Saturday, January 31, 2009

Testers and Other Craziness

So first off - I was in Bath and Body Works today. Looking through the lotions, knowing I couldn't buy anything because I already have way too much of their stuff. I was with some friends, so I was just browsing through while they looked at some stuff they might have liked to have gotten. You know the little testers they have of every flavor there? Well, they also have a line of extra care for particularly bristly hands and feet. And they had a tester of the foot scrub. Personally, I find that a little gross. And then I wonder: do they really want people to test out that foot scrub in their store? Because really, if I am going to need to test it out, it's not going to do any good testing it out on my hands. My hands are way less in need of that stuff than my feet. So to really test out the foot scrub I would need to take off my shoes and socks and actually put that foot scrub on my foot. I mean that is really gross if that is being used by a bunch of different people on their feet!!! I mean, it probably is not exactly sanitary for the hand lotions either, but on your feet just sounds worse. Anyway, I don't think many people have tried it so far, because I don't think the bottle was very empty.

The other news: the fam is pushing the moving date back to February 11th, if all goes as planned. I believe there is a painting party planned for the 7th, if anyone wants to attend. They will be moving out of the house on Wednesday the 4th, since the house will be completely packed up on Tuesday. They are really crossing their fingers and praying that the visas will come through and everything will work out smoothly and quickly. Thanks everyone for the support!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abusive Quotation Marks

Hey check this article out. I just found it while browsing today. I never knew I was being so offensive with my quotation marks. Did you know if you misuse quotations, you are more likely to be apprehended for crimes? I had no idea that English was such an important subject that it might prevent me from becoming a criminal.I thought it had to do more with the choice to commit the crime, but apparently grammatical skills are to blame! Anyway, I think it is funny that someone would care so much about this subject, when there are probably more important things in the world we could be working on. Probably.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updates and Irony

While I've been looking at more fancy stuff for this blog, trying to find my way around and figure out what everything is, I was looking at different blog backgrounds on The Cutest Blog on the Block and found the category "Masculine" on the right side of the screen. I clicked on it to see the options a male might have when wanting to spruce up his blog a bit. Then I realized the irony of choosing a masculine background from this website. When you apply the template, you get a nice little icon on the top left of your screen that says "Cutest Blog on the Block." Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of having a masculine blog design?

Anyway, in other news, for all who are wondering about my family in Syracuse, they have not moved yet, and are now working on another heap of paperwork they found out about in order to get their visas. Apparently the family they visited with in Santo Domingo who is also from Utah has been living in the D.R. for almost a year and a half, and still don't have visas. I'm pretty sure the goal is to have a visa before they leave for the D.R., so they are unsure if they will still be leaving on the 7th, as originally planned. I'll keep you updated. Yes, they have decided to sell the house, but I don't know anything more about it than that. Carry on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Goodbye Party

Thanks to all who came to the party on Saturday! And thanks to Kathi and BillieKaye for putting it on for my family! Here are just a few pics from the party:

Kaitlin with her friends from Syracuse

Jen from Riverton

Mom with Becky from Texas

Mom with friends Lisa and Shea

Kami with her best friends in Syracuse

Kari and Kayli

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I would really like to take a photography class (in all my spare time). I don't want to take Photo 1 through the University though, because I don't want to be graded on my work. I just want to learn some techniques since I have had no lessons, ever. I just want to benefit from a class on it. Any suggestions? Maybe I should check if there are any classes offered at the city hall here in Logan.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Charity work

Can it really be called that? During a floor meeting a week ago, on Tuesday, my R/A Resident Assistant announced that she was holding a charity clothes drive. Because homeless people don't have clothes year round, not just around Christmas. Makes sense. Anyway, when I left the meeting, I thought, "Sure, what the heck, there are probably a few things in my closet that I don't really need." There was, of course, a prize promised to the biggest giver and another prize to the most compassionate apartment.

When I got back, I looked through my little hole in the wall of a closet (actually, I kind of like it) and decided I could live without two of my shirts that didn't fit exactly right, a skirt, and one pair of shoes. I was able to find a home for my shoes with my younger sister who has better use of church sandals now than I do here in Logan. So altogether, I got a bag of clothes. I felt good about it.
I encouraged my roommate Megan to think about donating to the cause. Megan has an emotional attachment to many of her clothes, and has a difficult time getting rid of clothes that she doesn't need. Well, 56 items of clothing, 8 belts, and 13 pairs of shoes later......

Needless to say I am extremely proud of her! :) I think we're going to win.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Beginning

Hey everyone! I have decided to start a blog. Thanks to Genius (the first blog I actively read) and friends and family who blog. Let's see how this goes... : )