Friday, February 27, 2009

Sigh. And Here we Go Again!

I made it through the week!!! I can't say that I didn't get some scratches or anything, but I made it!!! I had three tests, one on Thursday and two today. I couldn't concentrate at all on studying last night, and I got a poor test score in my biology test yesterday. I have no idea how I did on the tests today; I felt very underprepared for both the Calculus test and the archaeology test. Ick. And now I get to study for the next test, the dreaded, leaves-no-survivors chemistry test on Wednesday. AAAHHH!

Today I'm off to my roommate's house in Syracuse. Her mom's birthday was on Thursday, and they are having a big family party/dinner tomorrow. They invited me to come along as well, so yay! I am going. Hopefully it will all turn out good. I got a hair appointment with the lady from my old ward in Syracuse as well that I really like, so that will work out to still go to her. Woohoo!

Well I hope that everyone who is sick starts to get feeling better!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey - I was just thinking about some stuff that I could talk about here, and I decided that since it is February, how are your goals coming along for the year? Every year I want to write in my journal every day, and every year I don't make it. I was looking back through my journal, and I was sad when I saw that my senior year of high school took up about one half of a page, just two entries. Each entry was only about one or two sentences long. The next entry was on the day that I moved up to Utah State. Since then I have written a ton in there, and I am doing pretty well on my journal writing, getting around to it about once a week or more. I know I can improve a lot still, but you have to start out with baby steps, right?

What are some of your long term goals? Other than the most usual (though very important) ones. I have a goal to read every book that has been referred to on the AP English test (meaning every book they have ever suggested an essay to be written on in the free response section), with exception to, of course, any included in the list that I find to be vulgar. I found the list online; it lists every book since 1971. So far I've only read 21 of them, but I think I'm on my way.

I have a list of instruments that I want to learn to play eventually. The next on my list is either cello or guitar (lessons anyone?). Of course, the organ is on the list as well (though I don't necessarily have a specific desire for that instrument), because I figure it is pretty much unavoidable that at some time in my life I am going to be asked to play the organ in church. Then if the organist is sick on Sunday I can fill in for them as well if no one else can (or will). I dream of playing the organ in the conference center. Or even being a pianist for the Orchestra at Temple Square. Alas, I don't see this one actually occurring though. But don't you think the bagpipes would be fun to learn to play?

I've always wanted to learn to cut hair as well. I don't want it for a career or anything, but I would like to learn. My dad refuses to help me with this goal though....

So what kinds of goals/dreams do you have? I also have this goal to get a degree, so....I better go work on that one.....over.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I found the website for the previously mentioned artist, Allred. It was a pretty easy website to remember, I must have just had a brain fart or something.....: So it's there if anyone ever feels like checking out his music. Tootles.

And the Award Goes to....

US! That's right, we won! I didn't even know that it was an award, but apparently my roommates and I, mostly Megan (from this post), won the "Community of the Month" award, from the National Residence Hall Honorary, for all of Utah State University this month. I never knew there was such a thing, but our R/A came and gave us the certificate, and told us that now we are going to Regionals, which I think is pretty darn fancy. We won the challenge for donating the most clothes for the homeless shelter, and our R/A submitted this good deed to this contest without our knowledge. She told us regionals comprises most of the western U.S. and then the west part of Canada. Who knew? Though I don't think we did any huge thing, just by going through our closets and such, I think it is nice that there is a contest for being a good community. It helps keep up hope that there is still a lot of good out in the world.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


As promised, here is a list of happy, good things going on here (in no particular order):

My hair smells pretty good; I ran out of my first bottle of shampoo since coming out to school, so I got to switch over to the yummy Dove stuff that my mom left with me since she couldn't take it with them.

I got some wicked fancy stripey socks from IWA on Tuesday that I put together as an invitation for the activity last night.

I got a letter this week from my friend who is on a mission in Texas.

I have a pizza party coming up with my apartment and friends that my roommate and I won for donating more clothes as an apartment than any other apartments.

I'm really enjoying music from Natasha Bedingfield's new CD, Taylor Swift's new CD, David Archuleta's new CD, and a local-ish artist's stuff called Allred. He has almost all of his music up for download for free on his site, which I can't actually find right now. My friend who is in Texas introduced me to this artist's music at a concert at the Union Station in Ogden. Allred is really a great musician - here's a video of something he performed.

I'm wearing purple socks.

It's not supposed to snow again until Sunday or Monday!!! (hopefully the weather report goes as planned)

The company that makes Oreos still have not gone out of business!!! Of course I am being very good and am not buying them.

Tomorrow is Friday.

I have been able to keep my bamboo plant alive that my mom gave to me.

I have an awesome car to drive.

When I did my laundry on Saturday night, I put the money and soap in the right machines!!! Woohoo! :P

My test in Biology got postponed until next Thursday (actually this is really good for the other people in the class - I voted to keep it on Tuesday - I have 2 tests next Friday as well).

I still have at least 15 candy canes from Christmas. Wait that's not good......

I had a really fun Friday night last weekend; I went ice skating and ate way too much Ben & Jerry's ice cream (the first time I had ever had it).

I got a really nice Valentine's-ish card from a great - uncle with an iTunes gift card and some cash which I promptly used for an awesome Cafe Rio salad. Yum!

I have freakin awesome friends, and I love my roommate Megan!

Anything else?

Oh yeah - I have amazingly awesome family!!! You guys have all been so kind and awesome - I have had so many offers for a place to come for Spring Break - as you can tell from my countdown clock, I am really looking forward to it. Sorting through all the invites is so hard!!! However, I do believe that the Sub Zero in Idaho Falls is calling my name quite loudly....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Week

So just wanted to clear up some stuff with what's going on in the D.R. I guess they don't need a water heater - there's some weird sort of box or something or other that just somehow works - they don't know how, but my mom said that their water was just fine! I know that she's going to go get some curtains, but that it is a little bit harder because it's not like there's a Wal-mart right around the corner; she has to figure out where to go to find curtains. The girls are getting into school; not sure if they already started, but last I heard, they are just waiting for the Church to wire the money over. They won't let them start until they have the payment. And that's that - I keep feeling really weird about the time difference; most of the time that I think that I want to up and call my family it's around 8 or 9 PM, which equates to 11 PM or midnight for them. So I shall have to remember to call before dinner then.

Now I will tell about what's happening for me, since I guess I was only talking about them. So. Life pretty much stinks right now, I tell ya. I was caught up in every class here at USU (minus, of course, the horrific CHEM 1220 class, in which I am feeling like giving up), until I came back from the funeral. Where I was finishing my calculus assignments the night before they were due, I got behind and am now starting my assignments the night before they are due, getting too tired to finish them, and then hurriedly coming up with equations and random answers in class in the last few minutes before I have to hand it in. I was doing really well in Archaeology (I'm still not too lost), until I came back and had missed out on one day's worth of reading. Throw in the math assignments and all of a sudden I was more than a hundred pages behind in the reading. AAH! I tried to catch up this afternoon after coming back from 4 hours of classes, and ended up falling asleep with my face in my textbook. Nice. Luckily it wasn't for too long because my roomie walked in about 15 minutes later from her classes and I had an interesting person to keep me awake. I love her!! I started reading again, and now I'm only about 60 pages behind. Woohoo. I'm completely lost in my chemistry class; I'm going to try to change the class to a pass/fail grade, where as long as I get a C- or better (I think) I will get a passing grade, and it won't count on my GPA. I have 2 more weeks to change it with the university. My intro biology class is normal I guess, because (thankfully) I don't have a required textbook for that class, and the slides that the professor posts online before class don't have any info on them, just pictures and charts; the only way to get the text for this class is by showing up. Woohoo!!! I wish all my professors were like that. :)

And of course with all this to do, I chose to use up more of my precious time by getting on the internet.

I am part of the IWA here at USU - that is, the Institute Women's Association. Is this unique to USU? Or are there multiple IWAs? Anyway, the second or third week of this semester the president and chapter advisor came over and asked me to be the treasurer, because of my 'math skills.' Okay, I have never understood this - why does having 'math skills' (and I don't have any more than the next guy; I just enjoy it more than the next guy) mean that I would make a great treasurer? I mean really - it's not like it takes big brains to add digits. I'm not performing logarithms or taking the derivative of the sum of all the vectors of our budget or anything. Anyway, either way, I accepted, and so now I have an extra little meeting every Wednesday at 6 o'clock, and the weekly activity is at 7 every Wednesday as well. Woohoo. I sound really REALLY excited, don't I? I like IWA, it's just hard sometimes, because the meeting is every week. Every week!!! Ok. Done complaining.

I am just trying to ignore everything running through my head that keeps trying to leak out through my eyes. Too bad that it makes it really hard to concentrate in class and on homework as well....holding it in makes my brain tired, and makes it hard to clear my mind at night, so I have been having trouble sleeping this week as well.

And how are you doing?

No really, I'm trying to be upbeat, tomorrow will be a post on everything good that is going on. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


The family made it to the Dominican Republic. They got their visas at the last minute and were able to fly out on Sunday morning; they got up at 1:30 in the morning to make it to the airport and check in all of their luggage and boxes. They got to the D.R. at around 6 PM Mountain time, so 9 PM for them, and they called me at about 1:00 in the morning their time, saying they had just gotten to their apartment. They toured the apartment, and then my mom made an observation when they looked in the utility closet: "There is no water heater." Nope. No water heater. There's a spot for it, there just isn't one. No dishwasher either. No curtains, and most of the house is windows from floor to ceiling, including the bathrooms. Fun stuff. Well, buena suerte!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

....and Happy Singles Awareness Day as well, whichever applies. My friends and I are celebrating the latter with a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's later today, and as much as they may want to be celebrating Valentine's Day, I think I'm ok for quite a few more years. :)

Short posting, I can't think of much else to say. Here's a funny Valentine's video.

Friday, February 13, 2009

So how do all of you bloggers come up with so much to say? I have a really hard time thinking about what to post on here. I would think that just talking about my life would be boring to most of the people here, but I enjoy reading about all of your lives a lot! Hmmm....well maybe I can come up with something:

Anyone out there watch Ghost Whisperer? Friday nights at 7 o'clock on CBS - it's a pretty good show. I don't watch TV much anyway, but I do like this show, and watch it pretty consistently with my friends every Friday night. I'd like to think of it as a pretty clean show, especially for a Friday night primetime. So tonight will consist of watching the latest episode, going ice skating at the Ecccles Ice center for the Institute's Friday night activity, and then watching a scary movie perhaps.

A couple weeks ago I set up an e-mail account for my sister. My mom had previously been against this, but I convinced her to let me help Kari get an e-mail address this last time. Now, I'm paying for it. I'm starting to get all those cheesy e-mails from Kari that her friends are all forwarding to her.

And what is up with those forwards? I can't stand them!!! "If you don't send this to at least 15 of your best friends, your love life will be nonexistent for the next 20 years, and if I don't get this back, well, I guess I'm not your friend." Really? Really? Do I have friends that really think our friendship depends on whether or not I send an e-mail to them? And I love the 'proof' to back them up that you will have bad luck for the rest of your life, saying that this chain has been going around since 1935. It just drives me crazy that some people really send these on to people, whether or not they believe it. I try to only send e-mail forwards if it is a funny story or clip, etc. But the second I see "Send this to 20 people or you will have in 3 weeks!" at the bottom of an e-mail, that e-mail gets to find a nice spot in the trash bin. And here is a funny Youtube video about chain e-mails. Made me laugh.

Family news: the visas are not here. Just talked to my mom, she said that they were told they would 'for sure' be leaving on Sunday, but the FedEx guy hasn't dropped off their visas yet, so no news on whether or not Sunday is 'for sure.'

Oh, and here is a funny video that anyone not part of my family probably has not seen. And this one. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wild Parties and Such

Well, the family is leaving on Friday (probably). Still waiting on visas, and their apartment isn't ready in the D.R. either. But I think that the plan is to still move to the D.R. on Friday and live in a hotel until they can move into the apartment (after all, they're living in a hotel right now).

I went to Syracuse on Friday, Dad had me drive the Civic back after he picked me up just to make sure that I can, in fact, drive a car. Before last night, I've only actually driven on the freeway by myself one time. Doesn't mean I can't do it, just means I haven't! :) When I got back, I found out that my sisters were having their going-away party with their friends. Kaitlin was at a basketball game, playing in the pep band, I think, so she didn't bring her friend over until the party was almost over. Just imagine about 25 girls under the age of 13 all over in an empty house at one time, running up and down the stairs, screaming at the top of their lungs for about 2 1/2 hours. AAAH!!!!

When Kaitlin got back from the game, she went with Cherri in the basement with my camera and took about 15 pictures or so like this.

Kayli with friends

Kayli's friends


When I tried to take a fun picture of Kami and her friends circled around me, they just dogpiled me.

Kami and Friends


Kari with her friends

Kari and friends


Grandma Pierce and I after the party. Whew!!!

Great-Grandma Ferrell (my dad's maternal grandmother) passed away on Friday morning as well, and, I hate to say it, but it was a very good time for her to go. She got to go be with Grandpa who passed away in August of 2008, and it made it easier for our family in Idaho to come see my family before they left. Grandma Pierce also came down from Portland to help my family this weekend, and there were lots of emotional goodbyes for everyone.

In other news, when I got back to Logan, my roommate had me try my first 'blood orange.' They actually taste pretty good. Who knew that a medium-sized orange provides 28% of your daily fiber? Of course, it did come from Wikipedia, so who knows if that information is actually true?

I also found this funny Valentine's Day card for a relative of mine:

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here are some dumb (and smart!) things I have been doing lately:

Dumb: I spilled popcorn all over a stranger sitting in front of me at the movie theater on Saturday. I don't know how it happened, but all of a sudden my popcorn was gone, and it just happened to be on the person in front of me.

Smart: I didn't spill Lindsey's drink on her as well.

Dumb: Staying up 'til 4:15 this morning, kind of studying for an archaeology test the next day.

Smart: I didn't stay up 'til 5.

Dumb: Putting money and soap into a washing machine without looking to see which one I was putting it in, only to find out that I had in fact just put money and soap (therefore locking the machine shut) into an empty washing machine, while my clothes were in the next one over.

Smart: I got it right on the second try.

Dumb: Waiting to open up my chemistry book until a few days before the big test.

Smart: At least I opened it up a few days before the test instead of not at all?

Dumb: Walking to class when it is 10 degrees outside with only a light jacket on.

Smart: Wearing socks with shoes instead of flip-flops, which, believe it or not, is still seen all over all the time.

Dumb: Letting everyone know the dumb things I have been doing; now they can tease me and blackmail me.

Smart: Hopefully I won't do them again!