, makes me wonder why the heck they left it in the first place?!! And if you click on the virtual tour, click on the slideshow button after that, and you can see some pictures of the house. But don't be fooled! The '6th bedroom' is not, in fact, the sixth bedroom. It's a fake!! The sixth bedroom should be in the basement, but if you will notice, the heating vent is on the floor, which means that room could only be on the main or upper floor. It is another view of the "formal dining room." Ooh, that sounds so fancy. It was just our little weird room in the middle of the house that we decided to put a bookshelf in. But it is NOT my bedroom, or the 6th bedroom. I feel like I got the short end of the stick. My bedroom was not pictured! There are also 2 'Fourth bedrooms" pictured, but they both have completely different painting schemes. Honestly. Who are these people selling our house??!!!
Haha. I am finding some more wrong details about our house. Apparently is was built in 2003. It must have been invisible or something, because I was there while it was under construction in 2006! Well, I've got to go do my homework that I put off the whole last week, so, carry on!

Spring Break '09

So it seems to me that spring break is much bigger of a deal in college than it ever was in my life before. Like you're not cool unless you have some wicked sweet plans (Hawaii, Cancun, Park City, etc. :P). Well I didn't necessarily go to HAWAII, but I did go to a place I've only been to twice before. And, of course, the two times I have been there were overnight stops, and I didn't pay attention to anything while I was there.

So I went to Idaho Falls. Over by Rexburg, BYU-I. I really liked the place!!! Everyone had stuff to do during the day every day except Friday, which is completely understandable, so I toured the place myself. Pretty darn proud of myself, for someone who is pretty uncomfortable going places not seen before. I drove around, found their mall (100x bigger than the Cache Valley Mall), went to pretty much every store in there, went to Deseret Book, Shoe Carnival, Ross, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, Piano Gallery, the Library (with Auntie Wendy), Chesbro music (which apparently has the largest stock of printed music in the NW, also with my Auntie), Bajio's, Pita Pit, Subway (by this time I was getting pretty crazy), Seagull Book, drove by Idaho's largest used book store, Albertson's, Checker's, Home Depot, Idaho Falls High School, an elementary school, Jamba Juice, the Museum of Idaho, and last but not least, Dixie's Diner. Mmm! The best shake I've had in years (thanks Aunt Wendy!!!)!!! Lots of places I probably forgot as well.

My aunt taught me some stuff about doing some hand stitching as well. Not sure what it's called though. It wasn't embroidery and it wasn't cross stitch, but it was the stuff you see framed in Deseret Book or Seagull Book with the cute little sayings that they charge half a fortune for. I made a couple of those, and watched a lot of movies as well. Got to relax while I did that.

Dillon asked me to be a chaperone on his 4th grade field trip to the Museum of Idaho. Lucky for me my aunt agreed to come along as well. Talk about insane amount of people in a small space!!! They had the Titanic exhibit there this month, and so we went to see that. The kids had one page front and back filled with questions they had to answer, so we spend most of our time trying to find answers instead of looking and enjoying the stuff. That's ok though, I was kind of disappointed in the amount of artifacts the exhibit had. There were a ton of people there as well; it was like they invited 3 or 4 schools to be there at the same time. It was insane!!! There was a man working there as well, or volunteering, not sure which, who was probably the crabbiest man I have met in a while! I hope he was just having a bad day, because he was as ornery as they come. I hope I didn't embarrass Dillon TOO much!

On my way out Saturday morning, I was able to stop and see one of Linzy's volleyball games in Blackfoot. That was fun, they were playing really well as far as I could see. Go Linzy!!

I can't wait to see what next year's Spring Break brings! Who knows what craziness I might come up with?!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fast Tomorrow (Saturday)

Hi everyone - Khloe's condition is really serious. She was one of Kari's best friends, and my family was close friends with Khloe and her family, the Lewises; they only live 2 houses down from where my family was living, so we saw these girls and their family at least once a day, and they've always been a huge support and presence in our lives. She has scleroderma, and it has gone into her heart. She had some exploratory surgery two days ago, and had a blood transfusion today to try and get her heart to contract. Her heart is only working at 17% capacity right now. I'm not sure on all the details, but I just heard from her oldest sister on Facebook that the doctors have given her less than a year. I'm not sure what exactly is entailed in that, but they are asking everyone to pray for Khloe and for time. They are holding a fast tomorrow (Saturday), and prayers would be greatly appreciated. It will be greatly appreciated as well if anyone chooses to participate in the fast as well. Thanks everyone so much!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Throw-up Thursday

Well that's what I decided to call it after visiting the cafeteria for dinner today. I love that when you go in and swipe your student card (saying you came in, and thereby taking a meal away from your week), you cannot see the food from where the cashier stands. The food is all hiding behind a most cleverly placed wall. So in order to get a glimpse at the food, you have to swipe your card. Once you get your card swiped, you can't get that meal back. I only have just enough meals here to eat lunch and dinner every day and dinner on the weekends. So it's not like I can just go "Oh ok, that's cool, I'll just walk ten minutes in the other direction to go to the other cafeteria that always has tons of options for food." No. I get what I get but I'll probably still throw a fit. So I walked in this evening for dinner with friends, and walked past the "homestyle" line, which looked vomitrocious. It did NOT look appetizing AT ALL. So I proceeded to the Mexican line, and I've learned here that you just don't get rice at all from this cafeteria unless it is white rice. The chimichangas looked like they were empty and had been thrown in the oven for probably 30 minutes too long. So I skipped over that line. Can't trust the pasta line anymore - the last time I got it, the sauce and pasta smelled like a hair salon when you are getting a permanent, and it tasted like the charred part of overcooked meat from a grill. So I sighed and headed to the granola, which is where I end up at least once a week. Get some granola and yogurt. Of course, there was no yogurt. So no granola either. I grabbed a bowl and got some cereal. Mmmm, I can just hear the nutrition and health bells ringing.

On a more serious note, on the walk tonight back from the institute building, I received a phone call from a neighbor from Syracuse. Khloe, one of Kari's friends, is 12 (maybe 13 now) and has scleroderma. I found out that she had a heart attack last night, and I'm not sure about the details or anything, but if everyone could keep her in their prayers, that would be appreciated. I tried to call and tell my parents, and my dad answered the phone, but my mom was still asleep and when my dad tried to talk to her, she wasn't exactly coherent..hehe. But I know prayers will be appreciated by Khloe and her family.

And Billiekaye - sorry about ending the conversation so abruptly - some people stopped me on the street for directions and I couldn't hear them so I had to get off the phone really quickly. Sorry!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

EEK! I look to this week with lots and lots of apprehension. Ok. That's kind of an exaggeration. There are really only 2 (two) things that I'm feeling anxious about.
1. My Chemistry test on Wednesday.
2. Driving to Idaho Falls on Friday or Saturday.

Let's address the first: Repeat after me: Why do I, being of the future mathematics profession, need to learn and understand the not-so-basic fundamentals of chemistry? I am not a chemist; I am a future mathematician. I do not care about doing titrations; I care for numbers, logarithms, integrals, and series (actually, cross out the last listed).
Well there is some good news about this class as well - I contacted my advisor for the actuarial emphasis in mathematics, who directed me to another advisor in the college of science, who told me that yes, I can change my grade to a Pass/Fail grade! This means that it won't affect my GPA, which in turn means that I have a greater chance at keeping my scholarship for yet another semester. Woohoo!!!! I almost cried (well not really; I just got a huge smile on my face) when I saw the e-mail telling me.

The second: Ahh! I know that I'll be fine, I'm just a little teensy bit apprehensive driving to a place that I have been to only twice, and by myself. I need to do it or I'll never get over this odd fear that I have of driving. It doesn't change the fact that I'm still a bit anxious about it though. I mean, what if I accidentally take a wrong turn somewhere? Anyone out there seen that clip from the big FHE video with clips and excerpts from talks? The one where the guy makes a wrong turn, ends up in this ghost town, and ends up collapsing (and we can only assume dying) because there's no water in the water pump? Everyone's so hard on that guy: "The map told him not to go that way!!" "It was his own fault." Hey! Don't be so judgmental of the poor fellow. He DIED. It was just a mistake. So yeah. What if I make one of those stupid (yet not on purpose) mistakes like that guy? (Okay, I haven't seen the movie in quite a few years; maybe he really did do it one purpose and was a really bad guy, but let's not judge :P )

A few items of business:
Well, what a relief - after hearing a review of the movie Valkyrie, I no longer have to debate over whether I will go see it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not; I contemplated it, but after reading a review on my auntie's blog, I have decided not to waste my time.
My parents finally called!
I found one more skirt I can wear to church (I was alternating between one, and one that is not so fun to wear), after searching for months (there are not very many places to shop here in Logan)!
The day with Megan's family was fun, if different. Everybody's family is different though, and it was nice to be able to spend a short time with them now, as I will probably be staying a week with them after finals, since I am going to go to another roommate's wedding in Logan a week after finals are over.
Spring break is in a week!!!!!