Monday, October 16, 2017

Me Too

This week on social media, any female who has been sexually harassed or assaulted is "supposed" to update their status with a "me too", to bring more awareness to how many have been victim to this.

I don't participate in these kinds of things, period. Doesn't matter how much it matters. I don't like to succumb to peer pressure in that way.

But I thought this one was kind of odd.

Why is sexual harassment being included? I'm not sure I know anyone, male or female, over the age of 13 who has not at some point been sexually harassed. I'm not saying it's ok; it's not. But it happens. Just as I'm sure I've not met anyone who wasn't made to feel bad about their body at some point in their life, or who wasn't lied to by someone, or who was mistreated, etc. Sometimes it's stupid teenagers who don't realize the gravity of their choices; sometimes it's adults who do. Sometimes it's adults who don't get that what they're saying to me is not ok.

None of it is ok, but it does happen.

Now, sexual assault is an entirely different story. I think that would be much more educating and eye-opening if the harassment clause were removed from this social media status roundup, because I really do think most people would be surprised at the number of people who have been assaulted and have never told anyone publicly or pressed charges against the perpetrator. I have been lucky enough to not have this experience, but have way too many friends who have privately told me of their own experience with sexual assault. I don't know if I personally know any males who have experienced sexual assault or rape, but I do know that some of my husband's male friends have. One friend with this experience would be too many, but unfortunately, that number is far greater.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


What would you do?

This is more probably of a vent than "hey I'm actually going to do something about this" but whatevs.

The person over me at church frequently assumes things I bring to activities are being fully donated to the group/cause.


A few months ago we were making cards to send to less active girls, and I volunteered to bring stamps - I had 2 sheets with different designs on them and thought it would be fun.

At the end of the activity, I asked where they had gone, and was told they were being put in the closet for the stationary to be ready whenever someone felt like sending a letter.

I had brought nearly 40 stamps.

I told her those were from my personal stash of stamps I use when I need to send something and was not donating them. She looked at me with shock and surprise, taken aback, and returned one sheet, saying they would just keep the other set since they were cuter.

Second example:

We were writing letters to the missionaries in our ward last night, and I volunteered to bring the holiday paper I had to choose from. When I arrived, someone took all the paper and at her instruction, cut it all in half, and at the end of the activity they stashed it before I could say anything.

Now, odds are pretty good I would never have used that paper before moving and would have given it away anyway. But that was my choice to make....

These are items I clearly could not be reimbursed for, as I have had them for a while, and clearly
stated they were things I already had on hand.

Third example:

A few months ago we hosted something for the men after church and I brought a bunch of produce to top the food with. At the end of the activity, there was lots of leftovers, and I (clearly) stated I would take my leftovers home and remove the equivalent from the receipt.

Then after cleanup was done, I found that she had taken half of my food for herself to take home.

This isn't someone younger than myself, someone in need of money or food or anything like that. Well established, nice house, adult children, active church member for decades, etc. I don't get it.

For the most part I've learned to provide new things that have receipts for reimbursement, like usual, but it's difficult when what's being asked is something you would (I think, clearly) provide a few things for, then take the rest back home. Also, last night, without prompting, I was emphatically told by this same person that if I wanted a pumpkin from the activity, as a leader I would need to pay for it myself.

?? What the?

Morning Run

Well folks, in another installment of "Creepy Bugs In My House", I'd like to let you know that this morning when I turned on the shower, I turned around, and one of the bigger house centipedes I've seen came ferociously slithering across my extra storage cabinet toward me.

Image result for house centipede

In case you forgot what I'm talking about.

I just watched it, because it wasn't at an angle where I'd be able to smoosh it.

Then it jumped off the cabinet and landed on the floor next to my toes.

My whole bathroom is maybe 4 ft by 4 ft, at max.

I screamed and ran out of the bathroom, looking for one of my handy textbooks for smooshing. I was slightly disappointed this was happening so early in the day, as once a textbook falls on a bug, it stays there until my heroic husband comes home to take care of it.

Guess what folks?!


I picked up the first textbook I found, which unfortunately was cardstock-bound (a lot harder to get those guts off), and turned back around to find it gone.

I stalked it out very quietly, and discovered it hiding in the shadow of Caleb's backpack. Very stealthily, I removed the backpack and dropped the textbook.

It didn't work, given the carpet cushion. It nonchalantly moved to the wall, I picked up the book, and began smacking the living daylights out of that wall.

It is dead.

With my newfound bravery, I may vacuum it up myself, rather than waiting til tonight for it to be removed.

I'm considering hiring someone myself to come spray our apartment. I'm so sick of all the spiders and beetles and centipedes. It's disgusting.

Friday, October 6, 2017


1. What I wouldn't give for a yummy teriyaki chicken brown rice bowl from Rumbi right now. (the cost of the airplane ticket, for one)

2. Or a pizza. Or Cafe Rio. Or Krispy Kreme. Or....even a Subway sandwich, really. Or just a homecooked meal I don't have to make. HA! As it was just the short one and I for dinner tonight, we each enjoyed a thoughtfully-prepared bowl of cereal.

3. I made rolls earlier this week to go with a yummy soup during the 2 days that it cooled off to the 70s (guess what peeps, it's in the 80s again right now), and decided that's the last time these wrists are kneading anything for the next 3 months. Carpal tunnel during pregnancy has struck again.

4.  I went to the doctor about my back pain last week, and it was decided a nice sized lipoma on my back is likely the culprit. I went for a surgery consult today, and it was confirmed that it is probably even bigger than the primary doc measured on the surface, and deep and attached to muscle; therefore, I have to do a fully anesthetized procedure to cut it out, and have to wait until after delivery.

5.  I'm accepting nominations for what I should name the lipoma. It's been my friend for a few years now; I just now decided to get it looked at (real smart, eh). #larrythelipoma

6.  I either injured myself or just happened to get some good pelvic pain within hours of completing a workout last Thursday morning. I asked a couple local church fitness gurus (who are familiar with the workout as it's a free class twice weekly at church) via text if I should keep working out or call it good, or even if they knew of some good stretches or exercises, and no one responded. So. I'm sure you know what conclusion I've come to.

7.  If you're counting, that means back pain (especially while sitting) + pelvic pain (especially while walking) + wrist/hand/arm pain (especially while trying to do anything productive with my hands like one of the thousand sewing projects sitting in the corner or making dinner) + always assumed migraines.

8.  = grumpy me (and very bored me). I think outwardly I tend to handle pregnancy pretty darn well, but to those who will listen to me in the internet sphere, sorry - I'm not handling this that well.

9. I sincerely apologize to all the people in the world who are going through harder times than me, which is probably 98% of the human population. I fully recognize this fact and understand I need to put my big girl pants back on. Thanks for your time.

Deep breaths.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Labor Day

I'm compiling a playlist of music to have in my earbuds when I go to the hospital some day over the rainbow.

Just so that I can decide when I get there I don't want to listen to anything, talk to anyone, let anyone touch me, or even exist in this realm of the universe.

But hey, at least I'll have the option!

I can't decide if I want super soothing, relaxing music, or get-up-and-move-and-dance music, so both types of suggestions are welcome. I'll probably make 2 playlists, one of each.

Bonus points if it's something that's already on Amazon or another free way to compile a playlist - ha! Of course, I could always just do one of those free trial months for a full music subscription just for the month of November. ;)

Ready, set, go!


Monday, September 25, 2017


Today I decided I hated myself and got 2 vaccinations, 1 in each arm, before going to the library and hauling around approximately 51,000 books, and also Claire, after she got smacked in the face by the automatic power-assisted door on the way in. Lovely purple goose egg on her face. She seems fine.

I'm going to eat some ice cream while the munchkin watches Up for the first time, that we got from the library.

The end.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Funday

Have you ever had those days that just seem bad even though tings really aren't that bad?

For example, today I got up knowing it was Sunday and I'd be on my own a good portion of the day since it's the husband's weekend to work.

And the last day off he's had was last Sunday (the next day off is next Friday, which is normal, and I need to suck it up, but I digress).

And the kid was sad and upset that her dad left (he didn't have to go in early, and had a mid-shift, so he got to see her this morning - sometimes I don't know if that makes it easier on everyone or not?).

Then we went to church and Claire wanted to crawl all over me while my other kid (who we'll refer to as Herkimer) was karate chopping me from within. I seriously would not be surprised if I get one of those rare bruised ribs from this pregnancy. So there we are in sacrament meeting with her rubbing her face across my whole torso, making sad puppy noises, and all-around making me want to scream.

Then my whole body is hurting, because, it hurts. And it hurts to sit. Period. And I get dizzy after too much time walking/standing. Get me a la-z-boy, please.

Then I make it through church, class gets out a little late, I rush to pick up the munchkin from nursery. I try my hardest to pick her up on time and feel awful when I'm late, but have a hard time leaving class early due to the small size of our youth group.

Then on the way to the car, pass someone who says "Oh my, you look like you're going to pop!" And acts shocked when I mention I have 8 weeks left. I am generally left alone and rarely have had anyone comment on my pregnancy; if anything they're overly kind and "surprised" I am already so far along, so I'm not too aggravated and count my blessings.

I was also trying to get to the parking lot quickly because someone was giving us a couple old toys they had grown out of. When I got there, about 6 minutes after the church hour was over, the sister had already gone inside the chapel looking for me. She came back out, huffed and puffed, didn't say a word to me, and handed them off.

I had garden vegetable surplus that someone had given to me that I just didn't have the freezer space or energy for, and decided to run that to my friend's home, who had just had a baby (and also lives with her parents...don't worry, I wasn't trying to give her a project on top of a newborn!). Drove out of the way to their house, got no response to me trying to contact, and no one was home. Left everything on the porch.

Got home, feeling rejected (unnecessarily), and have been asking Claire to pick up her toys in the living room ever since. It's been about 2.5 hours. I'm not withholding dinner, but extra snacks, new toys from the ward members, video-calling the grandparents, etc. Doesn't care. She just stubbed her toes on a toy and came screaming to me. I lovingly reminded her that she wouldn't have hurt herself if she had picked them up when she was done playing, or even when I had asked her, hours earlier. Still doesn't care.

I've had a minor headache all day, not a big deal, but it's gotten me down wondering if it will get big, since I've had 5 migraine days out of the last 8. Weeks like the last one (pain-wise) remind me of my main reason of why I'm hesitant about having more children.

This could have been any other day and I wouldn't have felt so bummed out about life and wouldn't have cared. But I do. I need a cherry limeade. Or a nice homemade meal. But it's also freaking 90 degrees outside, and my landlord moved out last weekend and I think he turned off the a/c anticipating it being cool outside. So I try not to turn on the oven. Also, I have an OB appointment tomorrow, and they are grumpy about my weight (even though I'm on the same track I was with Claire, and I lost almost all the weight in 6 weeks), and I already know I've gained more. So there's that anxiety, too.

Happy Sunday. And sorry if I bring you down.